Business Reboot Challenge Day 11-WOW or ME2?

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Day 11 – WOW or Me2?

Hey challenger!

Day 11 of your 30-Day ‘Business Reboot’.

  • What if your product/service was clearly DIFFERENT and BETTER than any other product in your market?
  • What if you could charge (and get paid) premium prices for your product/service?
  • What if all your clients became raving ambassadors?

That would be cool, right?

And the cooler thing is that you can achieve all these when you either create a remarkable product/service or transform your existing one to remarkable.

In the Remarkable Product course, you learn 12 top ways to deliver WOW, how to measure WOW, how to generate million dollar ideas, how to create a SUPER Remarkable Product and a lot more.

And in today’s assignment – we’re going to start with the first step…

Link to IndieGoGo

 Nisandeh Neta


In today’s challenge I invite you to brainstorm how you can add WOW to your product or service using one simple, and often neglected strategy… OVERdelivery.

Whenever anyone buys your product or service, they have (in their mind) certain expectations about the results they’ll get, the performance of your product/service, your customer service, etc…

In order to OVERdeliver – all you have to do is exceed their expectations.

So… Take a few minutes and:

  • come up with 5-10 ways how you can OVERdeliver or exceed your client’s  expectations with your current product or service

Tips to get the most out of Day 11

Pro Tip 1: Reflect on expected value. Think about ways to deliver more WOW and exceed the expectations, but also reflect on the expected value you are conveying in your sales process. Are you overselling, underselling or being objectively realistic?

Pro Tip2: Don’t forget to help another challenger. Respond to their comments with feedback on their WOW ideas, and if you find ways to collaborate or help them – let them know…


Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.



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In this course I walk you through:

  • How to add WOW to your product systematically
  • How to get your customers to talk about your product/service/experience
  • How to measure your clients satisfaction and your WOW effect
  • How to turn your customers into raving fans

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  1. Nathalie Koster

    What we are trying to make a fan per day. But within the budget of 5 euro held
    • If we no need to sell we help the customer with an address where he/they currently have. • Sometimes sometimes give a spontaneous gift away.
    • If there are symptoms then directly on anticipated and well made.
    • Each customer will receive a small present for his birthday and a personal card.
    • Clients get more time than where they pay for.
    • We serve really really good coffee of your choice and slow tea
    . Every employee is rewarded if he so they get a compliment from a customer so that he also make a fan per day to stay motivated.

  2. Marie-Astrid Vermaas

    And thank you everybody for all these beautiful suggestions! I just got a great idea for active clients: a free recording of a piece they play really nicely.

  3. Marie-Astrid Vermaas

    Hi everybody,

    -I mainly overdeliver in time spent with my students (much to my husband’s annoyance!).
    I hate to see a student go without reassuring him/her and myself that they can get to work on the assignments for the week. And then there is, of course, the personal interest that I show in them, which most children and parents appreciate.
    -On my website, there is a free eBook for beginning students, how to practice both effectively and with fun
    -I am planning to start with vlogging about fun games to play that also stimulate cognitive abilities. If anyone has suggestions for a catchy name, love to hear them! So far, I am considering “Spelend leren”, but I’m not totally convinced.

    Thanks in advance for any tips, much appreciated!

  4. Karin Visser

    Holiday Retreats: get a gift bag with local Curacao health products and warm referrals to trainer/coaches in the Netherlands and a discount on my online coaching program.

    Holiday Spa: get the e-book with a booking of a massage or other spa service.

    Memberships on Curacao: free choice every 2 weeks in which lessons you wish to follow

    My Energy Medicine practice: able to choose your own aromatherapy, getting special EM water (with regenerative micro organisms) and a handout with DIY energy work.

    And with the passive income products, I can ‘cross-fertilize’ get an instructional video with my e-book. A Dance of Balance video when you buy 2 Kine-Yoga video’s etc.

  5. Francis Dalebout

    There are a few things I already do…
    – I don’t charge for follow ups and phonecalls/emails in between consultations – unless it becomes a full consultation for a new complaint. (most of my collegues do charge for follow-ups so it’s really a way to stand out). I also don’t have a time-limit on my consultations. It takes as long as it takes to get all the valuable information I need (I think it’s my responsibility to do this in a way that a consultation won’t take forever and cost me too much time. I don’t want people feeling like they have to rush things and forget to tell me the little things that often make a huge difference for me).
    – My e-book is free for everyone to download

    What I want to start doing (more):
    – Call a few days after I’ve sent medication to check if everything arrived in good order and it’s clear to them how and when to administer the medication. Now I try to do that or ask customers to call me but most of the time it doesn’t happen. I need to become punctual with this.
    – send a birthdaycard on their pets birthday (which means putting those dates in my callendar).
    – send a little (customised/species appropriate) give away on Animal Day
    – discount for a second or third animal in the same household
    – discount on the price of the First Aid course for existing customers
    – discount on the price of the first Aid kit for existing customers
    – ?

  6. Dennis Keim


    1) A photo/video registration of the build, or product fabrication.
    2) Contact them personally after a week, then after a month for a check-up.
    3) A free mobile app to connect with the tiny house tribe, with tons of valuable information.
    4) Attend one workshop for free, and a lifetime 10-40% discount, depending on purchase.
    5) A free laser cut scale model of their future tiny house or shared space.
    6) A little gift that symbolizes a 5% of profit donation for fugitives, which also can be used as a light in dark areas of where ever.
    7) A free book with a purchase of €197, or more.

