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Day 7 – breakfast of champions

Hey challenger!

Very few people understand the concept or the power of accountability. We mostly confuse accountability with discipline, evaluation, and criticism.

The truth is, that the greatest successes and the highest achievements almost always are due to accountability. As a rule of thumb, big successes come…


  • 10% from having a goal (specific and written)
  • 10% from having an action plan (predetermined strategies and activities)
  • 80% from having accountability

Accountability means having someone else with whom you review what you have done, evaluate the results you have gotten, and commit to the next things you are going to do.

This process must involve another person.

No matter how disciplined you are, you cannot hold yourself accountable over the long run. There must be someone else in order for it to work.

But not everyone can hold you accountable.

You need someone who understands (and cares for) who you are and what you are trying to accomplish, and you must trust and respect them.

But they do NOT need to be better than you at what you are doing.

Their role is simply to keep you on track, to make sure that you are doing what you set out to do and are looking at the results you are getting.

Accountability is about getting feedback and using it for growth and moving forward.

So, give it a try. It’s not complicated, with the community we created here.

Find a great accountability buddy, and allow the process to work for you.

Once you experience the life-changing power of accountability, you will never look back.


Let us know, in the comment box below, the answers to these questions:

  • Are you currently missing an accountability buddy and would like to get one?
  • Do you have any preference when it comes to skills to match up with?
  • What is your main location/city?
  • What is the best way to get in touch with you?


If you’re not clear on any of these questions, take a few minutes to get clear before posting your answers in the comment box.



Pro Tip 1: Be smart: use this space to find a person that is motivated, that you can meet up with (online and/or offline) and that can complement you.

Pro Tip 2: Be patient: offer your time and contact someone you think could be a good fit. You may have to try a few people before you find the perfect “match”. Don’t get discouraged or lose motivation to spar with someone else.

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.

Live fully, be awesome,

 Nisandeh Neta

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  1. Merel Slotboom

    Hi I am very lucky to have a few countability buddies.

    Good luck you all in finding the right one for you.

    Love, Merel

  2. Jacqueline Blankenstein

    Yes, I really need a buddy!
    My focus is everywhere and nowhere…Which makes me doze off and lose too much time in doing crap.
    I need someone just to help me prioritize and clarify what to do next, (so that I can’t doze off 😉
    Or with knowledge or experience in setting up a funnel or online course system. My business needs to be automated and especially the technical side of it I need help with….
    But if not, then a buddy just to ask me what I’ve been doing and am going to do next is great!

    • Jacqueline Blankenstein

      Ohyea, and I’m often in Germany, so Skype, phone or WhatsApp would be the best way for me. And maybe once a while when I’m in Holland live, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, Gouda, Rotterdam, Rijswijk, Zoetermeer would all be ok.

  3. Martine Donker

    I certainly miss a buddy and I would love to have one to help out in the field of marketing, creativity and finding new clients. I live in Appelscha but I do not see this as a problem. I like to speak and meet somewhere halfway. Send an email to or link with me on Linkedin and you will certainly receive a reply from me!

    Ik mis zeker een buddy & ik zou er graag een hebben om mee te kunnen sparren op het gebied van marketing, creativiteit en het vinden van nieuwe opdrachtgevers. Ik woon zelf in Appelscha maar dit zie ik niet als een probleem. Ik spreek namelijk graag ergens halverwege af. Stuur een mailtje naar of link met me op Linkedin en je krijgt zeker een reactie van me terug!

  4. Nathalie Koster

    I love to work with a buddy with strategic talent and with implementation talent.

    My location in Capelle aan den IJssel in Zuid/Holland

    If you want to work with me, please send an email to


  5. Ina Sabanoglu


    It would be LOVELY to meet an accountability buddy.
    I’m working as a Life- and Career Coach, and as a management consultant/trainer NeuroChange Solutions. I live in Apeldoorn.
    Mainly I want to work on visibility and marketing.

    When you feel attracted to take contact: please do :-)!

  6. Mirjam de Nijs

    That’s it! I really could use a buddy.

    What I’m looking for is someone who can help me with my business goals.
    I want to grow, hire someone (or ZZP), higher my income and have more spare time for myself and my family. Someone with experience with the above topics would be nice.

    I live in Hoogerheide, near Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal.
    My e-mail:

  7. Jet Sebus

    This is a difficult assignment for me. Experience has taught me that I often end up helping other people. No problem, as that is what I love doing. And they help me too, of course, as they are great people. So that is very valuable.

