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Day 16 – Your most Valuable Financial Asset

Hey challenger!

Brian Tracy is one of the world’s’ leading experts in business and the psychology of achievement and the creator of the Total Business Mastery course.

We were privileged to have Brian presenting this powerful course to a group of our advanced students a few years ago, and now we’re making the recording of this one-time event available to you for the first time ever.

For today’s challenge we’ll focus on one of the topics he covers in detail in the Total Business Mastery course – specialization…

Most independent professionals and freelancers are so eager to find a paying client, that they’re willing to do anything for anyone. For example, a graphic designer might be willing to design logos, websites, packaging, signage, PDF reports, and corporate identity packages…

While he or she might be able to do all that reasonable, no one can specialize in all those areas.

To succeed, you need to focus your efforts and massaging by specializing in solving one (or very few) problem(s) for a very select group of people (your target audience).

No one wants to go for a house doctor, when they have lung cancer. They want the specialist.

 Nisandeh Neta


So, take some time to figure out what would be the most LUCRATIVE problem for your target audience you should specialize in, and let us know in the comment box below.

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.

Tips to get the most out of Day 16

Pro Tip1: Ask your audience: if you are not sure, ask your audience what would be the services they would be happy to pay a premium price for and why.

Pro Tip 2: Give and get feedback. Read other people’s comments and see if you can offer some help – how they could clarify and/or focus their specialization.

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.



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  1. Jacqueline Blankenstein

    Hard, I’ve asked before in my emails but nobody ever answered, and I never get questions… (I’m still staring up) So I have t think about it myself. I work in natural healthy lifestyle for kids.
    Maybe it’s too broad, to be specializations, and I should focus more on 1 topic. Just food, or just natural products, natural activities outdoors, natural upbringing and emotional health. But lifestyle is simply a big topic…
    Any ideas?

  2. Yvette van Boven

    Helping cancer patients to enhance their chances to survive by transforming their thoughts and believes so that they will become a magnet for vital health instead of disease.

  3. Patricia Leenaarts

    I work with mothers with children in primary school age (6-12). My specialty is to help mothers break through patterns of repetition that allow them to respond differently to the children than they always did.

  4. Elisabeth Neutel

    The most LUCRATIVE problem: How to escape a destructive relationship?

    This problem encounters a lot of other underlining problems: lost yourself in the relationship, overcoming doubt, how to divorce, overcoming fears, get in control of their lives, etc

  5. Karina von Keitz

    I recognized that I am good at developing visions and getting the big picture. I’ve done that not only for my own projects, but as well for others in workshops – private persons, a business and a foundation. I’ve practiced that so far as a hobby, not asking for any money.
    Would you be willing to pay money for that in your own business?
    How high would you value that offering?
    And in which Format would you prefer it?

  6. Elske van de Fliert

    Getting rid of the hassle. That is what clients currently pay a premium price for. In my case specifically the hassle of a) getting their employees to drive greener, leaner, cleaner or b) implementing safety measures in the workshop that does maintenance work on greener, leaner and cleaner vehicles.


    I think the biggest problems mothers are dealing with, having children 0-8 years old:

    – Crying & Anger/Huilen & boosheid
    – Compliance/gehoorzaamheid
    – Conflicts (mother/kid, siblings, kids/friends)/conflicten

    What do you think, mothers :-)?

    • Gerdy Heek

      being consequent….

      • Yvonne van Gennip

        Thanks very much Gerdy for your input, happy to know this!
        Do you mean you wonder whether you need to be consequent or do you think it’s necessary in any case and it’s a challenge to stick to it?

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Yvonne,
      I recognize the problems crying & anger and conflicts. Compliance not. It is not something we want anymore. We have more a democratic approach than being authoritative over children. I think equality would be a better approach, but that´s me.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

  8. Margreet van Bork

    My greatest asset is my skill to target the essence of my clients individual problems. That combined with my reading skill makes that I can help them to become aware of the roots of their problem. With all my experience and expertise I guide them through a process to solution.
    For my target audience the important issue is that they have lost the control over there own lives. They try to live in a way there surrounding wants them to live, forgetting themselves.
    For the last 15 years I worked with single clients. I have to figure out what for me is the best way to put my greatest assets into a form that works for groups or on the internet for my target audience.

