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Day 18 – Profits = P + P + P

Hey challenger!

Here is my Secret Formula to Success:

Profits = Positioning + Promotion + Process

This is the path to profits in ANY business, but especially in a business driven by a personality (consultant, coach, therapist, etc…)

Let’s start with the end goal in mind… more profits! Interested?

There are 2 things you can do immediately to increase profits:

  1. You can sell more stuff. Right?
  2. Or… You can get paid more for the same sale.

Unfortunately, number 1 is the most difficult and LEAST profitable place to focus at the beginning.

Number 2 – is a much easier way to increase your profits.

You see… the fastest way to affect your bottom line is to increase your price.

If everything else stays the same and you simply double your price, you just doubled your business instantly.

So, the price is worth working on.


And one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise your price is by positioning you, your business, and your product/service to clearly demonstrate how much value you deliver to your clients.

In the Secret Formula to Success course you learn all the different ways you can use positioning, promotions, and processes to multiply your profits, but for today’s challenge let’s take a look at the first P.

Here are some basic positionings that will attract clients to you:


  • Exclusive (only a few are getting it)
  • Rare (when it’s gone, it’s gone)
  • Different (different is better than better)
  • Exciting (for those people who love excitement)
  • Original
  • Contrarian (for those who like to be different than others)
  • Mysterious (here you give very little details until they actually get the product/service)
  • Forbidden (e.g. how hard teenagers try to get into a bar…)
  • Popular (there’s safety in numbers… social proof)
  • Affinity (this person is just like me)

You can use one or more of these positioning factors for your product or service, but you can’t use them all (some of them are even contradicting each other – like “rare” and “popular”).


Your challenge for today is to:


  • Choose which one(s) of these positioning factors would fit you, your business, and your product or service and how can you start communicate this positioning.


And then let us know what you chose in the comment box below.


Pro Tip: Give and receive feedback. Read other people comments and see if you can offer some help – how they could clarify and/or focus their positioning idea.



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  1. Sin Declerc

    Doing this exercise, I understood this is again one of those things I ‘knew’ but did not understand. Profit = product + promo + process. The product is key. 1 wow product-process. A process to deliver constant quality and experience. A promotion that taps into that wow by quality, experience, over delivery. That amounts to profits. It is not about ‘I need to find out what I can sell’. It is about having the best way to solve a real pain, and having a system to deliver that solution the best way possible.

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      Yes, Maaike, we did. No worries, I’ve made a request for you to see if something went wrong.

      • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

        thank you! I made a request myself, too, but no reaction so far… maybe you could send me the links via messenger? I wish to catch up with the rest… xx

  2. Ron Scheerder

    Different – We create website en online marketing solutions with marketing always at the back of our minds. Most other website builders are not focussing on the marketing element, more in design.

    Exclusively – This can be used for our high-end products

  3. Margreet van Bork

    My basic positioning for my target audience is affinity. I have been in their position ( a very long time) and changed it by learning to see things differently and act differently.

    I am original in the way I combine different tools and knowledge to get the best results for my clients.

    Part of what I do is experienced as mysterious. How I get information that the client is not aware of or hasn’t told. How some tools solve problems. How it is possible for the client to feel what other people felt in certain circumstances.

    Working with small groups or with one person will keep it exclusive.

    The book I am writing is spiritual controversial. (not for my target audience)

  4. Gordana Kierans

    I would go with different than I am teaching a relatively popular concept in a different way.

  5. Mariëtte Verlaan

    Exclusive, different and a little mysterious sound to me as the factors and aspects I could highlight in my communications. Eager to know what you perceive?

    – Exclusive Feng Shui garden design, creative and prompt to personal needs, experience, wants, space and budget.
    – Different in how harmony is created with plants, colors, lines and materials to energize the space and inspire the people using that space.
    – Pleasurably mysterious is the emphatic and holistic approach of health, wealth and well being of all living creatures and nature within the joyful boundaries of a personal Feng Shui garden.

  6. Silvia Dragoni

    Hello to everybody
    the essence of my work is to be contrarian: to find yourself as a unique person, to recover your personal strengh, your way of being out of the routine and the common ideas or beliefs. TO be different from others because you are unique in the way you are, think, move, breathe, experience things in life… People will learn to allow their qualities and their difference.