    It takes up a lot of time, though, and that leaves me with even less time to spend working on my business. Then I don’t reach my goals and need to be held accountable.

    So perhaps this time I need an accountability buddy who doesn’t need an accountability buddy…
    Right now, I think I should focus on finding a team/businesspartner first.

  8. Gert Dobbenberg

    Hi, it would be great to meet my accountability partner here, like-minded and ready to go for it!

    *Are you currently missing an accountability buddy and would like to get one?
    I would like to have an accountability partner to keep each other on track and pace with efficiency, keeping it short and simple.

    *Do you have any preference when it comes to skills to match up with?
    My expertise is in the field of internet business strategy and internet marketing, social media marketing, and personal branding. I would like to start up a passive income stream in the field of my expertise and to partner up with someone who can play the role of my target-audience: an entrepreneur who needs help on the subject of positioning, personal branding and marketing so that I can create great content that will fit their needs.

    *What is your main location/city?
    I live in the center of the Netherlands, Harderwijk.

    *What is the best way to get in touch with you?
    Skype works great for me, meeting live from time to time would be pleasant.

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      Hi Gert, just reading your post, didn’t see it was you first 😀 Hope you find a good buddy! See you next week!

    • Monique Sajet

      Hey Gert, would love to cath up with you. I am entrepeneur in THE incentive Travel business and sized down my company a few years ago. Now i am re-starting with a leadrrship program for entrepreneurs and C.E.O.’s and my skills are good in inspiration, creativiteit and strategie. My knowledge of THE new technologie is not so Well, could we be a match? My hometown is Brielle

    • Margo Ruiter

      Hi Gert, I am looking for how to position myself in the best way possible. I would like to set up a passive income stream. Can we skype to see if we can be of any assistance towards each other? I live in Eindhoven. you can send me a mail

    • Jacqueline Blankenstein

      HI Gert,
      I am a startup entrepreneur, so am really your target audience you look for, and I am also very much in need of an accountability buddy. If you still don’t have one, please write me! (I know, I’m terribly behind but still finishing the challenge)

  9. Margreet van Bork

    Yes, a buddy is great!
    What I wish is somebody with firmness combined with tolerance. When I have the energy I work like creasy and overstep my boundaries. Then I need somebody to tell me to respect my boundaries. Maybe even tell me to stop. When I have little energy I need someone to tell me it is oké. Keep me inspired. Stimulate me to do the things I can do.
    Knowledge of spirituality is welcome but knowledge of Nisandeh’s marketing system is even more welcome.
    I like to meet person to person if possible.

    I can help you to stay on track and look, with my background as a holistic coach, together with you what is happening when you don’t and help you solve the problem.

    I live near Heerenveen.

    • Jellie Banga

      Hello Margreet,

      Maybe we can give it a try and start at first with a cup of coffee:)
      I live close to Heerenveen too.

  10. Ard Heijboer

    I have a couple of people who I am accountable to. My business partner in the same office, my (franchise) head office, myself, my family….. As a recruiter for the hospitality business, I tend to say: also my clients. I just started a program called “Zaai” which provides starting (up to 3 years) entrepreneurs with guidance and coaching.

    If I would be looking for another person to be accountable for I would be looking for someone working in the same business (not automatically as a recruiter but someone with a good knowledge of the business) so we can share knowledge without competing. I could share my own knowledge and out of the box thinking plus be a “pain in the …” in following up on promises made. I am in Hoofddorp but also available online

  11. Dick Sandbergen

    I would love to have an accountability partner, I have been self employed for 15 years now and I find it harder to keep the positive energy I used to have in my day to day work.
    As a result of that I procrastinate more and more. So a buddy, who can help me focus and I can keep him or her focused will be very welcome.
    I am based out of Helmond, but als have a office in Vught. I am in the weightloss business.

  12. Saskia de Rooy

    A very nice assignment this is. And I feel resistance…:-)
    Accountability keeps you in line.
    I can be practical and to the point but also out of the box and dreaming of broader views. I like to share both talents with a buddy.
    Have a lovely day, Saskia.

    • Shirley Jane Jasper

      I do feel resistance too, but why do you feel this?

      • Saskia de Rooy

        I think I don’t have time, I have so much to do already…Smoezen/ excuses
        I am sure I should do it because of this.

        • Shirley Jane Jasper

          Theoretically, your accountability buddy will help you focus on what you should and shouldn’t do. This will probably save you time!

          Practically, yes, I agree. So much to do in so little time… Hope you’ll find a good buddy!