    Be well, cheers!

    • Sin Declerc

      Hi Dennis – to me, money and gifts are never as valuable as a simple check-in to see how things are working out. You can’t automate it, you can’t be make it a personal experience, and if you do it right, it helps you to better understand your clients (or even upsell something or someone else).

      • Dennis Keim

        Hi, Sin!

        Thanks for your considerations. I totally agree with you, it was so obvious to me that I overlooked it in this exercise and focussed solely on products. Of course, it’s about the folks 😉

        Have a fine weekend!

  7. Annemieke Kegel

    My gifts (as a psychologist):
    * Give client extra tips & tricks of how to work with the child
    * Put the report in a nice folder, nice layout
    * Remind them/ give information about the newest developments in test diagnostics.
    * Introduce them to someone that might bring value to them.
    * Call them to see if they want to talk about the results or have questions.

    • Merel Slotboom

      Hi Annemiek,
      As a kinesiologist I can learn from your WOW factors. Thank you for sharing.

      I add that people can pick themselves up very fast and give them small practical excersises to feel fitter, more relaxed, more happy and more theirselves.

      Thanks for helping me. Greetings Merel

  8. Arabella Seegers

    Hi Everyone, great ideas and I am borrowing a few suggestions for how to wow my coaching clients who want to deal with the stress in their lives in a more sustainable way to avoid burnout:
    1. Give three free tips after strategy session
    2. Offer a personal tip whenever I talk with potential client
    3. offer 10-minute talks in between sessions when they are stuck, no extra charge
    4. Send an empowering message, inquire after before a challenging day
    5. postcards by mail with quotes as a special reminder of a step
    6. free info (blogs, webinar, challenges, ebooks, mini training, events)
    7. closed facebook group to exchange experiences, questions and ideas
    8. Printable workbook with method steps
    9. lunch on training days healthy, organic and energising
    10. free follow up call one month after strategy session, after last coaching session
    11. send postcard two months after their follow up session
    12. send a postcard on their birthday/new year
    13. secret page on FB (member) with facebook live video tips, Q&A

    I already do #1-4 and am looking forward to getting to doing #8.

    • Annemieke Kegel

      Nice ideas! I personally like it more to get a bit more of someone’s time or personal attention, then a postcard on my birthday. Feels more real to me and gives more value.

  9. Ron Scheerder

    What comes to mind is:
    * Give a valuable bonus as surprise.
    * Go one step further during delivery of the website
    * Do a review of the website two or three month after delivery of the site
    * Give a free training only for customers

  10. Yvonne van Gennip

    – Dopper Bottle for water give away before a training starts with the text ‘Happykidz moms tap water’
    – FB Live voor vragen gedurende programma of een maand later (Thank you Boukje for the extra dimension)
    – A platform (Thank you Saskia)
    – A lunch, all healthy food, during my training, special things in between to eat or drink that are not common, I saw a very special way a tee-bag was packed for instance
    – Follow up phone call/skype call
    – Besloten fb groep
    – A key-hanger with 3 reminder symbols of what is most important when you have kids
    – A very low partner price to attend the training

    Any other ideas? Not so easy I notice

    • mukalay banza

      Yes everything comes from mind looks like simple but it’s not you need a strong support from others don’t give up keep going straight your idea and have a target one day you will reach your goal.

  11. Joyce Vanes

    Hi all!
    Maradijs creates holidays for people with a mental handicap (for instance down syndrome)
    We would increase our WOW factor by

    – have really really really personal customer service. Means: if a client or his relatives call, we know who it is, how their previous holiday went, what personal preferences are
    – we help guests with things need to be taken car of in order to make it possible to book a holiday: see if there’s other guests traveling from the same area so they could travel together, help them with financial dificulties (PGB etc)
    – we have more [vakantiebegeleiders] per person than any other organisation
    – people receive post-cards on their birthday, christmas
    – We fill in the applicationform for you (in case we know you already) and send it to you as a guest. You just need to sign and return
    – We have only the best [vakantiebegeleiders]
    – Our locations are excelent, we don’t settle for less
    – Every meal is fresh and live cooked by an actual chef.
    – The training of our volunteers is of real value

    Wow. I could go on for a while. Exciting exercise. Some of the things we are doing already. Some are to come. What stops us from doing it NOW?

    • Joyce Vanes

      Oh yes: I would love to create a [vakantieboek] like I had as a child. In holiday-times I could be creative in it. There would be games, drawings, places to put memories.
      I’m sure a lot of guests of Maradijs like to play with books like this.

      • mukalay banza

        I definitely encourage you it’s a good idea.

  12. Arina Angerman

    How to deliver a WOW experience … :

    1. always remain positive & constructief (in Dutch) during 1on1 sessions offline or online
    2. thks challengers … a follow-up phone/Skype/Whatsapp call / message to former & potential customers (to do in December 2017) minimum of 5 and maximum of 10
    3. free eBook with the 5 most read blogposts (EN/NL) (to develop in 2018)
    4. Facebook Live Q &A in a group (to develop in 2018)

  13. Elisabeth

    Difficult one, since I wanna keep my freedom and have things automized, but at the same thing creates the WOW-factor. So I came up with these 5. What do you think?