    It is even Mysterious: it is so a deep and personal experience that is not possible to describe. It is a powerful and you learn how to be more able to listen your body and silent your mind. You will learn how to relax, breathe, being confident through a path that recover and empower your personal qualities. You will learn thorough body to body like children and animals!

  7. Elisabeth Neutel

    – popular (1 out of 3 marriages get into a divorce, 60% of domestic violence happens within the relationship and 60% female victims, seeing violence is also child abuse)
    – affinity (been in a bad relationship, stepped out of it, would do it again if I had to)

    What I can do more:
    – rare (once in a lifetime moments to seas and change your life)
    – exclusive (only if you really wanna change)
    – forbidden (you have to have inner strength to get

    • Francis Dalebout

      Wow, don’t know where this was filmed but it sure looks nice. Great setting, like the informal feel you create with this.
      I think you want this to look like an interview, but even in that case I still think it would be better to talk – and therefor look – directly to your audience. Now I start to lose interest ’cause ‘you’re not talking to me’…

      • Karin Visser

        Hi Francis,

        Welcome to my garden in Curacao 🙂
        No snow at the moment, just sun!

        I wanted to create the idea that I am an ‘asked professional’. While when I am directly talking to you, I could be anyone. But I do understand where you are coming from. So I will do more video’s in different styles to reach a bigger audience. You can have a look at my youtube channel #pushyourbuttons.

  8. Francis Dalebout

    Affinity is the main positioning factor for me. Focus on the mutual interest that I have with owners/caregivers of animals i.e. the best possible care for animals in general and the health of their beloved pet in particular.

    I could also focus on mutual interest in the holistic way of looking at health and disease.

    The relationship between an owner and a therapist is one that’s based on trust so people really have to have the feeling they can trust me with their pet’s health.

  9. Karin Visser

    My treatments and coaching are not for everyone! It is CONTRARIAN. My clients need to be open to confront themselves with uncomfortability. You need to be willing to look at your unconscious not-so-happy parts. So if you, as a client, are not open to look inward and see the darker parts and accept them and transform them if you choose to. Don’t come to me.

    I am way too spiritual and esoteric if you as a client want a quick fix or want me to take over your responsibility.

    And there is something else! No one (ORIGINAL) has ever put so many super effective and functional tools for nutrition, sports, mindfulness, yoga and energy work together. So you can benefit fully from this 360-degree health approach.

    So in short:

    If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you tell everyone you have tried everything? AND you are motivated to actually put is some extra work and dedication?

    If you think that you need a unique approach to your unique needs?

    Try me.

    But if you áre open: we will have a magical interaction where everything is possible: you might be healing yourself from all your complaints and chronic issues for the rest of your life!!

  10. Dennis Keim

    Good day 🙂

    As I’m also preparing to live in a tiny house (like my target audience), affinity is a sure one. Then there’s the excitement of doing something totally different, compared to (usually) your way of living, which is very personal, and thus original (well, if you dare). And the movement is gaining momentum and popularity…

    It can be communicated in person, on the webpage, blog, vlog, book, business cards, brochures, social media. I guess anywhere, really. Omnipresence galore 🙂 !!

    Have a fine weekend!

  11. Patricia Leenaarts

    Different, I Work intuitively and with communication mirrors. The change is fast and lasting. People and children can leave the obstacles behind and move freely through life again.

  12. Marcel Heijnes

    Mysterious, different, original and affinity are the words.
    Unwinding the fascia by healing and fascia reset technics that’s basically what I do.
    But how does this works, it’s explainable but also mysterious.
    The difference is; I dig out the causes of the shoulder problems, what’s underneath the muscle/fascia issues.
    Original is the approach of me in a way that I combine two not so regular technics with each other.
    Affinity: I have experienced back, neck and shoulder problems.

    Mysterious, a word I have to look at, what I can do with it as a proposition. I find it hard to make a proper proposition with the healing part!

    What I noticed to increase my price is that I want to raise it but not to get into the pitfall of an ordinary raise without bringing more value. This is covered!

