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Create a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Life

This is no ordinary self-help book. Living by Design, with its hands-on, interactive challenges, is about pushing the limits of your reality, so you design and manifest your Ideal Life.

Living by Design Will Help You To…

  1. Learn and grow to fulfill your greatest potential
  2. Free yourself from unnecessary stress and suffering
  3. Overcome sabotaging habits and conditioning
  4. Find deeper meaning and purpose in life
  5. Tap into an abundance of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom

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By undertaking – and truly committing to – the 52 self-development adventures offered in this manual, you take the path to find your amazing self, true happiness and real success.

When you challenge yourself with any exercise in this manual (or all of them), you develop an honest, down-to-earth, grounded daily practice that will help you create an extraordinary life.

Not only that!

You also get free access to exclusive video recordings of 20 life-transforming sessions that will deepen your understanding and accelerate your personal growth process.


Are You Ready to Design and Live Your IDEAL LIFE?

Nisandeh’s latest book (Hardcover)
With 336 inspiring pages
Including 52 life changing challenges
BONUS: Access to 20 exclusive videos

NISANDEH NETA is one of the world’s leading success and life design experts.

Bringing a high-energy, cut-to-the-chase style, combined with compassion and understanding, through his training programs, he has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands worldwide to leave their comfort zone, to push through their limitations, and live extraordinary lives.