  9. Jolanda Mulder

    The long road I had to travel to unwind (therapeutical and technical) my own voice-issues more and more has filled my ‘backpack of possibilities’ in working, playing, investigating with voice. With clients I’ll just start playing and searching and this light and playful way is opening them up very fast. You can’t do anything wrong, there are no mistakes. It’s just: What else is possible, that might even feel better. How moveable and playful and creative are you/can you be. Stop trying hard! Just let go! And surprise yourself!
    Because of this playfulness even HEAD-people learn to enjoy the loss of CONTROL, and learn to rely on improvisation.
    And so, in the long(er) run, their voices reach from head to toe. Which gives a voice way more impact, deepness, strength, softness, melody, and ease. It’ll be a pleisure, an addiction, an inner massage, using this kind of voice; for the speaker AND the listener.

    Does this sound attractive, or not at all? Is your voice an issue for you or not at all?
    What does YOUR voice mean to you, when speaking in public? In front of groups? Which questions do you have? Which problems do you encounter. (Think about: breathing, speaking with volume, speaking with melody or monotony, speaking with accent, speaking high/ low/ sharp/ hoarse / … , dealing with INNER voices, how do you like or dislike your voice or other voices, how would you like to sound… Or what else pops up?)

    Can you help me with this? I’m asking this because I would like to raise consciousness with people about their voice and the possibillities/helpfulness of trying new ways. I would like to speak their language.

    Love to hear from you (even though it’s allready 9 o’clock in the evening. Aaahhh)

  10. Gordana Kierans

    This is a fun one.
    I think that my greatest asset is my own experience. I used to be locked completely in my head. I don’t know if any of you have seen Sir Ken Robinson’s first TED Talk? He talks about academics having their bodies only to carry their head. Well, that was me few years ago.
    My longest journey was not from Europe to some exotic destination on this planet. It was from my head into my body.
    Now, when I teach people, I work on transforming the way they see the world before I show the opportunities hidden in the Circular Economy. We cannot develop lasting solutions if we don’t see and feel the world that we are supposed to mimic.

    • Margreet van Bork

      I like your approach of transforming the way they see the world first.
      Can you tell me more about what you want them exactly to see and from what vision most of them come?
      I agree that our own experience is a great asset. I could not do without that.

      • Gordana Kierans

        Thank you Margreet for your feedback. I believe that everything is interconnected instead of human-centered what we believe. Even the mindfulness class is full with what you/me feel/see/taste. Breathe in, breathe out. Well, there would be nothing to breath in if there were no trees that produce oxygen.

        To understand my concept better I am sharing my most recent meditation: (I publish fiction under this name.)
        Depending on my audience, I share a version of immersing with the imminent environment before concentrating on the content. It creates a different ability to perceive the world.

  11. Dennis Keim

    I guess in my case that would be hassles surrounding tiny house living in a community situation. I’d love to streamline that, so it would be easy for youngsters, small families, and elderly people to live on a plot together. I’m thinking of all sorts of hubs that independent houses can tap into, and have a way for them to communicate with surrounding communities easily, for instance to promote local economics (Transition Town-ish), or just to help them lend each other a hand.

    Cheers, have a good one 🙂 !

    • Andre Gruis

      Do I understand correctly, that what you describe as the main problem is that:
      1. tiny houses can be placed in recreational parks but will never be considered as a home? Like receiving mail… (and what is actually the benefit of a permanent home/house ?)
      2. that tiny houses in a community (city or village) is difficult because the government laws are not yet adapted to that kind of living, housing and of course taxes?

      The problem I see is that with the tiny houses, everyone becomes homeless. I mean that with a tiny house on wheels, or with more than one house on one lot (kavel/perceel) , the registrations and lot’s of other systems of the local government don’t apply or don’t function properly anymore.

      • Dennis Keim

        Hi Andre, thanks for your considerations.

        What I mean is actually streamlining the living there as such, like providing different hubs for electricity, water, for instance, spaces that can be used and shared throughout the community, like laundry facilities, a guest bedroom. But also aiding through well designed products in the separate homes themselves.

        Have a lovely day!

  12. Karin Visser

    I am an energy therapist doing acupressure (and more). But my key asset is that I guide people in DYI! Do your own acupressure to get the directing role in your own health.