  13. Timon Vinke

    Are you currently missing an accountability buddy and would like to get one?
    Yes, I would definetely need one.

    Do you have any preference when it comes to skills to match up with?
    Skills, not so much, as I’m mostly interested in keeping me accountable.

    I do look for a person that is honest, clear, direct, no beating around the bush. And he/she should keep to his/her commitments. So no cancellations of our meeting 5 min in advance, because something “important” came up. You either make the commitment or don’t.

    Obviously I will do the same for you.

    What is your main location/city?
    Tenerife, But skype/zoom works fine for me.

    What is the best way to get in touch with you?

  14. Silvia Segreteria

    I would find someone very good at marketing: how to communicate with people
    I am very good at teaching people to relax in a stressful situation. To learn new approach to problem through their own strength
    I live in Italy. Easy to be in touch through email

  15. Chiel Nobels

    I have been struggling with this for a long time – working on your own has its advantages but certainly drawbacks too. But reading the comments I realize I know two people close to me who could this!

  16. Eli te Winkel

    Together with my wife I use scrum for our businesses with a weekly sprint. We started this a few weeks ago, so we’re still getting used to it, but it helps a lot. Like every project method, scrum has accountability built in into the core. This helps us to keep working on out businesses and to plan what we really can accomplish in a week instead of what we hope for (and overreaching).

    I would like to implement and adjust scrum better and for that I would like an accountability buddy. You don’t need to know scrum, just keep me accountable for my plans and progress of implementing. Help me look at what’s done, what the result is and what the plans for the next week are. And maybe brainstorm together when one don’t clearly see what step(s) to do next or how to overcome a problem.
    What I look for in an buddy: honest, direct (but not rude or judgemental), creative.
    I would like to phone or skype for an hour once a week. I live near Arnhem.

    • Timon Vinke

      Hi Eli,

      I was attracted to your message as you mentioned honest and direct. I’m looking for the same thing.

      Skype works great for me as I’m abroad, Tenerife.

      Is it an idea to have a first skype meeting and see if it works?

      • Eli te Winkel

        That’s great. Let’s first contact via e-mail, so we can make an appointment to talk to each other on Skype (my Skype is only running when I need it for a call). My e-mail is:

    • Margreet van Bork

      We can try it out when you give me the information what to keep you accountable for!

  17. Dennis Keim

    Oh boy, I’ve heard it so many times, and it made sense so many times!
    Yes, I’m in need of a accountability buddy. The word is out.
    I guess a weekly call or meeting (or any combination) should work.
    I live in Eerbeek (the Veluwe in the west, the IJssel in the east 🙂 ).

    I see that it could take some time and effort to find a true match, but here
    we go, let’s find out! The way I understand it is that you communicate (mutual)
    implementation goals for each period, say a week. Then discus the results the
    next time, and make/ communicate new goals, and/ or adjust your course.
    I’m totally up for that!

    I do wish for an open, truthful dialog, with respect for each other’s time and
    effort. I already see a lot of power in merely formulating and stating goals, plans,
    and strategies.

    Take care!

  18. Wouter Weber

    The buddy or sparring partner I am looking for is not so easy to define. For new ideas or plans I am asking sparringpartners I know. They are critical and honest to me. I will see or I can find a buddy in above challengers or one I can help with being a buddy and to contact them.

  19. Monique van Dam

    I could use an accountability buddy as well. I am going to discuss it with a fellow entrepreneur on Tuesday. If she cannot help me, I will be back here to ask for help 🙂

  20. Marie-Astrid Vermaas

    Though I am part of a wonderful buddy group of very supportive women, an accountability buddy would be of great value to me.
    Skills I expect of my buddy: the ability to turn a big creative idea into actual steps towards a product or service, knowledge of IT and support.
    Preferred personal qualities: empathy, reciprocity, patience.
    My location is Noordoost Brabant (Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Eindhoven)
    Please contact me by Whatsapp (06-45612800) or email:

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      Dear Marie-Astrid, I would like to be your buddy (skills and qualities available) and you might want to be mine in general entrepreneurial questions, with some affinity to gardening in design and natural beauty and the development of online products. Let’s find out if we match and feel if we can contribute to each other’s success.
      I believe we have once met at Open Circles. My location is near Den Bosch. E-mail, Whatsapp and Skype are my favorite ways to meet up.

  21. Karin Visser

    Are you currently missing an accountability buddy and would like to get one?
    I am missing one and yes I do want one!

    Do you have any preference when it comes to skills to match up with?
    I do think it is important that the other person has an affinity with health, but the skills don’t necessarily need to match up. Although as being a coach myself, it is important to be able to ask smart open questions.

