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If you really want to give your relationship a major boost… end the challenge with the cherry on the cake: the Very Special, One Time Only, Relationship Booster Day!

Are you longing for better communication, deeper intimacy, stronger connection, more spontaneity, deeper love, and increased passion in your relationship?


But you struggle because

  • You don’t know where to start?
  • There’s so much going on in your life, that you simply don’t have the energy to invest in your relationship?
  • Your partner seems too busy or self-absorbed to care?


In this ONE-TIME-ONLY Relationship Booster Day you will learn…

  • The number one killer of joy, intimacy and passion in your relationship (hint: it’s something that almost every couple does at least 320 days each year) and HOW TO easily eliminate it from yours (by investing 5 minutes a day)
  • The REAL meaning of Soul Mate and HOW TO empower and support each other for personal and spiritual growth (you can’t find a better life coach than your partner, when you both are willing to play your parts)
  • HOW TO create a family/couple vision that will guarantee the both of you walk the same path together for many, many years to come
  • Why a relationship without conflict doesn’t exist and if it would – it would be dead boring. And yet, most couples handle conflicts in the worst ways possible. Learn HOW TO eliminate most common conflicts in your relationships and how to handle productively those few conflicts that needs to appear.
  • Why it (sometimes) seems that your partner doesn’t understand you or you just can’t get your partner (hint: people speak in 4 completely different communication languages, and most chances you and your partner simply don’t speak the same communication language)
  • HOW TO bring (back) more safety and trust into your relationship leading to more intimacy, excitement and sharing (hint: in most relationships these qualities suffer after the first year of the relationship – getting usually to rock bottom around year 7)
  • Why working on your relationship doesn’t work (hint: all of us would rather play than work) and HOW TO bring (back) more togetherness, fun and playfulness into your relationship.


And in the exclusive VIP session (for couples only) we will focus on:

  • Learning 5 easy-to-do, exciting and powerful ways to relight the fire and bring back the intimacy into your relationships… It’s gonna be real fun…
  • Answering your most important relationship questions from our own life experience



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Looking forward to have you with us in the Relationship Booster Day – September 12 – in Bunnik.

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