Business Reboot Challenge Day 14 – are you really your own boss?

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Day 14 – Are you really your own Boss?


Hey challenger!

Most independent professionals and freelancers believe they are business owners, while the reality is that their business owns them. And if they will not find a way to systemize, automate or outsource most of their work – they will keep working for their business forever.

These are exactly the main topics you learn in the Ultimate Business Machine course, where you learn how to systemize, automate and outsource most of your business activities, while keeping for yourself only the most interesting, exciting, and lucrative tasks.

 Nisandeh Neta


And in today’s challenge we’re going to take a look at WHAT you should systemize first in your business.

Here are some of the things you’d want to systemize:

  • Your recurring problems/frustrations (e.g. long commuting to clients and prospects)
  • Your most time-consuming tasks (e.g. publishing a weekly blog post)
  • Your most stressful tasks (e.g. cold calling)
  • Your most profitable tasks (e.g. sales conversations)
  • Your most important tasks (e.g. responding to customer complaints)


So take a few minutes to come up with 3-5 problems/tasks in your business that you’d like to systemize and share them in the comment box below


Pro Tip: Theses ones should go first. Think of all things that are not much value adding (for which you are overqualified), or that are not fun to do (you don’t enjoy them and they drag down your energy and motivation)

Pro Tip: Value them. Every task has its own inherent value (e.g. a 10€/H type of task, as opposed to 100€/H type of task). Start delegating and outsourcing the least valuable ones and then remove yourself gradually from the upper levels.

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.



As a special challengers, today you can grab one of the 15 courses of my complete S.M.A.R.T. Business Success System.

Today’s special perk is the course Ultimate Business Machine, available today for €397 (value €1,997,-)

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What and how to systemize
  • What and how to automate, delegate or and outsource most
  • What to keep for yourself (if anything at all)
  • How to free yourself from running your business so you only reap the benefits


Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.




  1. Arina Angerman

    What I want to outsource if I have enough Business Income in 2018

    – solving small technical problems with my website … continuous improvement
    – editing bi-weekly blogs and quarterly manuals
    – marketing research on what ideal clients want
    – yearly co-organizing my office offline / online

    I already outsourced house-cleaning for many, many years and love to do the finances!

  2. Blanca Vergara

    I’ve outsourced this year,
    – Editing of my blogs
    – Social media post

    It was a great learning experience. I enjoy seeing the work of my team happening while I concentrate on what I love.

    2018 is the year to outsource more and build a team. Excited to do so.

  3. Saskia de Rooy

    Outsourcing would be great!
    Especially with the following things;
    -fixing things in and around the house

    Things this will create time for;
    -making new work, the actual pieces and ideas for it
    -finding and organizing good places to show work

  4. Clemie v.d. Boorn

    Hello all,

    I have experience with outsourcing for example:
    – Answering phonecalls.
    – Making the website.
    – Making posters for my show window.

    Even if I outsource, I have to look if things are oké and I still have to give my input.

    Things I could be outsourcing if necessary:
    – Administration.
    – Good advertising on social media.

    I also want to learn things by myself.
    This 30 days challenge keeps me focussed on Spring so I can see how to improve.
    It is also good for my to come out of my confortzone.


  5. Conny Oraby

    Indeed I always put an intention to have somebody next to me to teach me what’s important to have on my website and how to do it, like video’s, blogs and how to automate it. And so many things to automate. Like bills to copy and immediately to be saved for the accountant.
    Ideas that I have, to write them and that it goes to the right spot to trace it easily and all those automatic emails to my prospects and clients.

  6. Elisabeth Neutel

    Things I wanna outsource:
    1. I would love to receive guest-blogposts to add to my blogs – no costs
    2. someone that helps with organizing live events as seminars and trainings – high costs
    3. someone that takes care of my house-cleaning – middle costs
    4. customer service, like answering emails, follow-ups, social media, etc – high costs
    5. website support when things go wrong – high or middle costs (depends on the problem)

    Are you interested to write for my blog about divorce, complex divorce, domestic violence, single moms? I like to get in touch with you, we might can help each other out.

