Challenge #2: Acting as your Ideal Self

Your greatest self has been waiting for a chance to express itself your whole life. Don’t make it wait any longer.

Nisandeh Neta


Challenge #2: Acting as Your Ideal Self


The Why

Bringing your Ideal Life into reality involves more than just dreaming it. You can take the physical steps, now, to ensure it will happen.


The What

There’s a saying that you should dress for the job you want. There is merit to this; you likely feel more confident and professional in high-quality business attire than you might in old sweatpants and a tattered t-shirt.

But when you put on a new shirt and a pair of nice pants (or a nice skirt), you’re sending the signal that you are a confident leader, one who is ready to go out and get things done.

The same concept applies to building your Ideal Life. To make that life a reality, you need to start “wearing” it – NOW.

  • Does your Ideal Life mean you live at the beach? Start scheduling your vacations or time off at beach-front locations.
  • Is your dream to become involved with community work and activism? Donate some of your time now by volunteering to help maintain a local park, or build a house for lower-income residents.
  • Will your Ideal Life include a large, multi-tiered garden? If you live in an apartment, grab a flower box or some other container, then pour in dirt and seeds. If you have a house, section a part of your yard to begin and grow a small garden.This week will provide you with a taste of what you can expect from your Ideal Life. Much like dressing for the job you want puts you in the mindset of actually having that job, “dressing” for your Ideal Life puts you in the mindset of actually having that life.



Every day for the next week, you will do one thing that gives you the feeling of already living your Ideal Life. For example:

  • Wear the clothes. If you’re used to dressing in casual, older clothes, try wearing newer, different attire. Instead of wearing slacks, try a skirt. Retire the ripped t-shirt with a logo of your favorite sports team, and put on a button- down or polo shirt. Note how you feel as you move through the day in your different wardrobe.
  • Interact with others. If your Ideal Life includes a lot of great friends, start making them now. Smile at people. Strike up conversations. Be open, friendly, and cheerful … and enjoy the amazing responses!
  • Embark on hobbies. If you’ve always wanted to do something, but used the excuse that you are too busy, or too out of shape, or too weak, or too whatever to do so, dump the excuse and get active. The words “I’ll do that when I …” should be erased out of your vocabulary. Certainly, you can’t get off your couch and expect to run a marathon. But nothing says you can’t start jogging down your driveway, to start. 

This week will be interesting. You’ll gain insights and experience, as well as intuition and images of your Ideal Self. You’ll also experience the positive feelings that come from being that self. The chances are good that you’ll feel so strong and powerful by the end of the week, you won’t want to return to where you were.

My Commitment


I listened to last week’s video again, just before I posted this blog, accompanied by a glass of wine.


It had an immediate effect. In my Ideal Life, I have tons of energy and I rise early… and the chances of having both as part of my ideal life diminish strongly with a glass of wine. So… I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but I poured the wine through the sink…


My commitment is to rise early, every day, and to start the day in my power. I commit to getting up at 6 AM, every morning. I am looking forward to it…


The past weeks I neglected my body and I loathe it. I had too little workouts and too much bad nutrition, I also wore comfortable clothes instead of what I love to wear, dresses and heels… so my second commitment is that I will dress how I want to feel every day in my Ideal Life: powerful. 


Your Commitment


Committing will help you to actually change something… so take a few minutes to think about what you will commit to as a change in the next week to experience your Ideal Self and share the things that you commit to experience in the coming week...


Live fully, be awesome,