    I can overdeliver by:

    – sending a wonderful unexpected WELCOME email after purchase, that makes them smile and are eager to start with their purchase. The unexpected is just the content, the use of words, sentences, content itself, an attachment, etc.

    – I could welcome with a special video, with something extra, as a reward after purchase

    – offer a couponcode at the end of the course for an offline workshop/training/seminar

    – asking for an update after 2 weeks after completing the course or after receiving the product in the form of personal feedback, just a little reminder that they’re not forgotting and I wanna know how they’re

    – an invitation to a secret facebook group after completing the course full of tips, advice, live video’s, questionairs, polls, etc

    – prestart exercise, meaning a questionair they can do for themselves, or a worksheet, or multipechoise, etc… Something that will be answered after the start of the course, something to look forward to

  14. Silvia Dragoni have free talk on the phone contact me when necessary by phone or email
    3.Very powerfull individual session that give more or learn about topics they want to

    ???????????? I don’t know what to offer different in giving my best when I teach one a one session

    • mukalay banza

      Both ways work it’s up to who you wanna talk to because some people they want you to teach them on phone and those they want face to face it’s all OK this is my advice just be flexible.

      • Silvia Dragoni

        My work is built in individual sessions, I teach people to relax, to feel their body and relax the mind… to deal with stress and pain. I don’t know what to add for free at making BOW more than give my best at working with them. thanks

    • Annemieke Kegel

      Hi Silvia, that sounds like great value to me! So your gifts to people is all about talking/communication. For the people that are more visual, it would be great to give them something they can see. Like a card or email with some information in it. Might be a lesson in there as well.

  15. IBOLYA Moor

    i can add a checklist at my book and something like a present included.
    if you buy t directly f.e. from my website. or if i had a special location where i speak.

    goody bag.

    free acces to my you tube canal with special video’s about the subjects.and a special community on fb

  16. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    I am faster than clients expect, give less hassle than they expect and come up with new creative solutions that really fit their problem (instead of the one-size-fits-all approach competitors have).

  17. Henrietts van den Heuvel

    What makes people happy as I experience it is personal and personalized attention, so I think about:
    – personal mails
    – test with feedback
    – skype or phone conversation
    – personalized e-book for free

  18. Margreet van Bork

    Wow’s I use for my target audience:

    free e-book

    a free telephone or skype session after filling in a questionnaire
    a free training after answering 3 questions

    In the training:
    healthy lunch
    notebook and pen

    Wow’s I use in the sessions I still give to others:

    No interest no pay for the first session with intake and first start.
    As less paperwork as possible.
    Little gift: special stone or remedy.
    Three gift cards for short free sessions for friends.
    A telephone call 3 month and 6 month after the last session.

    Small things during training and sessions:

    My total attention
    Clean warm surrounding, nice music etc.
    Toilets with extra’s as deo, mouth water etc. Everything a client might want to lessen shameful situations.

    Wow’s I like to develop:

    Webinars, online free courses and online info on specific issues for my session clients.

  19. Patricia Leenaarts

    The things I do to OVERdeliver are:

    1. I give away my free e-book
    2. I give a free workshop as a front-end
    3. I give 20 minutes for free in the first appointment for customers to get to know me
    4. I give away my paper book when they come to my free workshop.
    5. I give a present when a customer brings in a new customer
    5. I give free bonus tips over the email

    I am thinking about other ways to OVERdeliver to my customers.

    • Annemieke Kegel

      Very nice!

  20. Saskia de Rooy

    Over delivering is so nice to do! It connects very closely to your client so he or she will involve you in solving their problem.
    1 build in a feed back moment when working on an assignment
    2 Best possible transport service with track and trace
    3 small thank you gift with the delivery
    4 Can I make you something special? Just pop the question
    5 Listen to their story
    6 point out signature and make sure the value of my work grows so people are sure they made a good investment
    7 assure the value by telling them of the other buyers of my work (with the art-collectors at a prominent place
    8 keep them posted on my adventures (abroad), so they know I am working on my value

    • Saskia de Rooy

      I can also offer a high resolution picture of a sculpture that can be printed and hung on the wall.

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      I love your suggestions and your website!
      The ideas are easily implemented (some also in my garden business) and it will make clients very happy. Thank you!

      • Saskia de Rooy

        Hi Mariëtte,
        thank you for your time and remarks! It is very good to know you like them.
        Have a lovely day,

  21. Clemie v.d. Boorn

    I OVERdeliver by:

    – At the first time I speak someone I have an intake and give them a small ‘taste’
    by the way, I’m working.
    – I give them a pen, stress ball and a cool notebook for free.
    – If I have written my e-book(s), I will give it for free.
    – Send cards at special days.

    And I’m learning from the ideas I’m reading. Thanks for that!

    • Margreet van Bork

      What I miss are the possibilities of on-line gifts. Beside your e-book you can give other information on line. Special info on the issues they come to you for.
      Now I write this I think that I can do that too for the clients that are not in my target audience.

  22. Lenie Verhelst

    Difficult question. How can I overdeliver? I could give people who attend my real-life training about feedback access to the online training, so they can review the lessons (as soon as I have the online training of course :)). Maybe I can also give a template to prepare a feedback-conversation.