    • Saskia de Rooy

      I have made a series of sculptures on divorce. You might add them to your articles as an illustration.

      • Arina Angerman

        Dear Elisabeth,

        Yes, I love to write blog posts and have no experience with complex divorce / single mom … In 2016 I shared my experience as a feminist of 60+ with young women in a blog post from a 25+ perspective … My ambition as a social entrepreneur is how to remain financial independence if you are 55+. Link to blog
        Quote “What I know now and what I couldn’t have known when I was 25 years old: one out of three women have experienced sexual and/or physical violence in the EU. Lifelong learning of new skills can play a great role to improve women’s economic rights and independence.”

        Is this blog valuable to your blog as a guest blog post?

        P.S. Confidential …”One of the reasons I ended my loving relationship when I was 40+ was because of intimate partner violence (physical 2x). “

      • Elisabeth Neutel

        Hi Saskia,
        thanks for the reply. Your sculptures are stunning. I don’t know how to integrate them as pictures in articles, don’t think they would match. Do you have other ideas how we can help each other?
        Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Ron Scheerder


      We can for sure help you with website support. For help to organize live events I can recommend Wow Experience ( from Anja Gielen en Ingrid Verbeek.

      • Elisabeth Neutel

        Thanks, Ron Scheer, I’ll keep you in mind when I need it.
        Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Jacqueline Blankenstein

      For the blogs maybe from a lawyer? Nikita Rutteman, find her on Facebook, just started her business too, and is a lawyer and did the breaking up herself and I believe in in one now too. So she could write from experience ánd profession.
      She is in my friends, Jacqueline Sseggayi is me.

  7. Francis Dalebout

    Because my practice is still so small and I’m also very busy with getting my house ready to sell, I do things in between other chores, sitting on the couch and don’t have a fixed space or time to do things. That is something that needs to change! I do have space but it needs to become more of a workspace by cleaning out other stuff.
    I also need to actually go and sit there to focus on things for my business, even if I don’t have consultations or case-work planned.

    I’m quite chaotic so I have to systemize my work altogether, my e-mail, my bookkeeping (taxes and year-end bookkeeping are outsourced already), blog writing and keeping patient dossiers up to date.
    In a previous job I had this outlook-‘tool’ from a time management workshop we had, I’m planning to implement that on my laptop here at home again so I can use that to plan my work, e-mails and tasks. It worked very well for me, created space in my head and gave me a good overview of the tasks that were in front of me.
    That is on top of my priority list now and will make systemizing the other things easier.

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      Keep acting, clearing your home and head, reserving moments for yourself to just sit still, do nothing, listen and be inspired so you are ready to act on what is awakening your flow and brings you your focus!
      Write down everything that triggers you and chooses!

      • Francis Dalebout

        Thanks, Mariëtte, I am.
        I haven’t implemented the ‘slimmer werken’tool yet but did write a to-do list with every tiny thing that came to mind on it. At least it’s out of my head now, that helps a lot.
        I used to be that person that could remember just about everything she had to do, I didn’t need a to-do lists or an agenda… I’m at a ‘certain age’ now and I’m obviously nót that person anymore but I haven’t adjusted to this new me yet 😉
        I will get there though. 😉

  8. Yvonne van Gennip

    I would love to have done by someone else::
    – writing blog posts
    – pa for administration task response to e-mail
    – someone to organize live trainings
    – financial administration
    – social media marketing
    – someone to make automations in AC
    – someone to Improvers and look after my website

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Yvonne,
      strong list and thanks for the input. You inspired me for someone to organize life events.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      Hi Yvonne,
      I’d like to help, clicked your name to look at your website and get a feel of a possible connection with you but got a website without a menu and possibly not the one you intended. Curious to find out more.

    • Ron Scheerder


      We can for sure help you with website support and AC automations and for help to organize live events I can recommend Wow Experience ( from Anja Gielen en Ingrid Verbeek.

