Welcome to the About Nisandeh page

My name is Nisandeh Neta.

I’m 49 years old. Happily married to Vered for 24 years. Proud father of Thom (a girl) for 20 years. Living (off the grid) on the paradise island of Tenerife. Growing our own vegetables, fruits, nuts and bees. Running barefoot up and down our mountain almost every morning…

I’m a little crazy, a little impulsive, very driven…

Who do I want to work with?

In 2 words: Ambitious professionals…
People just like me, like my wife, like my friends.

Ambition is the fuel that keeps us going.
Without it, we just take a walk in life without direction.

The way I see it, a life without purpose is a life wasted.

Being ambitious doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to set impossibly high goals, like running a 100 km ultra marathon or living to the age of 132 (just 2 of MY goals).

It means setting goals that stretches you to fulfill more of your potential each day, encourages you to become a better person, and gives you a sense of pride manifesting these goals.

I’m looking for professionals who understand that “ambition” is a good thing, and are ambitious to become extraordinarily happy, healthy, wealthy and wise… 

Why I want to work with ambitious professionals?

Because, I believe that ambitious people are those who really make a difference in this world. And if you are an ambitious professional… The world needs you!

This short video sums it all:

Because ambitious people think differently, because they’re committed, because they’re determined, because they’re not afraid to fail, because they do whatever it takes…
Because they’re fun to work with.

Why should you work with me?

Because if you’re looking for extraordinary levels of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom… I will do whatever it takes to guide you there.

I’ve been researching, studying, practicing and using every day some of the most powerful strategies, methods and habits when it comes to:

  • Happiness – living on purpose, fulfill your potential and creating a tribe (or a new society)
  • Health – nutrition, workout, relaxation, detox, anti-aging and longevity
  • Wealth – earning ability (earning IQ), financial freedom and contribution
  • Wisdom – growth, personal development, spiritualty, leadership and legacy

And I’m a pretty damn good teacher.

  • I know how to simplify these big topics and make them actionable.
  • I know how to inspire people to go for their best.
  • And I’m really good at kicking ass… If that’s what is needed…

Here are a few things that some amazing people said about me and my work:

Where am I going, and why you should join me?

My vision is to create a better world by empowering ambitious professionals to fulfill their greatest potential.

That’s a big vision… And creating a better world is more than I can do alone… But with the right (ambitious) people… We can make a difference… BIG TIME!

My mission is to create a global movement of ambitious professionals living a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise life and sharing these principles with the rest of the world.

Anything else…?

Oh yes… In my spare time, together with my wife, Vered, we’re running and financing the Open Circles Foundation that set the goal to transform the education system in the world: