Who is Nisandeh Neta?

For the last 22 years, Nisandeh trained, coached and mentored over 150,000 entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals in areas of business development, financial freedom, and personal development.


  • He is a bestselling author and the creator of 22 bestselling training programs.
  • He is a successful entrepreneur who built 4 multi-million dollar companies.
  • He is a proud father for 20 years and happily married for 24 years and is living his dream life, (off the grid) with his wife on a paradise island, growing their own food.
  • He is a long-distance runner, a rock climber, a mountaineer and a meditator.

Who is Gerdy Heek?

Gerdy Heek has been trained to be Nisandeh’s successor. As he calls it: the guardian of his legacy. She dedicated last year to fully dive into all aspects of a Life by Design.

She is very passionate about everything she learned and wants to continue Nisandeh’s work to help you fulfill your greatest potential. 

Her power lies in making things simple and implementable… she made tons of mistakes… screwed everything up and learned like crazy, and shares it… she is not the average trainer that will tell you she knows it all…

She used to be a successful trainer in IT and worked with all kinds of people, to get the best out of themselves. Now she dedicates her skills to share her experience in Life Plan Design.


  • She found her purpose, and therefore lives an amazing and happy life.
  • After a few weeks of rebellion, she adopted a healthy lifestyle, lost 14 kilos and gained tons of energy.
  • She made her first passive income and cut her expenses in half (and being totally happy with it)
  • She started to believe in her own wisdom and decided to share it. And more important… started to listen to her body, her subconscious and others.