What did you accomplish this year?

Get used to celebration. It will get you in the mood for more victories.

Gerdy Heek

When you look back on 2018, what’s do you think?

Most of us think about all the things we did not achieve.  Goals we set but we never made it, the relationships we messed up, the poor decisions we made, the projects we screwed up….

How about we start with a new habit today, at the last day of the year?


Let’s CELEBRATE what we DID achieve, no matter how small.


Even celebrating small successes helps keep you motivated and energized. Maybe you think that completing a task should be its own reward. Others will say that it’s not humble, or even arrogant to be so proud and for sure you don’t tell it to others.

I was like that. But now – celebrating my successes is allowing myself to feel the joy, satisfaction and excitement upon reaching an achievement. It’s also acknowledging the effort and courage required – no matter how small – to reach that goal.

Reasons Why it Pays to Celebrate

  1. It feels so good, physically
    The act of celebrating releases those tiny, feel-good endorphins throughout your body, leading you to feel simply incredible. And as your body is energized – it’s easier to move forward towards your next goals .
  2. It feels great, emotionally
    Celebrating wins and achievements helps you feel better about yourself. It trains your brain with the idea that what you’re doing is exciting and important. It also reinforces the behavior you want when you face that next challenge, or new opportunity.
  3. Celebration attracts success
    Your heightened confidence from success spills over into other aspects of your life. Watch what happens when you gain that special trust in yourself. You’ll attract opportunities, experience more fulfilling relationships, and will find yourself reaching higher goals.
  4. You learn HOW you achieved your successes and learn to appreciate the work you did for itI ran 2 marathons. That’s amazing. But it was not just the marathon, it was all these weeks and months before that I pulled on my shoes again, no matter what the weather was or how tired I was, and went for another training.

On the other hand, failing to acknowledge and/or celebrate your many accomplishments tells your brain that what you’re doing isn’t all that important. Everything begins to feel mediocre, with the end result being that, even if you are crushing it, you’ll stop giving 100% of yourself. That, in turn, will lead to uninspiring results. Not celebrating will lead to an empty feeling, a lack of focus and decreased performance, over time.




Here are 20 things I’ve accomplished – and celebrated – in 2018:

  1. I lived in a very cold, 21 m2 small caravan for 11 months, and I made it a home for my kids
  2. I found myself a wonderful new home
  3. I dared to invest in that home, and that decision  covers almost all my expenses now (meaning I’m well on my way to become financially free)
  4. I gave over 30 different trainings this year
  5. I managed to close off in a respectful way with the father of my children
  6. I created some amazing new friendships
  7. I learned some pretty epic, nasty, exciting and shocking things about myself, and embraced every part of me
  8. I ran the Rotterdam AND the New York marathon
  9. I decided to finally let go of my belief that i couldn’t be a good coach , and started to successfully coach 10 people on business and/ or personal life;
  10. I was 10 days silent during a Vipassana retreat
  11. I was left with someone else’s (Nisandeh’s) company with over 2000 books to be sent and I managed to get everyone his or her book, in the meantime creating all the corresponding webpages and automations (that was a CRAZY time)
  12. I made sure the BizKaizen people were happy too
  13. I helped a friend out when he really needed it
  14. I swam in open water for a long time even when it got cold
  15. I dared to stop blogging in English when I felt it wasn’t serving the company anymore, even though it hurt to say goodbye
  16. I gave an awesome sugar challenge that a lot of people liked
  17. I created a fun online training, called “don’t worry be happy”
  18. I went to a festival, alone
  19. I played a waterpolo tournament and I scored the first goal (after not playing for 1,5 years and never been good at it anyway)
  20. This is my 52nd blog in a row for Life Plan Design and yes I am proud of that!

Now it’s your turn…

In the comments box below, write down 20 successes (big or small)  you accomplished in the past year and notice how it feels to acknowledge yourself in public.

This exercise might be extremely out of your comfort zone.

BUT… Remembering, and celebrating, your past successes will help boost your self-esteem, among other benefits. People like to be around those who have high self-esteems, and who are achieving their goals.

When you commit to acknowledging your achievements, and celebrating what you’ve done in your past, your brain tells you nothing but the truth: You can do anything!

In one of the  challenges in Nisandeh’s book ‘Living By Design: 28-Day Journey to Create the Life of Your Dreams’ he talks about gratefulness.


Haven’t ordered the book yet?

You should. (order it here)


When you write your 20 accomplishments in a comment,I’ll send you the link to the wonderful lecture Nisandeh gave about gratefulness last year.

And until then…

Life fully, be awesome,


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