Apply here for the Relationship Booster Day Scholarship!

We love to give… so we thought we’d give one couple a chance to win a scholarship for their relationship…

The scholarship consists of two tickets for the Relation Boosterday, access to the VIP- program in the evening, the book “The Art of Lovemaking” AND you’ll get the recordings of the day, so you’ll have an eternal memory of the day and something to rewatch over and over again. 
We’ll give the scholarship to the couple that we think will benefit the most, because they are committed to implement. 
If you think you can benefit from the training, you and your partner are totally committed to boost your relationship to a higher level AND you both are committed to be present in the Relationship Booster Day…

Apply here by filling in these 3 questions and you might be the couple that can follow the training for free!

Be quick..  The application closes Friday 10 August at 12 PM.

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh and Vered