Workshop: Be Happy & Healthy

Your foundation for success and personal growth

Learn how to become the most powerful, healthier and happier version of you
with grace, ease and joy!

by  Nisandeh Neta & Roy Martina


Day 1– Be Happy

We all are trained, conditioned and indoctrinated into believing that when we will:

  • DO something (e.g. meditate, play, travel)
  • ACHIEVE something (e.g. gold medal, management position, parents’ approval)
  • HAVE something (e.g. a beach house, a child, the new iPhone)
  • BECOME something (e.g. rich, married, famous)…

… THEN we will be happy.

But do we?

Science shows (and we’re pretty sure your experience shows too) that the more our IDEA of happiness is dependent on doing, achieving, having or becoming… the more unhappy we became.

All along, as you are striving to do, achieve, have and become – you become acutely aware how much you’re not there (yet)… thus… unhappy, by definition.

And when you did DO, ACHIEVE, HAVE or BECOME (a millionaire)… the feelings of pleasure and joy didn’t last long… often not more than a fleeting moment… and you are back to being mildly unhappy.

During the first day of this intensive workshop – Nisandeh Neta and Roy Martina will share their insights, strategies, methods and habits to experience joy and happiness on demand, in the moment.

You will experience being in the moment, live fully, passionately, on purpose, with unique and powerful ideas how to create relationships that enhance the joy and happiness in your life, and how to master your emotions instead of becoming their victim.

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Day 2 – Be Healthy

What if you could grow old, very old, while keeping a perfect physical and mental health surrounded by people you love and who love you?

Would you then consider living another 30 or 50 or a 100 years more than you considered till now?

Now… You can’t have the magic pill today. The magic pill that would extend your life by 30–100 years.

But tremendous efforts and budgets are being invested in making this magic pill a reality.

The amazing advances we witnessed in medical science in the last 50 years are nothing compared to what we’re going to experience and benefit from in the next 20 to 30 years.

But until then we’re facing some serious health challenges:

In our current environment we are under siege of chemicals, heavy metals, ignorant doctors, radiation and electro magnetic stress – to name a few.

Learn how to stay healthy in a world that is getting more and more polluted by the minute.

  1. The increase of cancer continues to rise at a rapid rate mainly due to the decay of our DNA due to the exposure to chemicals and radiation.
    Learn how to make your body cancer-proof as best as you possibly can.
  2. The percentage of dementia is accelerating and the prognosis is that in 20 years 50% of persons older than 60 will fall prey to dementia.
    Learn how to protect your brain with the most advanced scientific methods?
  3. Many people are confused what is the best way to exercise and stay fit, how frequently, how intensely, how long should you exercise?
    Learn the best exercise for you to become fitter, healthier and younger till late in your 90’s and 100’s.
  4. Stress has become the number 1 reason for disease, cancer, inflammation, accelerated ageing and has become an ubiquitous phenomena in our modern lives.
    Learn simple steps to reduce stress levels and become mindful in only a few minutes a day.
  5. Your chronological age is just a number and says nothing about your speed of ageing. Your biological age is your true age of your body and mind.
    Learn how to lower your biological age and keep it lower for the rest of your life.
  6. Superfoods have become fashionable and many people are into green smoothies!
    Learn how to create a superfood smoothie that will lower your biological age, detox your body, protect your DNA, clean your arteries and rejuvenate your brain and body.

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Who is Nisandeh Neta?

For the last 22 years, Nisandeh trained, coached and mentored over 150,000 entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals in areas of business development, financial freedom and personal development.

  • He is a bestselling author and the creator of 22 bestselling training programs.
  • He is a successful entrepreneur who built 4 multi-million dollar companies, and managed to bankrupt only one.
  • He is a proud father for 20 years and happily married for 24 years and is living (off the grid) with his wife on a paradise island, growing their own food.
  • He is a long-distance runner, a rock climber, a mountaineer and a meditator.

Who is Roy Martina?

For the last 40 years, Roy worked with and trained over half a million students among them top athletes, multimillionaires, celebrities and ambitious people who want to get the maximum out of life.

  • He is an international bestselling author with over 2 million books sold in 12 languages.
  • He is holistic medical doctor and the creator of Omega Health Coaching and has created over 1,000 Natural remedies that are used by professionals in the USA, Australia & China.
  • He is an 8th Degree Black belt and has been a world champion in martial arts and is a successful entrepreneur who started 4 multi-million-dollar companies.
  • Together with his wife Joy, a psychologist specialized in empowering women he travels the world teaching and they live (off the grid) in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the USA.