  13. Lenie Verhelst

    Affinity: I’ve had a job where I had lots of fun, I’ve been in the situation where I drove home crying and not knowing why, and I’ve been in the position where I had to jump into the unknown to chase my dream.

    Original: I’m not a therapist, I’m not a coach, I’m something in between (although I call myself a coach because I don’t know a name for the in-between :)). I coach outdoors, with horses or we go for a walk, up to my client (or my suggestion). And I’m only happy to end my sessions when the client asks for it (or I bring it up when I think they don’t need another session), not because we had a particular number of sessions.

  14. Hilda van Veen

    Hi dear all, I recognize 3 P’s:
    Affinity: I like to write very open about my own process and other issues, so people can recognize what they struggle with.
    Different and mysterious: I can do soul communication for more clarity. And the Tao calligraphies I workshop with are new to people and ask for trust.

    Something else I like to share: these days I have been working on my target group. To get clear what issues I like to focus on. I Just got a phone call from a woman with exactly those issues! Out of the blue! I am so grateful and it feels like a recognition that this is my target: help women in self-love!

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Wow Hilda, that sounds great. It’s such a powerfull feeling to be on track.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Gordana Kierans

      That is so great Hilda! What did Paulo Coelho say: “Once you know what you want, the whole univerese conspires to help you.” Wonderful”

  15. Mirjam van Galen

    The positioning factors that suit me, my business and the service I give:

    • Popular – In the Netherlands 1 out of 7 people gets a burn-out. If you don’t get any help, you almost certainly will get another one in the years ahead. But if you seek help and dive into this unexpected gift, then you are definitely turning these odds.
    • Affinity – I’ve been there, in the burn-out. I was sick, at home and could do ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing. I know what you’re feeling.

    • Contrarian – I look at the upside of stress! Yes, stress!

    This is where I start. By also using my brains, intuition and high sensitivity I connect with my clients instantly. From here one I invite them to act and think differently, so they can actually make a difference in their lives.

  16. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    Different/original: I am not a get-paid-by-the-hour-show-up-in-a-suit-fill-in-a-template-and-I-am-done type of consultant. I get you the results you want, guaranteed in my own unique way. I already stand out because I am female and know a lot about technology, but the energy and knowledge I bring to the table are also ‘something else’.

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Elske,
      that sounds ‘mysterious’ to me 😉 Maybe that’s one of your basic positionings.
      Greetings, Elisabeth

  17. John-Pierre Cornelissen

    For me, I’d say different, because I only work for hospitality businesses (like restaurants). There are a few competitors who also do this, but I seem to be the only one who has an extensive background in hospitality technology.

    I think affinity also suits me. At least that’s what I hear about me. But I think this is a difficult one because the person first needs to get to know me.

  18. Nicole Klip

    The positionings I can refer to are: different and affinity.

    I am different. Why? Because when I coach you, I’m not only hearing what you say, but I am also reading your energy, giving this back to you in clear pictures that instantly resonate with you (because these are your pictures ????).

    And affinity, because I have been where you are now, at least in a similar situation, sensitive, shy, struggling in a divorce, having a child in the autistic spectrum (or being one yourself) or just (?) trying to cope with all the demands you feel in your working and family life.

  19. Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

    Good morning to you all! Here it is snowing!!!
    Different – I am not a populist, I want to create deep results. Therefore I only work with what I have experienced as ‘best way’, and I have implemented new ways as well, that only I do…
    Mysterious – What I actually do is to many quite mysterious, and that’s oke. It’s part of the thing. I can explain how everything works, but they prefer the miracles and mystery.
    Affinity – To be able to really work deeply with people there must be a trust and alike. I try to be very accessible for my clients as in openness, ego-less, warm-hearted and trustworthy…

    • Mirjam van Galen

      There’s snow here as well! Just wanted to share this happy moment 🙂

      And for the rest: sounds good and right. Trustworthy.

      Enjoy the snow,

    • Hilda van Veen

      Hi Nicole, funny to Read your reaction. I chose the same: different and affinity. And I also Read or feel energy. I am very open about my experience to people. So they can recognize that I Understand them.

    • Hilda van Veen

      Thank you Maaike, you helped me to find my P’s!