    And via that key element people learn more about their human system (body/mind/energy) and how to find their unique balance. Then I have the whole package of Integral Health Guidance: yoga, personal training, mind coaching, energy therapy. Coaching 360 degrees. All to become whole again.

    But DIY acupressure, that is the door!

    • Johanna Martinez

      You got me engached! I looked at your website and got even more enthusiastic, loved your video and followed your instructions to win a wholiday spa party at curacao. The only thing I couldn’t find was where to tell you my favorite spot 🙁 I will keep on looking … but just wanted to tell you that you have an awesome concept.
      In april I will go to curacao in a cruise with a lot of friends and would love to enjoy a bit of your treatments considering the short time you have on land when taking a cruise. Congratulations and success with your business and lovely location.

      • Karin Visser

        Wow Johanna, thanks for your enthusiasm!! Big smile on my face here. Let’s keep contact and when you are on the island, we will definitely meet so I can help you become whole again. I will probably see your fb actions when I check.

        With joy, Karin

    • Margreet van Bork

      I checked out the DYI and like what I read about it. I like it because, as you say, people can do it themselves and be boss over their own health. As a therapist myself I guide people to claim control over their own live. It is a pity ( for me) that you live abroad, otherwise I would contact you to see if we could support each other.

      • Karin Visser

        We can still support each other! There is Skype and Messenger en Whatsapp 😉 So if you are interested to have contact anyway: give me a message on email! 🙂

  13. Mariëtte Verlaan

    Three skills define me and I appreciate this lovely comment in day 12 of this challenge that makes me feel confident to focus on the next level: ” I see two things: 1 – your feng shui garden designs, but 2 – your desire to connect with other people and to help and support them. I think you are a great listener, very caring and sensible… How about making a ‘conversation-bench’ in your garden, or mobile, in another one’s garden, to listen to their issues and to see if you and/or your network can assist?”

    Confident about:
    1. My Feng Shui garden design skills ready to create energy, joy and inspiration in lush harmonious personal gardens.
    2. My connection to other people and ‘need’ to help and support them by blogging on ‘natural well being’ and the abundance of nature, combined with my desire to reach out and inspire people how to create and maintain ‘healthy’ life styles and ‘ignite’ them in a practical way to experience the joy of their ‘lovely lively’ gardens in all seasons.
    3. My writing, editing and communication skills i.e. listening and creating what is needed, wanted or liked, authentically impacting on a personal level in Dutch and English.

    Next level to launch:
    Create and manage a ‘holistic communications’ platform and ‘natural expertise’ community online that educates, helps and connects people who are eager to create, develop and focus on their dream to celebrate ‘the joy of nature and well being’ in their lives.

    Dear fellow challengers,
    Would you support me? Would you join? How can I help or be of service to you?
    I greatly appreciate your comment and reply!

    • Gordana Kierans

      Dear Mariette,

      Thank you for the Nine Star Ki profile.
      You are definitely an expert in you field. Love what you do and will follow your work.

  14. Francis Dalebout

    For me, it’s not so much to focus on ‘what kind of problem’ is most lucrative, since it doesn’t matter with what kind of problem people come to me… it doesn’t matter if they need help with mental problems of their pet or a skin problem. The deeper chronic problems are more lucrative than the acute, but usually, people go to a veterinarian homoeopath only after a long period of trying regular medical help, so most of the time they are chronic problems. And even if people come with something simple and easy to cure things, it still will be lucrative, ’cause once people experience that homoeopathy works, they will come back sooner with a new problem.
    The thing I want to focus on in the future (I feel like I need some more experience and specific schooling to be good at it now) is a different target audience i.e. farmers, zoo’s, sanctuaries etc. So larger amounts of animals together, kept in a professional setting.
    This will bring more continuity in my practice and I think it will be an important target audience in the future. Farmers have regulations about the use of antibiotics already and these regulations will only get stricter and for a larger group of users. Homeopathy has an answer to that.
    I can’t fully focus on that target audience yet since it is something that has to grow, it’s new and unfamiliar for farmers and at the moment most are still reluctant to use homoeopathy. But I do plan on working that area, creating awareness, educate and try to get more of these clients. The good thing is that once farmers start using homoeopathy, they wíll start thinking about animal welfare. You can’t pull these things apart. So eventually, a farmer that will use homoeopathy more, will also improve other things for his animals to improve their health and welfare, both physical and mental.
    So not only is it a lucrative target audience for me, it’s also directly linked to my vision of yesterdays assignment.