    For my coaching, I saw someone who mentioned a follow-up call after the coaching has ended, that seems like a really good idea. I could also provide a booklet, with a certain structure, so they can write down something after every session, and prepare the next session.
    When I made some pictures of the session (coaching with horses), I usually send them their pictures by mail. Maybe I could create a postcard with this photo and send it to them after their coaching has ended.

    Other suggestions are always welcome 🙂

    • Margreet van Bork

      I like the postcard.
      And I know from my own experience that a telephone call, some time, after the last session works wonders. Many clients are grateful for it and often they make a new appointment so the benefit is for me as well.
      Things that work are little specific gifts. A picture of a horse on the booklet. With the info of your business on the backside, so they will remember you. A key ring or pencil.
      Extra online info. Especially if it is relevant to their issues.

    • Elisabeth

      Hi Lenie,
      I really like your ideas, the structure and the postcard. Definitely the postcard. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

  23. Mariëtte Verlaan

    My 5 ways to OVERdeliver or exceed my client’s expectations with my current product or service and make it WOW:
    1. Bonus with eCourse: individual Skype session (half hour) for finding creative solutions, answer garden-related questions
    2. Extra exercises to provide insight related to Feng Shui after the basic eCourse and as a trigger for more…
    3. Free eBook with a compilation of 12 valuable blogposts (only for VIP members)
    4. Free Q&A in private Facebook group for book readers (already exists, but not many registered readers) rather have them become free VIP members, what do you think?
    5. Free workbook and access to special pages with restricted content (already available via webpage)

    Would that create a WOW for you? Any other suggestions?
    Eager to read how to improve on this topic.

    • Timon Vinke

      After reading the things you do I had a look at your site and products.

      To be honest, I struggled with a reply. The five points don’t strike me as WOW right away, but I have trouble coming up with suggestions, especially since your products are low priced which emphasise that the WOW shouldn’t cost too much.

      While typing I thought of this one.

      Send a dried (or paper) flower with a personal thank you card to a new client.

      Good luck with the search.

      • Mariëtte Verlaan

        Thank you for your comment, your suggestion is simple and sweet.
        Maybe I could send a bulb or seed package as a surprise.

    • Saskia de Rooy

      For a start, I don’t know about fengshui. But I do know the joy a garden can bring. How would it be if you add a small bonus about edible flowers or arranging flowers ? To bring the garden into your home or preserve something from the garden for the winter. Perhaps there is some fengshui in this as well?

      • Mariëtte Verlaan

        Thank you, Saskia, for your suggestions.

        A garden is about joy and about experiencing nature and harmony.
        Feng Shui is a very nice way to get clear about which aspects are involved in creating harmony.

        Your topics resonate with me as perfect for a blog or a small eBook.

    • Joyce Vanes

      What pops up in my mind is:
      – to send seeds to your clients
      – to do something inter-active like asking them to send a picture of their garden (i’m sure they are proud after a lot of work)
      – have a special bonus for loyalty; for instance to have you live/on skype in their garden to help

      • Mariëtte Verlaan

        Thank you, Joyce,
        Some of your suggestions I already do or have done in the past. I could be more prominent about the interactive part of sending a garden picture. Sending a seed package is a perfect idea.
        I already put a Skype session as a bonus with my eCourse.
        Since my clients don’t actually live nearby, and although I very much enjoy helping with their garden, an unpaid visit would have too much impact on my business time.

      • Francis Dalebout

        Hi Mariëtte,
        I saw Joyce’s tip about sending seeds and thought of a fun way to do that.
        I don’t know if you’ve heard of ‘groeipapier’, it’s paper with flowerseeds in it. You can put the paper on soil, water it and the seeds will sprout.
        How fun is it to send a personal thank you note on a card made of groeipapker, for instance after they bought one of your products. There’s even a company where you can have your own custom cards or special shaped paper made ( You can even have your companycard on this paper.
        Bij kun je zelfs de soort zaadjes kiezen. Mogelijkheden te over en zeker voor jouw bedrijf een leuke wow-factor.

  24. Nicole Klip

    In the first session I have with a potential client I always give more than expected: it’s not just a session to get to know each other and I tell him/her how I see I can help him/her, but I always inspire them, this can be a tip, a valuable insight, or an exercise.

    Other things I could do:

    * a short reading
    * an actual formation of the clients inner family

    And for my (former) clients, the wow-thing I do is give them extra attention. A mail or a phone-call to ask how they are doing. That always results in me giving them some tips on how to handle a situation or what they can do to relieve the stress.

    • Margreet van Bork

      Are there things you can give for free online?
      An e- book, information, webinar on a special topic?
      Things that don’t cost so much time (from my own experience) and are appreciated all the same.

      • Nicole Klip

        Yes Margreet, I’ve got an e-book and a training, both for free.

  25. Mirjam van Galen

    For my coaching business I have this ideas:

    • Give a free but valuable mini training
    • Give free e-books to download
    • Send a free e-book of video right after the application (depending on the guiding question)
    • Send text messages in between coaching sessions as a follow-up
    • Send a Christmas gift to the clients I worked with this year
    • A month after the last session: send a letter that the client had written during the process
    • Call the client a month after the last session, as a free follw-up

    I’m curious what you think of these overdelivery services!

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      They all sound good Mirjam! Some of them (the last) will cost you a lot of time though but could be very valuable.

