Business Reboot Challenge Day 17 – Why did your clients stop buying from you?

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Day 17 – Why did your clients stop buying from you

Hey challenger!

The 4 most important challenges, most business owners deal with, are:

  1. How to grow my business?
  2. How to gain loyal clients?
  3. How to reduce my costs?
  4. How to beat my competition?

In the Business Growth Acceleration course you learn 7 strategies to solve these challenges. Plus you get a crash course on implementing, overcoming procrastination, prioritizing and developing success habits.


In today’s challenge we’ll take a look at the first strategy from the Business Growth Acceleration program… how to re-animate your EX-clients.

EX-clients are those clients who bought from you in the past, but are not buying from you at the moment

Your EX-clients are the majority on your list.

They already are or were in your circle of trust, and you need to try and get them to buy from you again.

The first thing you do is you recognize that people don’t stop dealing with you for no reason.

There are mainly 3 reasons why clients stopped doing business with you:

The first reason (and the one we’re going to look at it today) is… an interruption in their life.

Something happened that stopped them. Maybe they went on vacation, maybe they got sick or had an injury, maybe they moved or got fired.

Whatever the reason is, those ex-clients are easy to reactivate.

All you have to do is call them, or write them, and say, “I’m concerned. I haven’t seen  you in awhile.” Or “You haven’t been around.”  Or “You haven’t ordered anything, and I’m worried. Is something wrong?”  

And then – listen to their answer. In many cases, they will be happy to hear from you, and will let you know that because something in their life, they didn’t think about you or your business for awhile… but now that you came back into their life, with genuine concern… they might be ready to step back into doing business with you.

So… Pick up the phone to (at least) 3 of your ex-clients, use one of the lines above to start the conversation, and let us know in the comment box below, what were their responses.


Pro Tip 1: Be genuine: you should really care for these ex-clients and be interested in finding out what happened and if all is OK. And take the time to listen to them… People will not remember what you said, or even what you’ve done – but they will remember that you cared for them.

Pro Tip 2: Support and get support. Read other challengers’ comments and see if you can offer some help and encouragement when conversations did not succeed and celebration of good conversation. Let’s show care also with each other…

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.



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  1. Arina Angerman

    Hi, thank you challengers for your comments & inspiration. Personal growth is awesome!
    I can write to 3 clients as a check-up (how are you doing and …) … and I liked the idea of a New Year special – offer an e-course. Both actions I plan on my agenda (next week) and wk 2.

  2. Margreet van Bork

    This is a procedure that is standard for me. I always do a telephone call after 3 month and after a half year as after care after the last session. About 50% comes back for a new session.

    Reasons why they stoped are:
    They can face their live again. They don’t want to go further in their personal development mostly because the urgency to do something about their situation is over.
    Some moved to far out of the region.
    There were others that can’t afford the payment when the insurance limit is reached. (not in my target audience! )

    For the trainings a plan to give I think about sending after some time an E-mail with a gift. Something like an e-book or video or something like that. In that mail I will also promote their next training with me, maybe with a special discount.

  3. Yvonne van Gennip

    I don’t have ex-clients I can call, so this one is not for me, but absolutely I take note of this!!

  4. Francis Dalebout

    Most clients stop ‘buying’ from me because of two reasons. Either their pet has died or they didn’t want to continue the treatment (either because they weren’t very ‘treatment-loyal’ to begin with or they don’t have the patience to let it do its job… People want a quick fix and expect homeopathy to solve a problem within weeks or maybe a few months, that existed for years and the vet couldn’t solve either…
    These ex-clients are probably not very eager to come back.
    The clients that don’t make their next appointment when it’s due (in the medication letter there’s always a date for when they’re supposed to make an appointment for the next follow up), I always contact them to hear why they missed an appointment.
    So when people stop coming back, I usually know why right away.

    There are two now that I haven’t heard from for too long, so I will be calling or e-mailing them to ask how things are going.

