All I want for Christmas is…

Let the Universe know your heart desires. You never know who is listening.

Nisandeh Neta

Here is the thing… I grew up in Israel… we don’t have Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas, or Father Christmas or Saint Nicolas or any of these guys…

So I’ve never had a chance to write Santa a letter and ask for what I want…

And since this might be my last chance… I thought of taking the opportunity that Christmas is just around the corner and write an open letter to Santa, post it on this blog and hope he gets it on time…

Here it goes…

Dear Santa:

I know you recently received detailed lists of demands from millions of children from all over the world – all claiming they have been good boys and girls this year.

So you must be busy these days.

But I’m wondering: What about the grown-ups? Don’t we get to want stuff?

  • I have a friend who needs a NEW kidney and a mother-in-law who wants her OLD-self back
  • My father wants to SURVIVE cancer and a friend of a friend wants to DIE with dignity
  • I have a friend who desperately wants a CHILD and another who wants a new WIFE
  • My students want a few MORE hours each day and a dying friend wants to ENJOY FULLY his last few hours
  • My wife wants to publish a life-changing SCREENPLAY and my business partner wants to spread my LEGACY to the world…

It would be really cool, Santa, if you have a moment… if you could grant some of these wishes too…

Please also fulfill the requests of all the commenters on this post.

And for me… all I ask is… from now on… to experience life as IS…

Thanks in advance, Santa. You’re the best.

Nisandeh Neta


What is it that YOU want to ask from Santa this year?

Let Santa know in the comment box below, and I will send you my newest hardcover book “Living by Design” as my Christmas gift.

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta


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