A reason to celebrate

Your past successes hold the key to your future successes. Don’t lose the key.

Nisandeh Neta

Here’s a question for you. When was the last time you took the time to acknowledge your achievements? Even if that acknowledgement involved nothing more than throwing your arms up and doing a little victory dance?

If your response was “um …,” I’m not surprised.

As ambitious people, we spend a LOT of time thinking about the future. We’re conditioned to move on to the next task when we complete a goal, rather than celebrating the fact that we finished a tough project, learned something new or completed a small, but important, step toward finishing a bigger goal.

The problem here is that, when you don’t take the time to celebrate your accomplishments, you lose the key to future successes and have a high probability of burning out.

So yes. Even celebrating small successes helps keep you motivated and energized. Some will argue that completing a task should be its own reward. Others will say that it’s more important to practice humility, and to learn from your mistakes, rather that celebrating your wins.

I’ve heard all those before, but for me – celebrating your successes – is allowing yourself to feel the joy, satisfaction and excitement upon reaching an achievement. It’s also acknowledging the effort and courage required – no matter how small – to reach that goal.

Reasons Why it Pays to Celebrate

  1. It feels good, physically
    The act of celebrating releases those tiny, feel-good endorphins throughout your body, leading you to feel simply incredible. And as your body is energized – it’s easier to move forward towards your next goals .
  2. It feels great, emotionally
    Celebrating wins and achievements helps you feel better about yourself. It trains your brain with the idea that what you’re doing is exciting and important. It also reinforces the behavior you want when you face that next challenge, or new opportunity.
  3. Celebration attracts success
    Your heightened confidence from success spills over into other aspects of your life. Watch what happens when you gain that special trust in yourself. You’ll attract opportunities, experience more fulfilling relationships, and will find yourself reaching higher goals.

On the other hand, failing to acknowledge and/or celebrate your many accomplishments tells your brain that what you’re doing isn’t all that important. Everything begins to feel mediocre, with the end result being that, even if you are crushing it, you’ll stop giving 100% of yourself. That, in turn, will lead to uninspiring results. Not celebrating will lead to an empty feeling, which will mean a lack of focus and decreased performance, over time.

Why So Much Emphasis on Past Successes?

So, why should you delve into your past to find, acknowledge and celebrate success? Let me put it this way… We all do a great job of focusing on what isn’t, or didn’t work. Digging out past successes, and acknowledging them, helps us remember that we can accomplish a great deal, when we put our minds to it.

Examining those successes also contains a whole lot of terrific life lessons. Examining what worked for you before could be helpful when it comes to building your dream future.

For example, it feels good to look back on the “remember when I completed my first marathon?”

But… looking at past successes also tells us what we did to get to that success.

For me, completing the New York marathon, became less about the goal. Rather, it’s about the decisions and determination I had to develop that brought me to be able to transform myself from a ‘couch potato’ to an endurance athlete .

And yes, acknowledging that success helps put a positive spin on everything else. The context here is that, “if I can run and complete a 42km marathon, I can certainly… do just about everything else”.

Because the actions, decisions and determination that led me to completing the grueling marathon race can be extrapolated to a lot of other life goals.

Plus, these successes remind us that we dared to dream, and as a result, we achieved.
Many times, as adults, we’ve forgotten how to dream and, as a result, how to achieve.

Here are 20 things I’ve accomplished – and celebrated – in my life:

  1. Fatherhood, and being present at my daughter’s birth
  2. Starting several successful companies (the first one when I was 18)
  3. Becoming financially free
  4. Emigrate to a foreign country (twice)
  5. Getting a European passport
  6. Living on an island
  7. Publishing several books
  8. Climbing several of the highest mountains on the planet
  9. Being in a loving relationship for a quarter of a century
  10. Speaking in front of a thousand people
  11. Buying my own house
  12. Riding a motorbike in the mountains
  13. Scuba diving and rock climbing
  14. Running a marathon – three times
  15. Saving enough for retirement
  16. Walking the Camino de Compostela
  17. Going on African safari
  18. Traveling to the Galapagos
  19. Learning meditation in an ashram in India
  20. Healing myself from Asthma

Now it’s your turn…

In the comments box below, write down 20 successes (big or small)  you accomplished in your life and notice how it feels to acknowledge yourself in public.

For many people this exercise can be extremely out of their comfort zone.

BUT… Remembering, and celebrating, your past successes will help boost your self-esteem, among other benefits. People like to be around those who have high self-esteems, and who are achieving their goals.

When you commit to acknowledging your achievements, and celebrating what you’ve done in your past, your brain tells you nothing but the truth: You can do anything!

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Life fully, be awesome,

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