  5. Marcel Heijnes

    I have some experience with calling ex-clients. Sometimes it has given new opportunities. I realize that it is too long ago I did it.
    What I discovered if I call the person with the intention “we have a coffee moment” the conversation was comfortable and nice.

    wrgds Marcel

  6. Elisabeth Neutel

    Well, I reached out to 3 women I had adviced by email. One replied really open with her story of the time that had past. It felt great to receive an answer to how you can touch peoples’ lives to make a difference.

  7. Marcel Heijnes

    I have some experience with calling ex-clients. And by saying I have to do it again. I did it too long ago.
    What I learned from it is, if I do this calls with the intention “we will drink a cup of coffee” the conversation is comfortable and pleasant. And it gave some new opportunities.
    wrgds Marcel

  8. Patricia Leenaarts

    Last week I started calling customers. in one day I had 3 calls and two of them made an appointment. Wow amazing.

  9. Dennis Keim

    There’s no business for me yet, as I’m just starting off. But I’ll be sure to implement this!

    Good luck everyone!

  10. Andre Gruisen

    Coinsidence does not exist; a half hour ago an ex-client asked to work together on a project !
    That’s what I call the power of a tribe ! The power of the universe ! Oh, how I love to be part of both !

  11. Mirjam van Galen

    Yesterday I ordered for my ex-clients and my currents clients a Christmas card with a voucher for a free coaching session (for them or a friend). Curious what that will bring…

    People stop with coaching/therapy when they are ready to deal with the world again. This is why I find it hard to re-engage them again. Am I thinking the wrong way here? Do I miss something?
    I hope you guys can help me!

    • Nicole Klip

      Good idea, that Christmas card, I was just thinking about that this morning!

      I completely recognize what you say about your clients, I as well help mine to be able to face their challenges on their own. But, I also know that it is very pleasant to, once in a while, have a good talk as sort of a check-up: how am I doing, is everything going as planned?, do I need some redirections? Just to get your nose pointed in the right direction again. This is what I offer my ex-clients.

      And one other thing is also very good to remind them of: it is so great to have 1,5 hour of complete attention just for yourself.

      greetings, Nicole

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Thanks, Nicole. That’s true and so logical for me that sometimes I forget to point that out. Thanks for reminding me, I will implement this!

        Have a great evening,

      • Mirjam van Galen

        I know, but sometimes I just don’t see the right direction of the steps 🙂

        • Patricia Leenaarts

          Hoi Mirjam, You do not have to know, people know it themselves. 🙂

    • Johanna

      That’s true, I was wondering why don’t you try to think in creating other products different from coaching and therapies but related with your topics. Maybe some workshops? Diversifying is one of the rules in marketing…

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Hi Johanna,

        That sounds really good. And actually kind of natural to do as a follow-up. I will give my creative mind the free flow to come up with some stuff. Thanks!

        Have a nice evening,

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Mirjam,
      Some thoughts for you as inspiration:
      You could always do a check-up, with how they’re doing, offer them an e-course, a ticket to a seminar, publish a book, ask if you can still help them (find related problems to tackle), dive into a subject of the problem that can benefit them more, a workshop or training, etc… Lot’s of things to create ambassadors instead of just ex-cliënts.

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Hi Elisabeth,

        Thanks for all these great ideas! Some of them are easy to implement and others, well I can do those too 🙂
        Thanks again!

        Have a nice day today,

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      Yes, I understand, but people are dealing with issues lots of times, or maybe always, so there is always work and also there are more possibilities for growth!
      I would like to learn until forever!

      Cool, they can give the voucher to a friend! Wish you all the luck and many come-backs :-)!

      • Mirjam van Galen

        Hey Yvonne,

        That’s true. And personally, I feel the same. Maybe it’s my (obstructing) conviction that people don’t want to pay good money for that again. While for me I think it’s always worth it. So that’s the message I could send more and better: believe it. Thanks!

        Have a nice day,

  12. Blanca Vergara

    I did that last week. I sent all my ex-clients a special Xmas promotion
    I got the “ex” out. They are reengaged. Yuppie!

    I’ll send in January a new year special…

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Nice, Blanca! On a roll you are 🙂

      What was your Xmas promotion?