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Hey Yvonne,

        And you’re true, some do cost time… It feels like a thin line to balance on, but for me this last one for example really works. Maybe when I’ve got too many clients it won’t work anymore 🙂 Then I’ll think of new things to do!

        Thanks anyway!

        Have a nice day,

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hoi Mirjam,

      I like the letter.
      And more I like the suggestion to phone your client afterwards. I do this call also. And people are really surprised if you do so. And if you make a program (which gives you more profit) the customer has also paid for that time. But there experience it as free.

      Good luck with it, and fun, wrgds Marcel

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Hey Marcel,

        Thanks for your reply. Indeed, people always act happily surprised when I call. But you reminded me of another important thing: make a program or bigger packages. This will get my attention! Thanks for that.

        Have a nice day,

        Ps. Eh… what does wrgds mean? 😉

        • Marcel Heijnes

          wrgds warm regards

          About programs, the things I mentioned are the basics of a program. Inspired by Nisandeh and …
          Give me an email and I will give the answer. warm regards, Marcel

  26. Monique van Dam

    After I meet someone in a networking event, I start over-delivering by giving them 3 personalized SEO tips. It means I spend about half an hour already on looking at their site, sometimes doing a small keyword research.

    In my VIP training, I offer extra WOW by going to the client’s office or house. Plus spending a great deal of time in preparation.

    What would you challengers like in SEO training or services?

    • John-Pierre Cornelissen

      Hey Monique, great to give personal tips. Do they like it? Something I do something similar by giving feedback on their website, but I am not always sure they actually like(d) feedback they did not ask for. What’s your experience?

      • Monique van Dam

        Hi John-Pierre, everyone I have done it for, has been really positive about it. Particularly because they can see that I really put effort into it. And I try to bring it very positively too. I start with positive points and then explain what would be most urgent and why. The other day I checked out a site and if I clicked on Accept the cookie message the site got unreachable for me. That was an urgent tip!. Usually, the website builder has to get into action with installing Yoast, a favicon, etc. Not sure how they react.:)

    • Saskia de Rooy

      Perhaps there are some -for you- ‘open doors’ that are working for everyone. I understood putting something new on ones site very regularly works well. There are a lot of people (like me, a zzp-er) that don’t know the basics of this. So explaining the basics might be nice too.

      • Monique van Dam

        Hi Saskia, thanks for your response. Yes, there is a list of do’s and don’ts, more or less. I will send you my e-book. Perhaps you can let me know after reading it if that is useful enough to start with? 🙂

  27. Dick Sandbergen

    I find it hard to come up with things that don’t cost money. Maybe you guys have some ideas?

    I have a weight loss system. People come to me every week until they reach there desired weight and then they do the stabilization period and after that, they have the option to come back on after-checks, either with an appointment or with a subscription for a whole year (once a month).

    – I could offer people who are finished a free after-check after a period
    – Everybody that comes to me already gets a nice ring binder and free pillbox
    Free recipes

    • Monique van Dam

      Hi Dick, how about facilitating a Facebook Group where your clients can ‘meet’ and exchange ideas (with you adding tips every now and again). I can imagine hearing tips more than once is fine.

      • Dick

        Hi Monique,

        I have tried that, 2 groups men and women separate, but I did not get them to really interact. Unfortunately

        Thanks for your response.

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hi Dick,

      And what about free follow-ups by phone? Or free e-books during the process, each one on a different subject? Or a free webinar for your clients every month? Just some ideas 🙂

      Good luck with it,

    • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

      Hi Dick,
      Their appearance is probably important to your TA, compliment them every time on something about their looks. Of course no bs compliments. But the more you give compliments, the easier it becomes.
      Give them a personal photo shoot as a ‘prize’ for getting (or staying maybe) on their target weight. As a surprise of course. Maybe you can work out a deal with a photographer so that they become leads for him and you can get it for less money (and make a special day out of it maybe, so that all the photo’s can be taken efficiently, but also so that you make it into a certain celebration day).

      • Dick

        Thanks for the tip, I will see if I can do something with that.

  28. Gabi Grupe

    Follow up calls/emails
    free membership to closed FB group

  29. Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

    Hello to you all!

    I could, for my online programs (still having to be made) I could do a lot of what has already been suggested:
    – right after subscription already have a video-file with a valuable gift (technique and meditation for example)
    – make a nice, easy to use, workbook online, they could print.
    – do a questions-FB-live/webinar during the program
    – have a skype-call to get to know more personally to be able to answer personal questions
    – have a skype-call a month after the program to stay connected and get feedback and do a nice offer for ‘more’
    – ?

    • Boukje Canaan

      Maaike, have you looked into Facebook live video, this can be done on your own secret page. That way you don’t need one on one skype calls, but address the whole group. This works great for me in my groups. Any question I get, I answer there, good for anyone to see.

      • Marcel Heijnes

        Hoi Bouke,

        Interesting idea about Facebook your own secret place for clients. Thanks.

        wrgds Marcel

      • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

        Didn’t know about that, thank you for the tip! thought fb-live was always public…
        great idea, like it! xx

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Maaike,
      thanks for sharing your great ideas. We both are gaining a lot of value in this challenge 🙂 Just something to think of, do you really want to have questions-webinar or personal skype call after an online program? That would work if the online program is offered like a challenge and is active for a certain period. If not, then you don’t have control over the skype calls and questions-webinar. I would automize it more then, so you keep your freedom.
      I really like the tip of Boukje, since it has nothing to do with a period during a program or after. If they become a member the value within the group is still there and new value is added.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

      • Boukje Canaan

        Yes and you know what else? You can have people pay for being a member on your own page. So earn money while you deliver your content exclusively to the members of the group. It can be a one time fee, or a monthly fee.
        This is extremely interesting for people who handle there own brand.