    Gosh… I like how these assignments make me realise how the plans that are in my head are linked together and already make a pretty good ‘business plan’… I just need to focus and work on ‘implementing’ it all’. But it really gives me a good picture of the direction I want and needs to go with my practice and that’s a great feeling since I was still kinda ‘searching’. This really helps to focus on the things that will eventually get me there. Nice!

    • Dieuwke

      This is hard for me to establish yet because I started my message just a few months ago. But I have been working as a freelance massage therapist and got more knowledge about people. As many therapists, I wanted to help everybody. Unfortunately, this is impossible and a number of customers are not able to reflect on her of himself.
      I like to have customers who are like me on a conscious spiritual journey and understand the relationship between body and mind and understand there usually are deeper causes of their physical problems. I use massage as a tool to become more aware, so one dan consciously reflect and alter certain patterns

      • Francis Dalebout

        Hi Dieuweke,

        I think this wasn’t meant as a comment on my message, was it?
        Doesn’t matter… I think that you might have answered the question about what your most lucrative question is… The people that aren’t aware of that connection between mind and body. The ones that are aware of it, probably need less ‘work’ from you to get back into shape/health, because they already are more conscious about what they do.
        The people who aren’t that aware of this holistic view probably need more work and guidance so will be more lucrative to you, and – when you manage to get them to change things in their life to live more consciously – also very rewarding. It’s probably harder to reach that target public, but might be worth the extra effort.

      • Karin Visser

        Then you can ask us, spiritual people, with what issues we would like to come to a massage. Because I am a therapist as well, I also need my me-time. And it is not so easy to actually take it. So maybe you can come up with a product/service for that. Let’s say a ‘me-time membership’ for busy therapists/homeopaths/lightworkers/trainers/coaches etc. I can for example buy a ‘strippenkaart’ with you. Or a once-a-quarter year membership or a monthly massage membership. Something like that. I think I would love that.

        Make sure you are the one sending reminders for the next massage en what theme or issue we, clients, need to think of, special questions, pulling a tarot card for the massage those kind of things.

        Have fun making that product!

  15. Silvia Dragoni

    I teach people to be confident, they find a place to be well, to focus and clarify their aims, to deal with fear and pain.In this time where they are silent, fully physical and relax they can learn how to let go their past and live in the present. To focus and being free from old beliefs, to fulfil their potential

  16. Clemie v.d. Boorn

    Hello all,

    One of my most valuable assets is to help employees staying focussed even when pressure rises at the work floor. I help them to discover their own possibilities and how to use them differently in the future. I will teach them how to come out of their comfort zone in a way they feel comfortable.


  17. Marcel Heijnes

    => I have chosen for focusing on shoulder complaints because I’m really good at solving the pain and problems in movement of the shoulder.
    => Second, 2 of the 3 people in my practice have shoulder issues. And 4 out 5 are women.

    I have some data which under-scribe the number of women (people) who have got this issue.
    In The Netherlands, it is the second occurrence in physical complaints. 21% of the Dutch population, that’s 3,6 million people. 50% has still complaints after 6 months.
    60% of 1,8 million people are women. That’s about one million women who have shoulder issues. A huge market who has more than 6 months complaints which affecting a lot in daily life.
    I got four questions to the women of this Challenge. (men may react ????)

    Assume you have shoulder complaints about more than 6 months what are the things you find critical to be solved?
    And in what way? And have you a time-limit on it!
    What do you prefer: the quick fix or a program which dig out the real cause of roots of your complaints?

    Warm regards, Marcel

  18. Michal van Belle-Stup

    Hi ,

    My biggest asset as an architect is that I can see very very quick the options in the space. with my experience in renovation I know to predict most of the issues that may come on the way- so in very few hours- I can make a basic plan for renovation.

    As a guide for expats in the housing market- I know to a lot about the process, and the challenges expats have in the process- and can save them a lot of time understand what they can and need to do, and refer them to those who can help them.

  19. Mirjam van Galen

    The number one problem of my clients is to keep calm and ‘stay with themselves’ when pressure rises.

    One of my most valuable assets is to really see the strength of people, even though they don’t see it themselves yet.
    So, I can help people to regain their inner strength, even in the most stressful situations. By using this strength they can stay with their own feeling and feel much calmer. This helps them to feel focused, open minded and most important: connected to themselves and the people around them.