    What is your main location/city?
    Curacao! Most of you are in the Netherlands, but online contact is of course very much possible.

    What is the best way to get in touch with you?
    Skype Kanzo-by-Karin
    Whatsapp +5999-5157212

  22. Elisabeth Neutel

    Someone in Veenendaal?

    I spoke with a friend yesterday to be each other buddies. I’m not sure if it’s the right click. I would love to have a buddy to celebrate the goals we both accomplished, someone to make vision boards with, someone to brainstorm with, etc. Just a general buddy to grow personally and in business. That’s what a buddy is to me. To help each other grow and get the best out of you.

    You can contact me at

    I do so many things online, I would wanna sit down and have a real contact, a real buddy. So like I sad, I live in Veenendaal. I can travel, but it’s not my preference to travel far for a buddy, time is precious, for you as well. And real contact is valuable nowadays 🙂

    I hope to hear from you soon, and who knows we can form a group…

  23. Frank Verberne

    Getting a good accountability buddy this year was one of the most important things I did! I advise people looking for an accountability buddy to look until you find someone who fits you. My first accountability buddy was flaky, and I did not get anything out of it. My second accountability buddy I had for more than 6 months, calling each other every Monday, setting goals and saying to each other how we would reward ourselves if we reached those goals or “punish” ourselves if we didn’t manage. Recently, I got a new accountability buddy with whom I call every day, to ask each other some question about our daily habits (e.g. “how much water did you drink today”).

    Keep experimenting with accountability buddies until you find someone you click with. If the relationship with your current buddy is not working out for you, find a new one. And how many times per week/how long/about what: keep trying something until you find the situation that suits both of you best! The simple act of telling someone what you’re going to do increases the odds of you actually doing it tremendously. Great business ‘hack’!

    • Dennis Keim

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your inspiring words ;)!

  24. Bernardine Rauwerda

    Yes, I do need an accountability buddy! A few years ago I had a coach, but since I moved to another town, I stopped speaking to her. And now I can say: I miss this. Otherwise, I will stay in my own circle and think that everything I do is oké…..but I know I can do more with the time I have; that my business can grow much more if I just take the right action!

    It is not necessary when it comes to skills to match up: just an honest person who is not afraid to tell me the truth.

    My main location is The Hague.

    The best way to get in touch with me, is to send an e-mail to

    Thank you.

  25. Gordana Kierans

    I would love to have a buddy but I live in Croatia. Furthermore, I have to sort out few things before I can meet with someone and define steps.

    • Arabella Seegers

      Sort out a few things? All the more reason to find a buddy to keep you moving. I can absolutely recommend it. Cheers, Arabella

        • Karina van Keitz

          Hi Gordana,

          I would be interested! Currently I’m in the process of redefining my career and am sure that I need an additional accountability buddy I’m not married to (though my husband has wonderful ideas!). Besides business knowledge as such I also have a certification as business coach. Don’t regularly live in Croatia, but am regularly in Dubrovnik. In Germany I live close to Frankfurt. In case you are interested you can contact me via

          • Karina van Keitz

            PS: Sorting out things is my speciality 🙂

          • Gordana Kierans

            Dear Karina,
            What a wonderful idea!!!
            I will contact you directly.

  26. Tsafi Nelken

    Would be great to find a buddy!
    Just someone that can give feedback and think together about his and mine. And the best if they know some of open circle material, so we can talk in the same business language.

  27. Ron Scheerder

    I read the comments and I see a lot of challengers looking for someone to do activities together. This is not how I see this role.

    From what I read in the assignment and my experience, an accountability buddy is a person you commit your periodic (e.g. weekly) goals to. You report back about results from the previous period and commit to the goals for the next period.

    I want an accountability buddy to meet (via Skype/zoom) once a week for 1 hour. That will be sufficient to do the job. What I also like is that my accountability buddy and I send each other daily in the morning a WhatsApp/SMS with the one main Activity for that day.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this way of working with an accountability buddy

    • Dennis Keim

      Hi Ron,

      Shall we give it a go?
      If so, you can email me at,
      for further exchange of specifics and all.


    • Dennis Keim

      Hi Ron,

      Strangely all the replies, as well as my own comment I posted today disappeared..
      I replied to yours before, who knows you might still get it later.

      But anyway, shall we give it a go? I believe your approach would work for me, and I think your interpretation of an accountability buddy is sound, and should at least work its magic.
      We could exchange specifics over email. Mine is:


      • Ron Scheerder


        I sent you an email. Looking forward to your reaction.