      • Blanca Vergara

        I got 100 emails to empower people to get a bold project done. I call it “A Better Me” program. So I offered corporations to give that as a gift to their employees or business associates. I’ve priced it according to the number of copies they need.
        From my point of view, it only implies to copy the email addresses in my email marketing provider. Our most loved word: passive income!

  13. Joyce Vanes

    Yes. This is for my company (Maradijs – holidays for people with a mental handicap) the best time of the year to remind them: If you enjoyed last summer, better be quick or we will be sold out. I was planning to do this by mailing first, but a couple of special people I will call as well. Because it’s very seasonal work, it’s common for people to not have booked a holiday YET this time of year. Despite that, I’m inspired by the idea of putting a tone of CARE here (Instead of just saying “be quick, or…”)

  14. Lenie Verhelst

    Actually, I don’t see what ex-clients could buy from me. When a coach traject has finished, my client should not need me anymore.

    That being said, I was thinking about sending them a Christmas card and include a gift voucher for 1 free coaching session (so they can have a follow-up or they can give it to someone else who might need it).
    What do you think about that?

    If you have other ideas about how I could keep them as a client, I’d love to hear about it (I coach people with work-related issues and I give training about feedback, coaching skills for team leaders and communication)

    • Dick Sandbergen

      Hi Lenie,

      Ik denk dat dat een heel goed plan is en waarschijnlijk zal je nog verbaast zijn hoeveel mensen graag nog een keer op gesprek komen. Top idee!

    • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

      I completely understand where you are coming from (keep on reading though) and I have had coaching in the past and I do not think I would go back to the same person (keep on reading) although she was awesome. However: I am a different person than I was when I received the coaching. And I believe in personal growth. So I keep on looking for ways to improve myself. And coaching is one of these ways. So wouldn’t I do more coaching ever? I would! But not with the same person, because she did not show me that she could coach me on another level. She never said: ok, your coaching is done for now, but in x years you will have new (more ‘higher’? level) challenges, so come back if you find this to be true. And although I have not done one-on-one coaching, I have profoundly benefited from the personal development trainings of Open Circles.
      So you might have helped them now, but there might be a next level (or maybe a relapse) that you could help them with – but you must make this clear in the beginning.

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Lenie,

      you could always do a check-up, with how they’re doing, offer them an e-course, a ticket to a seminar, publish a book, ask if you can still help them (find related problems to tackle), dive into a subject of the problem that can benefit them more, a workshop or training, etc… Lot’s of things to create ambassadors instead of just ex-cliënts.

  15. Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

    I find this very difficult to do, but did it anyway (well, after doing some other things first… excuses!).
    The first started his business last year, but now wants me to teach him something – I work on the proposal now
    The second was very busy on her business and a new love, but wants a healing and send a friend as well
    The third was a personal process that shows she has implemented what we discussed before, and she’s not ready yet for a next step… we’ll see.
    pfft, was scary but now I feel fully charged, so I think I will be able to do a lot of work today 🙂

    • Joyce Vanes

      Hi Maaike,
      Do I get it right that Out of 3 phone calls, you get 2 business-opportunities? That’s a good score!!! Wiehieuw!
      Assuming you are some kind of a coach, I would be curious why person number 3 is not ready for the next step. Can you maybe give some advice/conversation/remembrance of the last session you had, so she will be able to make the next step? If it’s eighter with you or somebody else… she’ll remember your generosity!

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hey Maaike,

      Wooooow, you did it, you called them AND you got two follow-up responses. Yeah yeah, dance dance, good for you!

      If I were you I should call no 3 again in January (new start of the year) with some advice or send a postcard or…

      Enjoy the rest of your day,

  16. Hilda van Veen

    Hi everyone, while I am reading our challenge for today, I receive this message:
    Waar ben je Hilda?! Wij missen je ONT-ZET-TEND! Daarom mag je 20 min zonnen voor 7,50! (op vertoon SMS en eenmalig geldig t/m 17-12) @Sunday


    • Dick Sandbergen

      Moet je eens vragen of de eigenaar van de zonnestudio ook meedoet aan deze challenge!

      • Hilda van Veen

        That’s what I thought! She is in the challenge too! She is not an ex cliënt though….

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Haha, that’s nice 🙂

      And, what offer did you give them in return?


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