  20. Jolanda Mulder

    I would like to position my way of working on leader/teachership Exciting and Original. Let’s bring some ‘music’ in your voice, your life and become the most beautiful, inspiring, radiating leader/teacher you can imagine.

  21. Connie van Rossum

    To me my strongest positioning point choosing from the list above is affinity: people want to work with me because they have the same values as I have, we ‘level up’. What’s not on the list, but the thing I especially distinct myself from others is my enthusiasm.

  22. Michal van Belle-Stup

    I use the next:
    Affinity (this person is just like me)- I know what is it to buy a house, and renovate it in a foreign country….. And I have the easier start- as I am an architect and I have a Dutch husband- still, it was not easy not to be able to understand everything and not to be familiar with some terms, processes, and systems which are obvious for the Dutch! So I know what my clients are going through!
    Different (different is better than better)- Because of the first- I am different- I offer the extra help and services that the local architect does not understand or is not aware of that this is needed.

    and therefore I am also:
    have a great day! Michal

  23. Monique van Dam

    I am offering a combination of my brains (online marketing and SEO knowledge) and my high sensitivity (HSP, intuition). I can deliver website information and business information in a manner that fits my clients’ frequency.

      • Monique van Dam

        Different and affinity. I have ‘technical’ knowledge, but know how to translate it. By listening and adjusting my language to my clients. My clients report that I know a lot, I help them enormously and I am very kind. I am really focussing on truly connecting with my customers.

  24. Yvonne van Gennip

    Exclusive (only a few are getting it), I would like to work with a small group and guide them during a period of time to master a topic.

    Different (different is better than better): I want to emphasize that I’m not a trainer offering a program like everybody else. I want to make clear I’ve got a different view on the topic I want to share and I’ll focus on the implementation as I know otherwise everything that has been learned will get lost.

    Exciting (for those people who love excitement): my trainings will be as exciting as at OCA, with lots of music and energy.

    Contrarian (for those who like to be different than others): leave the unconscious part behind (which commonly we act from) and focus on becoming a conscious parent.

    Affinity (this person is just like me)

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      And of course, this different view is solving the problems mothers are dealing with raising their kid(s) when they act upon it…

      • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

        Hi Yvonne,
        Affinity is for instance: when you coach people through a burn-out when you have had a burn-out. Or you were a HR mgr for a long time and successful and now you teach other HR mgrs to be successful.

    • Nicole Klip

      Affinity is when your potential client recognizes your struggle as his/her own struggle. “Ha, she’s just like me, and she has gotten out of it. Wow, she can help me!”

  25. Timon Vinke

    I want to position my company as:

    Original – Providing old services and products, but with a twist. Or completely new services or products.

    Popular – The Dredging Industry is very conservative. Only “proven” products become mainstream. Positioning myself as popular will alleviate a lot of the hesitation of clients. the key is getting the first social proof (a marketing technique I have also never seen in this industry).

  26. Blanca Vergara

    I would like to appeal to successful yet disengaged professionals. As I’ve been in their shoes I want to differentiate myself by affinity. By the same token, I’m inviting them to act and think differently, so I want to use the contrarian differentiation. Business like, yet unusual.

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      It speaks to me Bianca, as I like to be different, which is not always easy, could you give an example of how you would communicate this to attract people?

      • Blanca Vergara

        How cool, Yvonne!
        Storytelling, public speaking. Every time I tell my story on stage I get people crying. What I’m working on now is how to connect my story (aka their problem, aka my positioning) with a good FE and BE.
        This is what I want to define this December.

    • Monique van Dam

      Hi Bianca, a nice combination to level first and then out of their comfort zone.

    • Rupal Chauhan

      Hi Bianca,
      An attractive idea…My curiosity asks “HOW” will you be doing it? By conversation? By training modules?

      • Blanca Vergara

        Happy to hear that this sounds attractive to you, Rupal!
        My how is storytelling, public speaking. Every time I tell my story on stage I get people crying. What I’m working on now is how to connect my story (aka their problem, aka my positioning) with a good FE and BE. So I’m deciding what will be an event, webinar, blog, book, etc.
        This is what I want to define this December.


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