Being aware is the closest you get to just be.


Nisandeh Neta


I don’t really want to do a freelance job. 

Really? Is that true?


“IS IT TRUE?” Is the most annoying, confronting and freeing question I know.

It strips away all lame excuses and stories I tell myself. It shows me what IS. Nothing else.

When I was building up this business I struggled to make enough money to pay my rent, and I thought of taking a freelance job.

If you ever followed a training with Nisandeh you will understand how hard it was to admit this to him.

He didn’t judge- but forced me to look at it. Why would I, or not, take a freelance job?

Is it true? Do you NEED to take a freelance job? 

The outcome came quickly. My kids came first. I wanted to build a HOME. To create a safe place for them. That was at that moment all that mattered. But I was blocked to just take the action by shame and guilt, because I felt I let you guys down, and would disappoint Nisandeh. And… disappoint myself, because it would mean that I would be a lousy entrepreneur.

The point is-  all of that was true.

I did NOT find that it was OK to take a freelance job. It brought me the insight that I would disappoint you, Nisandeh and myself. But now I could choose to accept this, instead of telling myself that it was not so bad, that you wouldn’t read my blogs anyway, that nobody would bother, that Nisandeh would be ok with it and that I would one day start another, successful business  – it’s all stories.

Being aware is just facing what is true… daring to look into the “dark” sides of your soul. The parts that you are ashamed of, that you’d rather hide from anyone, even yourself.

This is what “being aware” does. See what IS. Nothing else.

But… why would you want to be aware in the first place? What’s wrong with being unaware? I mean… you can enjoy life, enjoy what happens, you can be happy, healthy, anything while being unaware. 

That’s true.

Being unaware is also a wonderful place- because you don’t have to THINK and you don’t have to be HONEST. You can tell yourself a story and accept it, and life is in order. You don’t have to be confronted with the parts of you that you don’t like.

To me- this is not enough.

Because being unaware may be comfortable, but there is nothing to learn there. How can I grow, when I can fool myself with a story?

Your stories, your excuses, cover who you are.

By being aware, you force yourself to be present and look honestly beyond your stories and excuses, to what there IS. Nothing else. What IS?

And what do you gain by being aware? 

Let me warn you first before I tell you what’s in it for you. 

THIS PROCESS IS NOT FUNNY. You can’t compare it to the games we played in the Open Circles trainings. It’s hard. Whenever I go through such a process, it sometimes takes me days. Days with struggle, lying awake in bed wondering what I am doing wrong, KNOWING there is another layer below my story (my story usually says “he or she needs to change) and I can’t get out of it. And usually I have to wait until something completely irrelevant happens, and then I see the light.

Then I know what’s going on in my mind, and I can let it go. The world is light again. Reaching that point is giving so much freedom! Because now I know what I can do to change the situation (usually nothing, and at that point I’m totally at peace with that).

So… it gives freedom. Lightness. Growth. Insight. Acceptance. Peace. But it all lies on the other side of the swamp. 

I’m sorry… I can tell you only so little about what is in it for you, I can teach you to use the questions “Is it True” and “WHY”… but I can’t teach you more than that.

But- if you want to create more freedom in your life, then I would recommend you to play a game with us- the game of LIFE. It will help you to reach your goals in a fun way, helping you step by step, acknowledging you and pushing you a bit when you need it. 

Is there an area in your life that you would love living with more awareness and clarity? Please SHARE in the comments box BELOW…Nisandeh will read each and every statement and respond whenever appropriate… 

Live fully and be awesome…


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