  30. Silvie

    My ways to overdeliver:

    1. Deliver (way) before the deadline
    2. Make a glossary of terms and their translation
    3. First x number of words for free
    4. Discount for regular clients
    5. Send a Christmas gift, like some nice chocolate

    • Saskia de Rooy

      Perhaps you can ‘give’ a translation of often misused or misunderstood terms in English. This might make people smile and will point out your expert position. And it might help people speak better English. Pull them into your expertise.

      • Silvie

        Good idea Saskia, thanks!

      • Marie-Astrid Vermaas

        Hi Saskia,

        Thanks for this suggestion! I can use this one too in my field of expertise.

  31. Marcel Heijnes

    Normally I have some consults to help people with shoulder problems. I reset the trigger-points with fascia technics and healing. And I give my clients tips, tricks and others things. I think that’s too normal and the client get not the value I can deliver. Although the results are very good. But it could be better, especially for the long term. So I designed a program.

    My remarkable product is: Personal Shoulder Problems Reset Program which contains:

    The start of the program is that client had to set up their goals to get their shoulder problems in a broader perspective.
    The client got a book and workbook with a pain-management system in which they learn strategy’s to cope with pain. This homework is started before we meet each other.
    They got, in a particular sequence, emails to prepare them self for the Reset day. Mindset, tips to look at films, reading other books etc.
    Every week I want to receive an email with there insights and results of that week. And what are there goals for the next week.
    An intake which is 2 to 3 hours to get started fully committed. I do some resetting of trigger-points.
    A Reset day (6-7 hours) of resetting Trigger-points, blockades in the body and mind, Mind-mapping to dig in person’s system to investigate causes of the shoulder-problems and reset them. The intention of that day: Making a shift/transformation in person’s life.
    I will send them The Work from Byron Katie to get a better conversation with themselves.
    Two or three consults as aftercare and pinpointing what’s left.

    I’m curious about your feedback.
    warm regards, Marcel

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Marcel,

      I like that you’re thinking broader than only the ‘normal’ consults. I think it’s good that you put a lot responsibility in the hands of the client itself. In my opinion that already heals part of the problem.
      Also giving more information out of different perspectives (mindmapping, films, books) helps to be mre excellent, I think.

      Good thinking!

      Good luck and lots of fun with it,

      • Marcel Heijnes

        Hoi Mirjam,

        Thanks for your positive reaction.

        I have already fun with it by doing it by myself and by creating this program.

        You nailed it by saying it gives more responsibility to the person and gives already healing.
        wrgds Marcel

    • Saskia de Rooy

      If you give the tips and tricks already it might be nice to have a special place you put a video with these tricks shown. So when people ‘forget’ and get into old habits again, they can watch this. And remember you and come back. You might even put these in a regular mail.

      • Marcel Heijnes

        Hoi Saskia,

        thxs for the suggestion. I will look at your idea how I implement such a video. The biggest challenge is what put I in the video. I work very intuitive and gave tips from everywhere coming. But I understand your tip.

        warm regards, Marcel

  32. Boukje Canaan

    Remarkable products for my photography business:

    1 use an app to show pictures of an event everywhere you go, because it is on your phone.
    2 postcards through the mail to remember the special days
    3 Christmas cards or gifts with photos of the past photo session
    4 special albums – a) small for extra give away gifts, b) luxury edition
    5 metal plate on the wall and photo prints with a magnet to interchange prints (wissellijst)
    6 favorite music with a slideshow on it
    7 trip to personal memory lane – go to forgotten places, photograph them
    8 story of a life in photographs (old and new)
    9 picture-in-picture (old in new, no photoshop)
    10 photoshop missing person in a new group photo

    A few of them I already do, most can/need be implemented.

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      HI Boukje, while reading your list I thought, hé, this could be part of a funnel: first, a photographer makes a story of life in photographs of the passed away person for the funeral and then they can also offer valuable pictures on the day itself?

      And if I had done a photoshoot fi with my family, I would LOVE to receive a Christmas card with one of these photos. Maybe, if you send them a little early, people will order more cards for their own friends and family.

      • Boukje Canaan

        Hi Yvette, thanks for the idea. Indeed that is a good way to funnel it. I will get my interner to start with it!

        • Marie-Astrid Vermaas

          Hi Boukje,

          I also love the idea of a slideshow with fitting music to it. Want to talk about that sometime? I’ve been considering to offer clients a musical biography, maybe we can partner up?

          Love to hear from you, see you soon!