  28. Rupal Chauchan

    Hello everyone,
    I need a buddy to help me to make my company more visible. I get caught up with client projects and end up not giving enough attention to promoting my company.
    Looking for someone in web, social media line with enthusiasm and new ideas.
    I can help with creating graphics for your company and videomaking etc. I am in the process of making a promo video for my own.
    I am in Apeldoorn, central Netherlands. You can reach me via

    • Martin Kugel

      Hi Rupal,
      Promotion (communication) is my specialty, I will certainly be able to help. On the other hand, I am starting a new business and can use some design. And a designer in the products to offer. I will contact you directly.
      regards, Martin

      • Rupal

        Thanks Martin, sounds great…

  29. Mirjam van Galen

    I already have a great accountability buddy and he’s willing to do the job in an honest, respectful and personal way. Yet, I didn’t completely let him in yet. We already sit down as intervision buddies, but he could be more than that.
    So thank you for reminding me that I actually NEED him in the role as my accountability buddy and that I must let him be the person to kick my ass once in a while 🙂

  30. Peter Willekens


    YES! I needed an accountability buddy. I could also use some marketing advice, so I combined both.I signed up for a coaching program and my coach teaches me things AND keeps me accountable.

  31. Arabella Seegers

    Hi fellow challengers, I totally agree with how important accountability is!
    If you need a buddy who helps you define actions that challenge as well as energize, if you want to take action that is both empowering and supportive of your purpose, if you want to feel excited about making bold moves forward, then I your person! I will hold you accountable in order for you to hold your flow, keep your eye on the ball and quieten the resistance from within. If that is what you want, drop me a line:

    Because I am always enthused by things new, ceaselessly come up with new ideas, I tend to slow down in my motion. I could really use some help in breaking down great ideas into feasible action. Who can help me get my feet on the floor once in a while? Warmly, Arabella

    • Margreet van Bork

      I Looked at your website and saw that our work overlaps, but I started a short time ago after courses with Nisandeh with a totally different target audience.
      I can help you to make little pieces of a great idée. I can help you to see if new ideas are the best or that keeping to ( part) the old one is better, etc.
      What I need is somebody with firmness combined with tolerance. When I have the energy I work like creasy and overstep my boundaries. Then I need somebody to tell me to respect my boundaries. Maybe even tell me to stop. When I have little energy I need someone to tell me it is oké. Keep me inspired. Stimulate me to do the things I can do.
      Looking forward to hear from you.

      • Arabella Seegers

        Hi Margreet, I will drop you a line. cheers, Arabella

  32. Marcel Heijnes


    I have spoken my buddy this morning. I’m thankful that I met her a half year ago. We use those moments to share and give feedback on what we feel and see.
    Very stimulating.
    Every one who’s is looking; success to make a good match.
    And enjoy :).
    regards, Marcel

  33. Yvonne van Gennip

    I would love to have an accountability partner. It would be great if our mutual interest is consciousness and reflection. I would love to keep each other on track to get things done. I personally look for someone flexible who is already a bit on track, helps me to focus, stop wanting to make it perfect before I finish it, a sparring partner when it comes to decisions and at this moment reach my first goal and that is finishing my Challenge and High-end online/offline program. After I’ve finished this I would love to write a book, so maybe we can share this as well. I have a lot of inspiration and ideas, enough to offer, I would love to help each other with our skills.
    I live near Haarlem. If you’re happy to start this, send me an email (

    • Karin Visser

      Could we be a match…? We are both quite disciplined in answering the daily challenges and motivated. Consciousness and being reflective, are important to me too…

  34. Andre Gruisen

    Actually, I need an accountability-buddy, just for keeping up with all the assignments of this challenge, and it’s only just started !!
    Also, I need an acc-buddy for reminding me of my goals; long- and short-term.
    And an accountability-buddy for my daily actions towards my goals
    And I need a virtual assistant, for assistance with those daily actions.
    realising the points above, my ideal buddy would be a personal, virtual assistant, Someone who is pro-active, who asks me what I want and need to delegate today.
    Someone who will help me stay on track. To reflect on my actions and results weekly.
    Someone who can plan and record my actions and results.
    And someone I can connect with. someone I can support as well. Because I like to give part of my enthusiasm and direction to another passionate entrepreneur.
    Skills; the skills of a supporting VA.
    Style: proactive
    Personality: cheerful
    mindset: willing, able, but not there yet
    your goals; ambitious, realistic, clear and measurable
    your training: Financial-freedom, master entrepreneur and Breakthrough
    preferably attending ZTM and bizkaizen
    My business; delivering 1-1 service. Goals are to systemize delivery, kinda like the web analyst; building packages, building an online service-system. with service blocks (products)
    My contact: ; 06.1481.3332
    My location: Schoondijke (!) but don’t let that bother you; I am used to driving 2 hours to Rotterdam/Utrecht

  35. ibolya Rosy

    A buddy sounds good to me. Not for coaching directly I am very reliable in my actions. But for information how and where to publish my new written book. ( end 2018).