    The time of ‘running around like a headless chicken’ is over! 🙂

  20. Connie van Rossum

    My greatest asset is my quick way to oversee a situation and to create an action plan for the period to come: I can organize communication matters in a short period.

    This helps communication professionals who will go on maternity leaf to know that everything will be alright when I work as interim communication professional in their place.

  21. Nicole

    The biggest problem of my target audience is to be able to keep on going even when pressure rises. When you notice you don’t react as kind as you usually are to colleagues questions, when you keep on thinking of everything you still have to do (and the list only grows and grows). You feel the pressure of time and a growing reluctance to act.

    My specialty is to quickly see where your pitfall lies and then help you find your own unique way/method to prevent yourself from stepping into this pitfall.

    • Connie van Rossum

      Hi Nicole. This sounds like a very relevant and good asset! What I would like to know: how do I get out of this busy situation NOW. What tools can you offer?
      Of course, it is good to know how you can take care not to come in this situation again, but I think your target group first has to handle their current situation.
      Maby this helps you to describe your asset a bit more clear.

      Grz Connie

      • Nicole Klip

        Thank you for your tip! I see where the pitfall lies, help you get out of it ánd how to prevent you from stepping into it again. ❤️

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Nicole,

      I see we work in the same area!
      Nice to see 🙂

      Have a great day,

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Wow Nicole,
      totally recognize the problem.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

  22. Timon Vinke

    The most LUCRATIVE problem for my target audience I should specialize in is:

    Losing money on dredging projects due to a too low production of the dredging vessel(s).

    However, this is the symptom. The root cause is that they don’t have a system to get the lowest cost per cubic meter dredged. But no-one of my TA expresses it like this.

    While writing I remembered something Nisandeh said during one of the trainings: “Sell them what they want, give them what they need”.

    So I guess I need to start communicating and selling them on the project loss and subsequently help them to implement a system. Or, if they prefer, I can always keep coming back to solve the symptoms.

    • Marcel Heijnes

      He Timon,

      If you have to choose between implementing a new system or solve symptoms which will it be? Which one makes you happy?

      • Timon Vinke

        Implementing a new system, every time. 🙂

        But I’m not yet sure that is what my TA would like as well. I like to think long term, but I often find my TA is focused more on the short term. Hence they don’t see the added benefit of the additional cost and effort to implement a system.
        Just hire someone to solve the issue at hand is a much easier approach.

        I am thinking about making BE 1 the symptom solving and BE 2 the system implementation. Once I am in personal contact with the correct people in the organization it becomes easier to convince them of BE 2.

  23. Judith Henstra

    My most lucrative skill – or really that of my company – is to write people’s books for them. When an author is stuck and fed up with working on the book (but does want it published), we can take over and finish it for them.

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hi Judith,

      and the subject doesn’t matter? rgds Marcel

      • Judith Henstra

        Highly specialized content is not for us. But if the author has got most of what they want to say written down (albeit not in a very clear and structured way), we’ll be able to work with what there is (and interview the author for missing pieces of information) and make it into a good book.

  24. Boukje Canaan

    One of my most valuable assets is my way to open people up. I’m not Mother Theresa. But I use somewhat the same strategy. Tapping into the universal energy (of good) without fear. This helps me step into the lives of people who are dealing with loss/death.

    I teach other photographers to believe in themselves that they are able to do the same, but they don’t know this is their problem for becoming close and being trusted. So HOW can I even mention that?

    • Nicole Klip

      Boukje, maybe you can make them realize that this is their problem, by stating it just the way you did here?

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hello Boukje,

      My advice is: you have to mention it. And make it practical or built a story around it. If your not clear about your technique they cannot see the difference you make, how vague it maybe will be for a lot of people.
      It’s all about intention. If I’m in the state of this shoulder will not move, I got what I sent to the universe.
      Love your way of approach. rgds Marcel

    • Elske van de Fliert

      Hi Boukje,
      I think you should focus on what they want (to pay a premium price for), instead of what they need (believing in themselves). Is it that they want to make better pictures? Get more repeat customers? Sell more in general? What is it that your asset brings you (and thus them)?

