10 Tips to Successfully get rid of your Sugar Addiction

Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow. 


Sugar is BAD. We all know that right? Well, it’s not entirely true, sometimes you need it, as fuel for your body. But – if you are not running a marathon at this moment or doing something similar demanding, you don’t have an excuse to put sugar in your mouth.
It ruins your health – not just your physical health, also your mental…
Sugar is the worst drug there is, all health practitioners know and will tell you, and still… it’s allowed to be put in the stupidest things such as bread and meat.
But it’s REALLY hard to break this habit of eating sugar…especially because eating sugar is almost inevitable!
So I thought to make you a list of how to REALLY get rid of your sugar addiction within 3 weeks.
  • 1. Close your eyes, imagine how your life will change for the better when you’re not addicted to sugar anymore, and only then, when you are filled with positive emotions, set an intention that you will break your habit of eating sugar in the coming 3 weeks.
  • 2. TELL YOUR FRIENDS…. the BEST way to stay on track, is to tell as many people as possible, because it’s kind of embarrassing of already giving up within 3 weeks, right? Ask them to help you to keep you accountable. Even better- they might join you… it’s always easier to travel together and help each other when it’s hard…
  • 3. Dive into your closet and look at the ingredients list of your stock for added sugar. You’ll be shocked. If you do it well, you throw everything out that has ADDED sugar in it. (there’s plenty of stuff that has natural sugar, you don’t need to quit on that!) So take a look at the ingredients, and not at the content…
  • 4. Go shopping. This is what will help you get through the 3 weeks. You buy this:
    • Oats (you can use this for pretty much anything and its very cheap:))
    • Fruits: bananas, blueberries, kiwis, oranges, anything you like.
    • Especially when you are used to sugar in your coffee, get a can of (unsweetened) almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk, great to make a lightly (naturally) sweetened cappuccino
    • Get unprepared fish or meat (steak, salmon, doesn’t matter, but make sure there is nothing added)
    • Veggies, veggies and more veggies. Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, sweet peppers, will get you through your snack moments.
    • Find snacks without any added sugars. (nak*d works fine)
    • Cocoa nibs for chocoholics.
    • Raw nuts such as almonds and walnuts
    • Eggs
    • Feel free to add your favorites below in the comments!
  • 5. It takes 3 weeks to break your addiction. You will feel results probably already in the first week, and the second week for sure. But don’t give up and make it for the full 3 weeks! You’ll see that your taste will change, and there will come a day that you don’t even WANT sweet stuff anymore.
  • 6. I know that we’re talking about refined sugar as the killer. I found out, that if I wanted to get rid of my addiction, I had to give up other sweeteners as well such as honey or stevia. I still hardly use it… and I definitely don’t need them anymore. So leave them for these 3 weeks as well
  • 7. Focus only on getting rid of your sugar addiction. It’s hard enough on its own. If you have other bad habits, we’ll take care of that later. Focus on one thing at a time. So, if you smoke, keep on doing that. For three weeks. After that… well;)
  • 8. Find snack alternatives. Dried fruits, raw nuts, raw vegetables or the dessert I’ll send you the recipe for when you leave a comment work perfect.
  • 9. Be careful with alcohol. First of all – pretty often there’s sugar in alcohol, so it doesn’t fit in a sugar-free diet anyway, but alcohol will give you a craving for snacks… don’t make it harder than needed to crush your addiction.
  • 10. Join the no-sugar challenge for some tasty and easy recipes. Your whole eating regime might change, and then it’s easier to have some recipes to get you through… and moreover, tons of people to help you, because they’re in the same position.



You can do it, you know. I could, so you can do it, too. And I’m happy to help.
So… I tackled at least some of your stories and excuses why you won’t/ can’t/ live without sugar. Let me know in the comment box below…what’s YOUR story/ excuse NOT to go for it? we’ll tackle it together, and… I’ll send you my recipe for sugar-free (but still DELICIOUS) stracciatella yogurt by mail:)
Live fully and be awesome…


  1. Patricia

    In January I reduced my sugar ingestion. It is challenging to keep on going. Especially with days like Easter. All those chocolate eggs.. And when I start once then it is difficult to stop it again.

  2. Hans de Leeuw

    The 3 weeks of no (added) sugar I ‘ve past already. And I feel great with it (closer to my own nature and a natural taste). Now I’m looking for more variety in my diet.

  3. Jacqueline Sseggayi-Blankenstein

    Just can’t live without it, unfortunately. Although I eat healthy the rest of my meals, which makes it easier to say it’s ok to eat something like chocolate.

  4. Cindy Vrancken

    I’ve always been a jojo’r all my life, loosing weight, gaining weight…
    It’s all about a new lifestyle, how can you incorporate a healthier way of living without having the feeling that you cannot eat this or that.
    I started the no sugar challenge last Monday on my own so going strong for 10 days now.
    It’s amazing, I feel more energetic and I don’t crave for sweet anymore. The next step now is to bring more variety to what I’m eating as I’m not a cooking queen and I notice that I eat the same thing every day. It’s getting boring.