    I have written the book after a journey of 20 years for recovery for C-ptss. I searched everywhere and one particular thing I used for this book. The curse of my Hungarian family. I used scientific, spiritual proof, my knowledge of the Hungarian history and a bit of my lifeline.

    Further, I set up an FB site to help people to be happy. A website is coming.

    On my FB site, I post vlogs, live videos, video’s, blogs, everyday posts, etc.

    Getting in touch please send me mail:

  36. Patricia Leenaarts

    Good Morning

    I would love to have a buddy who can explain and help me with Facebook marketing and automation of Activecampaign to let grow my list. I’m stuck with the practical part of all of this and it takes me a lot of time finding out.

    I would be nice if you have the affinity with children and parents because that is my target audience.

    My passion is: communication and can help you with personal issues that keeps you from your goal in business or your personal life to be happy.

    I live in Wateringen near The Hague

    You can contact me by email:

  37. Margo Ruiter

    It sounds great to have a buddy. I need somebody who can show me a different angle sometimes. Also, helping me making marketing decisions what step to take for the best result. Practically I need to work on my video marketing. I have no equipment other than my telephone. Also changing my websites a little bit, so they attract more clients.

    I can help with keeping you on track. Work towards your target and finish your work. I am very creative and I can help you with finding out what’s holding you back.

    Please contact me through:

  38. Niña van Wermeskerken

    Yes I have an accountability buddy, we meet Every Tuesday

    I can recommend it.

    I didn’t have one at first but it works wonders

  39. Reina

    I enable people to raise their awareness and excel on their next level. The highest level being oneness- or peace awareness.

    I am writing a book on 12 steps to pure bliss and also want to write a business version (Inner leadership).

    It would be great to have a buddy that keeps me accountable for publishing the book.
    (I have experience as a business consultant, trainer & coach apart from the spiritual- & personal development subjects, am practical, but multi-talented and like to diversify. Not so easy to keep the focus sometimes!)

    If you’re interested in the subject, it might be a great journey we undertake together. It would be great if you can read along, so I can get feedback on how comprehensible the teaching is…
    So looking forward to being held accountable 🙂

    I’m at Bloemendaal, Haarlem… but Skype is always a good option too!

    • Margo Ruiter

      Dear Reina,

      You live far away, I’m in Eindhoven, but perhaps we can skype to find out there is a match. I published my book in 2016 and it was a deep journey. I think we can level, if you like, send me an email

      • ibolya Rosy

        Dear Margo,

        maybe I can jump with retina too into a buddy sitting? I wrote also a book and I want to publish it at the end of 2018.



        • Margo Ruiter

          Sounds good to me! A group has more to offer. What do you think Reina?

      • Reina Oversteegen

        Hi Margo, wat fijn dat je reageert. Herkenbaar onderwerp waar je je mee bezig houdt! 🙂
        Ik stuur je een email!

    • ibolya Rosy

      Hi Reina,

      I have written a book and I am very busy to get it promoted. But first, I need to rewrite it and find the right corrector. End of 2018 is my personal goal to publish it. Maybe it’s good to Skype with each other and helps with the info we gathered along our way.

      Further, I am very interested in spiritual and scientific stuff. My book is a combination of it.

    • Yvette

      I’m in the middle of writing a book, not an easy journey.
      Would like to spar with you.

  40. Shirley Jane

    You know what, I am totally freaked out by the idea of asking for a buddy!

    Since I have no sense of time, I’m really bad at scheduling. So, often I don’t make my own deadlines in time. Which results in disappointments, feeling bad about myself. So, I stopped planning in time, but planning in steps: first this, then the next. Sometimes so much piles up in life that it takes an awful lot of time to get somewhere, even if it’s an easy job to do. Other times I’m surprised why I suddenly was able to do things in less than half the time!

    So, having a buddy helping me with deadlines = being scared that I can’t make it = being afraid to disappoint myself ánd my buddy = being afraid to lose face = being afraid my buddy stops = rejecting me = terrifying!