  25. Shirley Jane Jasper

    For people that are very low in their energy (especially in these autumn days), I can offer a program to lift your energy in 3 days. Even when your light depressed (that is: not suicidal, but thinking negative and having not enough energy to deal with life issues) it takes 3 days (only 1 hour per day) to do my exercises to pump up your energy level to a certain degree where you are able to face and deal with your daily challenges again.

    Also, I have ‘first aid’ techniques to protect yourself from bad energies of other people (you know those people that makes you exhausted when they speak with you,) negative emotions of others or when sudden situations make you out of balance. Depending on which technique your using it takes only 1 or 3 minutes.

    How would you like that? And how much would you be prepared to pay for it if you recognize these problems?

    • Nienke Dekkinga

      What comes to mind with me is, if your that low on energy one hour a day practicing seems a lot.
      And because I don’t know you yet, I don’t think I believe that 3 days of exercise will vanish my lack of energy. Therefore I don’t think I want to pay a lot for the programme.
      If I have seen already a lot of you and trust you I would pay more.
      But the program does sound interesting.

      • Shirley Jane Jasper

        You know what, when I wrote it down I thought the same!

        And trust is, of course, the issue here. I need a funnel for that, I’m working on it.

        I would probably offer two different deals: one with ten minutes exercise for 20 days, with a bonus for extra online material if they want more. And one (higher priced) for 3 days for people who are really motivated to get out of this sh*t and then 17 days of assignments and guiding to, also, start dealing with what’s making them depressed/ in low energy. The first will just teach techniques to deal with low energy, the second how to make sure you don’t fall back (and start all over again). Both will help you when you’re in lower energy, but one teaches you ‘how to run a marathon’ and the other teaches you how to ‘walk long distances’. One way or another, you’de be able to reach the finish at your own pace.

        Maybe, if I give a money-back-guarantee-without-questioning this will also help?

        • Nienke Dekkinga

          Sounds if you gave it a good thought. Sounds better.
          If you are really confident your program works a money-back- guarantee would really help.

  26. Ciska Menting

    Goodmorning, I want to start with a question.

    What is the first question that comes to you when you read or hear Veterinary Homeopath ??

    I am a Veterinary Homeopath.

    What is the most important issue I may solve for your animal??

    Greats Ciska Menting

    • Han Plaatsman

      First thing that comes to mind is: Yeah right, where is the proof (or testimonials)

      • Ciska Menting

        Dear Han, thank you for the response. I am not a physicist or scientist. For me, the evidence lies in the recovery, or at least considerable improvement of well-being, of (chronically) sick animals that are specified by the DA. In the end, it does not matter to most owners, as a result of which his animal is restored or improved. There are owners who prefer regular or alternative but an optimal well-being of his animal remains the most important.
        The lack of testimonials on my site is completely correct. My weakness (or nice quality) is that I help people / animals without asking something in return. With this challenge I am going to make a different mindset myself. The stove must still burn 🙂

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      I have no questions coming up. I once had turtles, they got better thanks to Homeopathy and since then I believe in this stuff. What comes up is the positive idea that you are probably having a more healthy approach to treating animals.

      Maybe, I would just like to know if you’de would also have better ways of solving flea- and worm problems. I really don’t like the passionate stuff and it might not solve the cause, just the consequence. (Maybe there’re fi dogs that never get worms, because of other circumstances?)

      • Ciska Menting

        Dear Shirley, thank you for your response. Nice that you have a good experience with homoeopathy.
        Homeopathy is a treatment method that supports the natural recovery capacity instead of suppressing it. Most regular means have an oppressive effect and are not the cause of the complaint.
        Different points are important for flea and worms. An animal naturally has sufficient resistance to not get complaints from parasites that are always present ‘in the wild’. In domesticated circumstances, eg central heating, nutrition, mental balance, balance immune system factors that influence the ‘natural’ process.
        There are homoeopathic remedies that act on the immune system, drive out worms, reduce allergic reaction to flea bites, balance mental condition, but homoeopathy alone is often not a complete solution for parasites.
        The owner must disable external factors, with homoeopathy can be treated on the piece of sensitivity that makes that an animal responds to parasites or does not get rid of them.
        I hope that your question has been answered.