    • Jacqueline Blankenstein

      Hi Yvonne,

      I share your thing with the blog posts, would like some guest bloggers too. Maybe we can blog for each other? Since we have the same topic a bit, we can use each other’s posts and just change the words a bit for SEO so they’re not exáctly the same. And so we can also share our networks with a bigger audience. 😉

      • Yvonne van Gennip

        Sounds great Jacqueline, let’s stay in touch! Shall we talk about this in January? Then I would like to start blogging again after I’ve finished my challenge and program about crying and anger with children.

  9. Mirjam van Galen

    Things I can or like to outsource:
    – Marketing
    – Cold acquisition
    – Publishing and updating the content for social media, online video and newsletters (writing I do myself)
    – And… Housecleaning 🙂

  10. Marcel Heijnes

    Good afternoon,

    What my needs are:

    Launching my new website I have help from several persons.
    Get a wonderful presentation and workshop Eerste Hulp bij Schouderklachten. The challenge is to make wonderful content => presentation and things on paper. I will ask people for the design.
    Get professionals in health who will cite clients with chronic shoulder complaints. That’s my job to expand my network.

    These are very critical to the success of my business. But also:

    I have to make an email sequence to get people on my website on which I have my program Personal Reset Program Shoulder problems.
    Writing articles on LinkedIn and Facebook.
    Making an interview with clients on video.

    Things who are delegated:
    • Bookkeeping 50%/accountancy/tax
    • Cleaning house
    warm regards, Marcel

  11. Naomi Dongelmans

    I outsourced the bookkeeping 8 years ago already, but I still need to do a lot to give the right things, invoices etc. Since 3 weeks we have a cleaning lady for the dance school, love it! Now I want one for my house as well 🙂

    My problem is that often I’m too late to outsource, since I forgot for example to make a flyer for an event. When I’m less busy I have more overview and can outsource more.

    Things I want to outsource:
    -subscriptions for the new dance courses
    -answering emails and telephone calls
    -making newsletters
    -updating the website

    • Clemie v.d. Boorn

      Hello Naomi,
      For answering telephone calls I use Direct Teleservice. I’m sattisfied about them.

  12. Silvia Segretaria

    I would like to e some of the things I want to systemize:
    – to take care of accounting, I would have a business consultancy that takes care of everything is possible; (20 euro an hour)
    – all the graphics of my business (300 euro for project)
    – a person that make appointments (10 euro a hour)
    – Organize and furnish the new center (?)
    – find new clients (?)
    this my link from yesterday, It is in Italia!
    I will try early to do in English too! thanks,

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Silvia,
      it might be an idea to work with an app and a plugin to integrate with your website. I know someone that works with that and it’s very satisfying. Something that might work for you too?
      Greetings, Elisabeth

      • Silvia Dragoni

        Thank you very much elisabeth.???????? An app for the english you mean?????????????have a nice day

          • Susanne de Munck Mortier

            Hello Sandra

            Can you also pass the app to me?

            Greatly appreciated, Susanne

  13. Jolanda Mulder

    Well, there was a lot of resistance this morning, seeing the subject of today.

    ‘Systemising’ is a word that gives me the creeps. Although I know it is necessary, I prefer letting inspiration showing me the way. But then, I know, there are some parts of leading a business that will never be done.

    For me, writing/creating blogs, vlogs, newsletters isn’t a big deal. I love creating and I love sharing!
    But when it comes to marketing or pr activities to purposely get more clients, I don’t know what to do. Every time finding new clients, selling my products, cold calling…. Brrrrr. I would love to outsource that. It would be great if clients found there way to me, because of my writings and videos and events. If someone could help me with this, I’d like to hear.

    And I would love to outsource some online activities like creating funnels and online selling of programs, good advertising on social media. I investigate myself how things work but still can’t get the hang of it.

    In the future, I would outsource the organization of trainings, workshops. For now, this is okay to do, but I would rather spend most of the time doing what I can do best and what I enjoy the most: working, with groups and individuals, on voice and expression.

    • Ron Scheerder

      We can for sure help you with your online presence (building funnels and setting up online membership programs) and for future help to organize live events I can recommend Wow Experience ( from Anja Gielen en Ingrid Verbeek.