    I could at least use some advice or comments in this particular matter

    • Andre Gruisen

      I recognize your worries, I feel them too, but what another way to improve yourself?
      Besides, Your Guru is ordering you to do this, so… let’s get in touch!
      I would like to connect!

      • Shirley Jane

        Haha, Andre,

        how on earth could I say ‘no’ to this? My ‘Guru’ is ordering me? Hilarious! Well, I’m sure we can help each other. How’s the left-hand writing challenge revealing to you?

    • Lenie Verhelst

      Hi Shirley

      I think this is the point of having an accountability buddy. He or she keeps you accountable for your actions, which are in your case your steps (first this, then the next).

      He or she can also help clear the clutter in your head and keep you focused on the step in front of you. And your buddy is also the one helping you acknowledge everything you’ve already realized. Even if it were small steps, he or she can help you celebrate those steps.

      And last but not least, a buddy is the perfect person to see through all possible excuses and keeps you motivated to keep going again (because we are all human, right?).

      Hope this helps

      • Shirley Jane

        Hi Lenie,

        tnx for your reply. That really helps to look at it from a different angle. Well, I know that the biggest fear is the fear itself.
        Kindest regards,

    • Frank Verberne

      Hey Shirley-Jane,

      What I do to remind myself to do things on a schedule is set fixed reminders on my phone. Right now, I’m experimenting with a message that asks me every day at 10:00 AM if I am working on my goals, but you can also remind yourself that you have a call with your buddy. I think it would be a great help to you and I think you have the potential to be a great buddy as well. So much energy, it’s “just” a matter of channeling that energy by getting some focus :)!

      By the way, I think seeing a buddy in helping you focus your goals is more helpful than seeing him/her as helping you with deadlines. I do not think time management is your problem, but what to focus on when. And that’s where your buddy comes in! I wish you a very good buddy!

      • Shirley Jane Jasper

        Tnx Frank. I already use my mobile for several reminders. (But even then I burn my bakings in the oven, so you can imagine that reminders for goals won’t work often). I don’t need to ask for reminders for my goals, I set them every day… keeping focused that’s indeed the biggest problem.
        I have to work with an easily distracted mind, so I search for creative solutions. Like setting a or several goals for the day, committing myself to have it done by the end of the day.
        It’s when I have too many things to focus on in different categories (business, family, appointments, housekeeping, calls I have to make) when I lose track. Solution: just do what’s really has to be done and stop blaming myself if something else didn’t work out. I’m only human.

  41. dana

    Yes. I’d be happy to have an accountability buddy

    I prefer someone in my field – dealing with couples or interpersonal relationships
    or someone from the field of marketing through social media or
    journalism / television.

    I live in Israel … The best way to communicate with me is Watts Up or Skype.

  42. Esther Molenaar

    I have an accountability partner! YES! Talked to her yesterday and it works. We challenge each other as much as we can.

    I can really recommend an accountability partner.

  43. John-Pierre Cornelissen

    Yes, I would like to have an accountability buddy.
    Preferably somewhere near Ede (between Arnhem-Utrecht).

    Your skills
    You know how to keep me on track. So far only deadlines with customers work for me. It’s difficult to set and keep deadlines to improve my own business. It would be great if you know and understand my type of work (see below). Someone who is more of a down to earth, practical and analytical type of person (like me).

    My work
    Webdesign (WordPress), content management, SEO, email marketing, social media, google my business. My target audience: hospitality industry, mainly small to medium-sized independent restaurants.

    Click my name for contact details.

  44. Connie van Rossum


    I just started this week as a freelance communication manager. Therefore, it would be great to have an accountable buddy who already has experience as a freelancer who can help me start off; who can help me focus on getting new business and not doing too many private things in between when I don’t have an assignment. Someone who can help me to search at the right places for clients e.g.

    I helped my brother getting graduate after 10 years of study, just by giving him deadlines and asking questions about his progress in writing his thesis. I can help you as well to make deadlines. And I can help you in general with the promotion of your company.

    I live in Voorburg, in the proximity of The Hague. It would be nice to drink coffee on regular basis to exchange experiences and Skype in the meantime.

  45. Jacomien Ilbrink

    YES! I would like to get in touch with someone who is looking for an accountability buddy. For others, I have an ability to put my finger on the sore spot, but for myself, this is less well developed.
    I work with teams and groups in order to improve group dynamics and personal empowerment. I live in the vicinity of Arnhem.