        • Shirley-Jane Jasper

          Yes, Ciska,

          thank you! I was always wondering about it and I never got good info about this. I can tell your an expert.
          Kind regards Shirley-Jane

    • Boukje Canaan

      I hardly have to go to the vet ever – I don’t immunize the pets, I feed them proper food and I let them be in natural habitat and give them love (understanding). But when I do need one, I hate to see my animal suffer from antibiotics with the fear of getting it repeatedly or something different/worse. Once you start going to the vet, you may return many more times.
      I would hope you solve my fear. Having me keep my pet healthy and secure.

      • Ciska Menting

        Dear Baukje, thank you for your response. You’re doing a good job like that. Keep an animal healthy = mental, emontional and physical in balance. An animal must be able to do what it is made for. A hunting dog must be able to follow his hunting instinct. A chicken must be able to scratch with its legs in search of food. Etc. When there is grief in the air in a family, a pet feels this too. Wrong food or training can cause physical complaints, eg osteoarthritis.
        In our civilization and the way of ‘loving animals’ there are always factors that bring something out of balance of the animal. The bit of sensitivity of an animal that makes one animal get sick and the other animal does not, that piece can be balanced with homeopathy.
        As long as an animal shows no symptoms, there is no reason to worry. A healthy animal is an animal that can do what it should naturally do. Our task is to meet the conditions for this.
        If there is a complaint, a visit to a homeopath is a good idea. Homeopathy is not oppressive but supports the self-healing ability.

        Hope you have enough answer with this.

        • Boukje

          Hi, thanks for your answer, but I tried to give you an answer to your question.
          I know How homeopathie works. Use my answer and your reply to find your Big V

    • Clemie v.d. Boorn

      Hello Ciska,

      As I read your question I thought about the dog of my son. What I would like to know is to give tips how a dog can be eating, drinking, moving entreated the best so the dog stays as healthy as possible. To prevent the dog will be ill.


      • Ciska Menting

        Dear Clemie, thank you for the reaction. My answer to your question corresponds to the answer at Baukje. Keep an animal healthy = mental, emotional and physical in balance. An animal must be able to do what it is made for. A hunting dog must be able to follow his hunting instinct. A chicken must be able to scratch with its legs in search of food. Etc. When there is grief in the air in a family, a pet feels this too. Wrong food or training can cause physical complaints, eg osteoarthritis.
        In our civilization and the way of ‘loving animals,’ there are always factors that bring something out of balance of the animal. The bit of sensitivity of an animal that makes one animal get sick and the other animal does not, that piece can be balanced with homoeopathy.
        As long as an animal shows no symptoms, there is no reason to worry. A healthy animal is an animal that can do what it should naturally do. Our task is to meet the conditions for this.
        If there is a complaint, a visit to a homoeopath is a good idea. Homeopathy is not oppressive but supports the self-healing ability.
        For dogs sufficient exercise, proper food, love, etc is important. Spiritual work can be offered by means of search games, eg hiding bits.

        Hope that I have understood your question correctly and given sufficient answers. If not, let it know.

  27. Blanca Vergara

    I’ve been running a survey already for two weeks on this very subject. The number one concern of my people is how to conquer paralyzing fear.
    In terms of skill, what has earned me the most and what I enjoy the most is public speaking.
    So, that is my most valuable asset to speak on how to conquer paralyzing fear.

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      Sounds good Bianca! Especially, when I’m dealing with one or two this month. I know now that ‘paralyzing’ fear is a thought: I am not my fear, I feel fear, so I have a choice not to dive into the feeling of fear. (NOT easy, but possible)

      • Blanca Vergara

        I wish there were thumbs up here. So, thumbs up!

    • Boukje Canaan

      Do you talk about instincts too in these talks? I believe that our limbic brain cannot just be overcome by thoughts. Even though I’ve studied, gone to therapists, etc. our instincts make us react. Thoughts can bring me back on track. But yet ‘it’ did happen first! Isn’t that the purpose of instinct?
      So how to conquer paralyzing fear is very interesting.

      • Blanca Vergara

        Of course! Brain research is part of the content 😉
        It’s key to the whole story. Happy to read that you are into this content.

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Blanca,
      I read the problem and automatically linked it to children and their fears, highly gifted and/or high sensitive children. Is this also (part of) your target audience?
      Greetings, Elisabeth

      • Blanca Vergara

        Indeed, fears are born in early childhood programming. However, my focus is on fixing adults, not the valuable prevention. It’s very important, yet not my thing.


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