  33. Yvette van Boven

    1. Give lots of daily valuable free info via email or video’s
    2. Give free challenges like this one
    3. Give discounts
    4. Give free e-books
    5. Give free but valuable mini training
    6. Give valuable bonuses
    7. Give free events
    8. Have many low priced but very valuable products

    • Jolanda Mulder

      Hai Yvette,

      Can you be more specific? What kind of information do/will you share (where) in your ebooks, challenges, bonuses etc…? Did you/do you make a list of that? I think that’ll show you concrete which steps to take next?! Anyway, by writing this to you, I summon myself to as specific as I can be. 🙂

      • Yvette van Boven

        Hi Jolanda,
        All information will be based on how to get from where you are to where you want to be. See for example my comment in day 9 of this challenge for the information I will be sharing. I will also share lots of valuable information from my books and change parts of it into new products for example in a mini course or an ebook. One of my free gifts are the first 5 chapters of my English book in exchange for your emailaddress.

        • Jolanda Mulder

          Aha. Thank you. Nice idea, taking a part of your book and making it a new product!

  34. Nienke Dekkinga

    I find it hard to come up with overdeliver. For now, I just have one product and that is my online program ´Intiem met MS, Boost je Liefdesleven´. OK and online coaching (but nobody ever bought online coaching).
    1. An extra introduction video with a lot of value when they buy the program.
    2. A box with erotic tools/toys the can use in the program.

    And that’s where I get stuck, no more ideas.

    • Lenie Verhelst

      Hi Nienke
      Maybe you can offer a photo shoot (in cooperation with a photographer, so you give 1 photo for free, if they want more they can buy from the photographer)

      Or a free coaching session?
      A closed Facebook group where they can chat with others in the same situation?

      Hope this helps you to see from different angles?

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        Thanks for your comment. The photoshoot I don’t understand. What is your idea behind that?
        A free coaching session is something I can offer, but I normally use that as a bonus so they are more likely to buy the program. I find it hard to think of something what you give when they already bought the program.
        A Facebook group is included with the online program.

        • Lenie Verhelst

          Hi Nienke

          I’ll try to explain in dutch, that is still a lot easier for me 😉

          Wat ik bedoel is dat het fijn is om als koppel een professionele fotoshoot te doen. En aangezien jouw programma gaat over het boosten van je liefdesleven, zou dit een mooie en onverwachte extra kunnen zijn. Ik denk dat het voor elk koppel een leuk cadeau is, en dat het nog meer betekent wanneer één van de twee serieuze gezondheidsproblemen heeft. Een mooi aandenken aan jouw cursus en aan hun onderlinge intimiteit.

          En wanneer je daarvoor samenwerkt met een professionele fotograaf kan je ongetwijfeld afspraken maken over het gratis weggeven van 1 foto, en dat ze voor bijkomende foto’s een vooraf vastgelegde prijs betalen.

          Ik hoop dat het zo duidelijker is wat ik bedoel?

          • Nienke Dekkinga

            Helder. Ja soms is het handiger even in het Nederlands.
            Ik denk dat dat op dit moment een brug te ver is. De meeste mensen vinden het al zo’n groot taboe om überhaupt te mailen dat ze seksuele problemen hebben om dan ook nog op een foto samen te gaan. En ik denk dat het wel prijzig wordt om weg te geven, ook al heb je een samenwerking met een fotograaf.
            Maar wie weet ga ik ooit in de toekomst een verwenweekend/retraite houden dan zou dat misschien wel een mooie toevoeging zijn.

    • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

      Hi Nienke, boxes with toys will cost you money, this would not be wise. But free add-ons? Like a skype-call for their personal situation, advice on food to support feelings of lust, audio-file with a meditation to relax the body, interviews ‘personal stories’ from others in the same situation, FB-group where they can be in a community with like-minded, a monthly ‘free tip’ for a year after they bought your program… ?

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        True. I use the free box now as a bonus, so they buy the program sooner.
        Good ideas I gonna write them down.

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Nienke,

      I read your ideas and also your reply on Maaike and it gave me a certain feeling. Maybe I’m a bit out of line here and I even might be wrong. But we’re here te help eachother, so I’m just gonna say it.

      In between your words I read a lot of restraining. I think the effect of this is that you are stuck in your own thoughts and believes. For example you write ‘but nobody ever bought online coaching’. You could see that as a objective statement, which of course it also is. But somehow I also read a disbelief in it, like ‘yeah I have this, but that’s never going to happen’.

      For me it feels that you could use a big bite of confidence in yourself, your product and maybe even in your goals or dreams. Perhaps it’s the step before all the ‘practical thinking’ we do here with the challenge, the fundament of your great product: you.

      If you can find your own qualities, your special way of working that nobody else on the world has, your own joy in this, your power… then the next steps and ideas will follow right from that.

      So I don’t have an answer for you, but more a question: what is it that’s holding you back from living from your inner power? And what do you need to step in your full potential?

      Good luck and have a great day,

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        Augh! And spot on. You are completely right.
        Painful to read but to be honest it’s true. I know my program has great value, but stil I don’t belief people wanna buy it.
        This afternoon I am gonna give my thoughts and believes I good look.
        I know something is holding me back.
        And maybe I have to give some more time and effort to work that one out.

        Thanks for your comment. It was something what was allready on my mind the last weeks. But now I know for sure I have to do something about it.

        • Mirjam van Galen

          Hey Nienke,

          Good to hear today you’re already going to work on this subject and even more: with yourself. I think you’re right that it is something you have to give some more time and effort. Better: you’re worth this time and effort! 🙂

          And sorry for the ‘augh’…

          Just a reminder:
          “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

          If you want to make a call about this (for free of course), you know how to find me. Good luck!