  14. Patricia Leenaarts

    I like to outsource:
    –Writing blogs, with appropriate photos that fit the style of my website
    – publish messages on facebook and LinkedIn/email list
    – making of autoresponder follow up (I have already Active Campaign)

    In fact, that someone supports me with the marketing so that I can spend my time on customers

    • Clemie v.d. Boorn

      Hello Patricia,

      That sounds great, outsourcing so you could spend your time on working with your clients,
      I would like that too!


  15. Lenie Verhelst

    For now, I can not outsource more, but when it becomes possible, the things I’d like to outsource are:

    – getting documents ready for my accountant (the accounting part itself is already outsourced)
    – house-cleaning (so I will have more time to do the things I love :))
    – finding images to go with my blogs
    – cold acquisition
    – writing

  16. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    Every week I look at the week before and ask myself: what should I delegate, systematize or automate. Looking at last week I came to the conclusion that a certain training I do, should be converted into an online e-learning, with an examination.

    • Timon Vinke

      Hi Elske,

      A weekly check sounds like a great system to automate/delegate more in the business. I will implement it.

      Developing E-learning for trainings that you provide frequently is definitely a good way to automate, good luck with it.

    • Naomi Dongelmans

      Hi Elske

      Great that you found out you want to do in a training online. Looking forward hearing your story about how it all went!

    • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

      Ha! Another opportunity presented itself today to outsource. Hooray! (visiting a workplace to do a pre-inspection. Normally when it is not a paid assignment yet I do these myself, but now I outsourced to the person that does the inspections when it is a paid assignment – this is a risk of course, because if I do not get the assignment, I still have to pay the person, but this frees up so much time that I am more than happy to pay 🙂 )

  17. Margreet van Bork

    I outsourced a big part of my sales website and almost all the cleaning. I delegate part of my bookkeeping concerning taxes.

    What I need to outsource is the update for my informative website which is necessary to keep my registration as register therapist.

    What I like to outsource as soon as possible is:
    the complete bookkeeping
    placing info and messages on Facebook mail and linked in and facebook ads
    answering questions on Facebook, mail, linked in and telephone
    catering during trainings.

  18. Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

    Goodmorning to you all!
    Things that I’d like to systemize are;
    – bookkeeping
    – social media presence
    – do the writing/translating of my online (to be) programs… I am working on that now and it takes so many hours…

    Curious about the solutions we might find for those 🙂
    Have a nice day!

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Maaike,
      thanks for sharing your list. For the future, I put translating on my list, so I’ll remember.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

  19. Kim Buining


    I help entrepreneurs to grow on social media on a way that really suits their personality.
    One thing that I just started to outsource is editing my weekly entrepreneur blogs (Kim onderneemt). I really hate editing but love creating new content.

    A thing that I really want to systemize is:
    – email auto respond (especially the installing part. Don’t mind writing the content)
    – sales follow-ups

    • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

      Hi Kim,

      I am very happy with what Vendere ( is doing for me as it comes to sales follow-up. You might want to check them out.

      Kind regards,

    • Ron Scheerder


      We can help you with the e-mail autorespond setup

  20. Margo Ruiter

    Goodmorning, today I started with a task (beginning of the month) to make sure my bookkeeper can start working for me. Would be nice is someone else did that. But yeah, no I know how I am doing financially. Also nice to see, that I tripled my income in the last two years!

    What I want to outsource is:
    Creating social media posts
    Creating campaigns for newsletter and social media
    Updating my website
    Client follow up. I only want to have the one-to-one calls to keep the relationship warm.
    Organizing the presentations and trainings.

    Looks like I need an octopus-secretary with social media and graphic skills…

    • Ron Scheerder

      Margo, we can for sure help you with website support and for help to organize presentations and trainings I can recommend Wow Experience ( from Anja Gielen en Ingrid Verbeek.

  21. Connie van Rossum

    Good morning!

    I just started off so I have to systemize a lot of things. What works for me is making templates: one for quotations, one for invoices, a schedule for timelines, administration, newsletters, etc. I can re-use them: the basis I copy and of course I personalize it for other customers.

    I definitely will hire specialists for stuff I don’t know much about, like accountancy. And I work together with other freelancers, so I surely will take care to delegate things I’m not very good at to them and do only do my specialist thing.