    • Gerdy Heek

      I promise I’ll use different recipes for the challenge:)

  5. Zwaan Schutte

    I’m already reducing my sugar, but I find it hard to eat variable.
    I love to join this challenge. And really want to quit all the sugar/

  6. Cailin Kuit

    I am already sugar free for a very long time. What I find most difficult are the unexpected situations. With nothing available. I usually have fruits and nuts with me, but still it happens that travels are unexpectly long etc

  7. Angela de Jong

    I join the challenge, I lost already weight by chewing better and eating more mindful en smaller portions. I quit sugar for a great deal but I really have to make some cake or taart and need a cookie regulary. ( and I use alternatives for sugar or less sugars in it.)
    I think doing the challenge together is a great help . although Nisandeh and Roy advice to follow a challenge 100 days to change your habit.

    • Gerdy Heek

      You are right about that, Angela. What I want to do is give you a fresh start, and you can continue to help each other as long as you want… for sugar you need 3 weeks to get rid of the addiction, After that it’s already a lot easier to keep the habit.

  8. Patricia Budding

    I am fond of chocolate(cake), especially in the morning with a cappuccino. And when I am too lazy to prepare a healthy meal, I eat bread. It seems impossible to quit those things.

  9. Gina Kingma

    I’m cutting more and more sugar from my diet. There are a lot of great snacks to eat in stead of sugar (nuts, fresh and dried fruits). But I can use some inspiration on more healthy snacks/meals.

  10. Sofia Castelbranco

    I’m completely addicted to sugar, can´t go without it, if I don’t have sweets at home I become crazy and get out of the house to buy some. This has become even worse with stress and anxiety pilling up due to some life events…

  11. Hanke Pijlman

    I quit sugar already, but during some festivities or holidays I find it very hard to stay sugar-free. I always get back to sugar-free afterwards, but I’d still like to find a way to stay completely “clean”… anyone got any recipes for sugar-free “pepernoten”, for example?

    • Michiel Nuijten

      You can take apple syrup to replace sugar. Nowadays many bio food use unrefined cane sugar, this is better but still quite hardcore sugar. Another thing is fermentation: for instance water kefir: this has become my favorite sports drink.

    • Gerdy Heek

      Well it’s not exactly the season, but I’ll give it a shot end of the year, promise:) and.. will provide you with some good alternatives. I don’t like sugar replacements such as syrups, unless it’s fully natural. But you should try to get rid of the addiction, and a syrup is again very concentrated. So… leave it for 3 weeks, and then see what you can do.

  12. Agnes van der Werf

    I really like the sweet taste. Hope to find this in the recipes…..

  13. Michal van Belle- Stup

    Hi Gerdy!
    Thank you for the post and the challenge! As always- you appear in my life in the moment I need your help : )
    For me it is the extra fat I know I have gained “thanks” to working too hard- and getting easy energy in the points of the day that my control is less strong. I am joining! And will try to get my husband to join- I think he would like it. Have a great day! Michal

  14. Gerdy Heek

    Awesome Eline, I’m especially looking forward to your chocolate mousse, I don’t have that one yet…:)

  15. Tony Rekelhoff

    Opgegroeid met bergen suiker o.a. in mijn dagelijkse Brintapap.
    Geen goed voedingspatroon aangeleerd.
    Nu, jaren later, een veel te hoog vetgehalte in mijn lijf. En voel ik mijn eigen authentieke ik afgeremd door mijn overgewicht.
    Ik wil weer kunnen rennen ❤ met mijn kleindochter.
    Ik zeg;”Hallo, to me again. And I run, run, run…..❤

  16. Maurice Leentvaar

    I eat (locally produced) honey because it is supposed to help against hay fever. So far no sneezing and irritated eyes, so I do want to continue using a small spoon of honey at least once every other day.

  17. Silvia Dragoni

    Without sugar I have much more energy… I stopped to eat for 3
    But not to eat ice cream is so difficult!!! I LOVE IT
    I have a break in no sugar!
    I will start again with you

    • Ingrid Verbeek

      Hey Silvia, There are some “good” Icecreams available. So you do not need to quit eating it, just change to a better version 😉 Or if you like it sooo much, try making it yourself…

      • Silvia Dragoni

        Could you give me some ideas?all that I know have sugar or something more artificial?!!

        • Ingrid Verbeek

          At AH you can buy Oppo Ice Cream. It is still made with stevia… but way healthier then B&J’s.

          And maybe you could find some yoghurt Ice creams that have less or minimum amount of sugar.

      • Gerdy Heek

        I’ll add a delicious, sugar free ice cream recipe in the challenge! 🙂

  18. Laerke Nissen

    Great post. I’m in for the no-sugar-challenge!
    – I love dates and they are very sweet, so I hope they will work as a ‘healthy snack’ 🙂

    • Gerdy Heek

      Awesome Laerke let’s kick some ass together:) Dates are perfect as a snack.

      • Laerke Nissen

        Nice! Gerdy, do you know how I can change my ‘avatar’ picture?

  19. Ton Heerding

    Sugar is toxic. I quit sugar in my diet and replaced it with some really good sports supplements (post-workout). I lost 2,6 kg fat in 7 days! Of course I did Some exercises and walked 3 times a week 6,5 km with my lovely dog. My dog is even fitter too now! 🙂


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