          • Nienke Dekkinga

            Don´t be sorry for the ´augh´ I needed to be reminded.
            It´s something that runs through my life as a red line (don´t know if that´s an English expression too, haha).
            Today I got another reminder via Facebook. There was a photo from 2 years ago of the Breakthrough to Succes weekend. Guess what I wrote on my wooden board?
            Fear of not being good enough.
            I really have to get rid of this belief system. So there is work to do for me.

    • Saskia de Rooy

      Perhaps a nice ‘list’ with tips for how to feel good/ beter/ confident with a nice picture of love/ a couple in love’ will all ready be a nice thing to have. A reminder for hard moments. Over-delivering can seem very simple for you but a great gift for someone that is not an expert.

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        Good tip.
        Sometimes it doesn´t have to be that complicated. It´s on my list know.

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Nienke,

      The first step is clear then: you have a really good view on you ‘red line’ 😉 That’s a big step!

      But the real and major step is the next one: okay, now you know this and then…? Then you have to deal with it, cut it in pieces and throw it in a trash bin. And that’s easier said than done. I know.
      When I listen to my clients, they all say it’s a hard and sometimes painful road to travel on, but also the best one: it’s the road that brings them back to themselves.

      I read a great article about fear and the fact that fear is actually about… nothing. Really: nothing. You feel something about a situation that’s not even there, that didn’t happen yet, that’s actually empty.

      ‘Fear of not being good enough’ (and thank you, Facebook!). This implies it’s about the future. A future that’s not real yet, that’s not even there. A future that you can fill with your own colours! If only you could see your own colours and enjoy the beauty of them.

      That’s what I wish for you!


  35. Jacqueline Blankenstein

    Hi, I can give (or send with online programmes) a free goodie bag or box with printables and workbook.
    and other things that make assignments easier or help to start up a healthy lifestyle and put ideas I give into action. Like hero/princess/strength-etiquette to put on kids vitamins and food glasses they don’t like to take but u want them to.
    To hang on fridge etc., because I never really use pdf’s after looking at them once.

    Another is a free cool/beautiful notebook to write in notes during a live course. (Maybe in the online-box too)

    With the live a free lunch that matches the course. So healthy & bio.

    A DVD in the box too for videos of assignments they can do at home with kids to go outside ánd for emotional health as an extra. (Course /VIP day is about healthy lifestyle)

    A baby/toddlers wearing dance /workout video to enjoy and get inspired and want to keep doing it or other work out that can be done with kids. As a gift to mom.

    One or 2 Skype /phone sessions after the course to help with implement problems. Plus a closed group.

    Any other ideas are welcome!

    Thanks! Jacqueline

    • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

      wow, beautiful ideas! but make sure they do not cost you too much compared to your revenue… but I like it!!

      • Jacqueline Blankenstein

        Thanks, Maike!
        I’ll record the videos all myself so no costs. Indeed the box plus sending will costs though….maybe only with the live and the online one only envelope size things.

    • Saskia de Rooy

      for you a real nice gift might be birthday treats for children. That are easy to make, lovely looking and healthy. You’ll make some stressing parents Very Happy!

    • Marie-Astrid Vermaas

      Wow Jacqueline,

      In one word: Impressive! I really like your idea of a dance for pregnant women, to help them experience joy even when they’re not feeling their best. In addition to that, you could also give tips on different styles of music to listen to, depending on the mood they’re in or want to get in. I’d love to help you with that and other ideas regarding healthy upbringing. Can we skype or talk some time?

      Musical regards, Marie-Astrid Vermaas (06-45612800, also Whatsapp)

  36. Timon Vinke

    For my training to dredging professionals about the Cutter Suction Dredger’s dredging process.
    Usually classroom training to 10-20 students.

    1. Exercises, Fun but applicable
    2. Classroom calculations, every group calculates one point on a graph. Easy to spot if your answer is correct, so competitive, but not confronting as the other groups don’t know which point is from your group
    3. Send welcome video a week before the training starts
    4. Send questionnaire a week before the training
    5. Match for the most difficult question. I did this once, people enjoyed it and come up with good questions. Rules, a. Must be relevant, b. Must be answerable with info from the question.

    This was harder than I thought. I’ll have to do some studying to get more and better ideas.

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hi Timon,

      I like your way of describing. It gives me energy although the subject you describe is far away from my daily things.

      Suggestion: to a follow up with emails, exercises etc or a small webinar for all participates. Good luck with it. rgds Marcel

      • Timon Vinke

        Hi Marcel,

        Thank you very much for your comment and suggestion.

        I really like to idea of a follow-up webinar. A 1-hour Q&A to answer any questions that came up after the training.

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Timon,

      I like your idea of sending a welcome video and questionnaire in advance. Like Marcel says, it made me think of a follow-up immediately.
      Also you could write a (free) e-book with information or suggestions on a specific subject. or give a mini-training that’s free and valuable (and might even attract new clients for your bug training).

      Have a great day,

      • Timon Vinke

        Hi Mirjam,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I like your follow-up ideas. A hand-out with a schematic or something could work very well.

        A free mini-training is not practical as the training is held internationally at the client’s premises, but it is a good idea.

        • Mirjam van Galen

          Hi Timon,

          Hm oke… internationally works a bit different indeed 🙂
          But maybe a free webinar instead, via Facebook or your website?

          Good luck,


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