    Have a nice day!

    Grz Connie

  22. Eli

    We’re gradually systemizing, outsourcing and automating.

    I’ve worked 20 years in ICT and I have a lot of experience with the whole automation, systemizing and outsourcing, but mostly on corporate level. It needed adaption for how we work as entrepreneurs. Implementing step by step now.

    Starting in the new year bookkeeping is done for us 🙂

    – blog/vlog: we create the content, editing and publishing can be outsourced
    – newsletter: same as above
    – online video course: same as above
    – mail/tel answering
    – social media: scheduling and sharing posts
    – keeping the websites up to date
    – scheduling of appointments can partly be automated
    – automation of registration and payment for workshops
    – outsourcing supplier contact

    • Ron Scheerder

      Eli, we can for sure help you with your website and setting up online courses.

  23. John-Pierre Cornelissen

    Here are my things I would like to systemize and/or eventually outsource:

    – Updating customer websites (already partially automated, just takes time)
    – Start designing new websites (I am planning to build several templates that I can re-use, I have one, need more)
    – Cold acquisition (I am working on different ways)
    – Find and curate relevant articles (I like to do it, but it takes a lot of time)
    – Creating blog articles (still haven’t done it, would like to but I have a time issue)

    • Kim Buining

      What type of blogs are you looking for? I have a team of copywriters 🙂

      • John-Pierre Cornelissen

        I have a huge list of topics covering everything related to websites, social media and online marketing and targeting the Dutch hospitality business (mainly restaurants). But for now, I really want to do this myself…

        • Kim Buining

          I can imagine. It would be the most powerfull way! If your looking for some blogging tips, check the Fb group: BlogAdvies community.

      • Jacqueline Blankenstein

        Me too, I am looking for the blogging part…
        My business is a naturally healthy lifestyle, 4 kids.
        It can be about health, food, (long)breastfeeding, homoeopathy, not vaccinating, herbal healing, natural products, washable diapers etc.
        I also have a long list of topics already saved, to make it easier. What would be the costs of your bloggers? Is there an intern option? :-)) As I don’t make any income yet 🙁

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey John-Pierre,

      Lucky you: I’m a copywriter who – oh surprise – loves to write!

      How can I help you? 🙂
      Just give me a call or email me at

      (Fyi: I have two companies and the one I’m doing the Challenge for is my other one.)

      Have a nice day,

    • Ron Scheerder

      John-Pierre, we can probably help you with updating and designing the websites.

      • John-Pierre Cornelissen

        Thanks, Ron, I’ll keep it in mind. It’s not the time yet for me to outsource this work.

  24. Timon Vinke

    As I just started my company there are not a lot of repetitive tasks yet.

    So far I have outsourced one thing:
    – Bookkeeping

    What I’m planning on next:
    – Check mail, specifically those with questions to which info can be found elsewhere.
    – Bi-Weekly blog post:
    1. Writing I do myself
    2. Get images
    3. Post on site
    4. Mail to list
    5. Post on Linked-In
    Steps 2-5 can be outsourced
    – Various paid online tools to make work easier, faster and automated.

    So far I have outsourced on a one-off basis:
    – Complete visual style for the company logo, report style, text style, etc.
    – Editing of book (working on that now)

    I have no issues with delegating, although I can improve how I go about it. So I will surely continue with it when I have more tasks suited for it.

    A helpful tool for me was the “Magic Number” method, which I learned from the internet business manifesto from Rich Schefren.

  25. Dennis Keim

    Good morning!

    I’d like to systemize:

    – bookkeeping
    – registration of opt-ins
    – email to list (vlog & blog)
    – email auto respond
    – customer service

    Have a thrilling day 🙂

    • Kim Buining

      O, you have a vlog! What’s the name?

      • Dennis Keim

        Hi Kim, I’m honored by your enthusiasm 🙂
        Actually, I’m not quite there yet as I’m just starting up.
        I could add you to the mailing list, however, if you’d like, then you won’t have to miss a thing 😉 !
        If so, you could send me an email here:

        Take care!


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