  46. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    I have 2 accountability buddies. One for the Zero to Million program and one that I discuss the weekly goals with. I can only say THIS SHIT WORKS. 🙂

  47. Rudolph Huizinga

    I could use a buddy. I am a down to earth target driven person and the buddy I look for preferably the opposite. With a more spiritual angle of approach but still down to earth.

    I live in Amsterdam; e-mail:

    Of course, I have also support to offer.

    Rudolph Huizinga

    • Patricia Leenaarts

      Hi Rudolph,
      I am a down to earth person and I look for a buddy like you, a target driven person, I can use a kick under my ass 🙂 I have a spiritual vision of life and experience, so I think we can make a good match. I send you a email.

    • Reina

      Hi Rudolph, I think I might be the buddy you are looking for. Check me out on my site or just email me:
      Will be a pleasure talking to you! Reina

  48. Anita Pieterman

    Yes, I would love to have an accountability buddy. I already have done this for other entrepreneurs and now is the time for myself. I am making a grow step now and I need someone who wants to grow with me.
    I have to give, next to (normal) coaching, a way to work with the energy in a firm. Somewhere near Groningen.

    • Margreet van Bork

      We have a match in our work. I am a holistic therapist. I have done a lot of healing, reading and personal development. Personal and with my client.
      I can help you in your growth process and grow with you.
      What I need is somebody with firmness combined with tolerance. When I have the energy I work like creasy and overstep my boundaries. Then I need somebody to tell me to respect my boundaries. Maybe even tell me to stop. When I have little energy I need someone to tell me it is oké. Keep me inspired. Stimulate me to do the things I can do.
      What I like is that you are in the north. I live near Heerenveen so we can meet live as well as on Skype or telephone.
      Look forward to hearing from you.

  49. Hilda Heidsma

    Good morning,
    It would be nice to have a sparring partner.
    Someone who works in the same field of personal and spiritual development.
    I can help you to work on limiting patterns.
    Or maybe better for me someone who is good in things like internet, marketing, website, online business etc
    I live in Amsterdam, online communication is also possible if you live far from me.
    Have a beautiful day ????????

  50. Clemie v.d. Boorn


    First of all, I want to thank everyone who replied to me the days before.
    I really appreciate your comments.

    Yes, I would like to have a buddy.

    I have preferences for skills: be honest and reliable. We have to trust each other.
    To work with people who complement my skills would be the best for me.
    A buddy doesn’t have to be an expert, but they are doing already the things I still have to do, so I can learn from their experience.

    The skills I’m looking for concerning marketing:
    – How to recognize opportunities?
    – Where to find and reach my target audience (employees between 35 and 55
    – Presenting a great pitch.
    – How to show up on top at Google with my website.
    – Get my website optimized contentwise.
    – Optimize the use of Facebook and Linkedin.
    – Writing blogs.

    I’m living in Maastricht. We can meet, call (skype) and mail each other. I travel if needed.
    And….I’m a great coach!

    I’m curious about your comment,


    • Naomi Dongelmans

      Hi Clemie, maybe we can have a chat to become each other’s buddies. I live in Maastricht as well, so easy to meet. I’m a GP and run a dance school which keeps on growing with over 500 students and organise 2 dance festivals a year. I became quite good at marketing, Facebook etc so I can help you with that. I want to finish my book (after 3 years :S) so therefore I need a kick in the ass… What do you think? Maybe we’re a good fit?

      • Clemie v.d. Boorn

        Hello Naomi,

        Great! lets contact!
        We can call on Monday.
        My phonenumber is 06 46427738.
        Please let me know if that fits for you.


      • Clemie v.d. Boorn

        Hello Naomi,

        Great! Lets contact!
        I will call your dance school on Monday.


  51. Ishwari van Teylingen

    I would love to have an accountability partner for creating videos for online marketing. Preferably someone that also has to make videos for online presence.

    We can keep each other accountable to create videos and with all steps involved in the process.

    My physical location is Utrecht, the center of the Netherlands, but we can also connect online.

    • Jacomien Ilbrink

      Hi Iswahri, I don’t make video’s yet, but it would be sooo good to do it. I’m in the process of creating a blended learning program and video just goes with that! I’m in the vicinity of Arnhem. Let’s connect?

  52. Nienke Dekkinga

    Good morning,

    I would love to have an accountable buddy.
    Who can help me to stay on track?
    It would be nice if this buddy knows something about sales funnels en automation (I use ActiveCampaign).
    I live in Hilversum, it would be nice to meet up sometimes. Like to have some work time together. But through calls is fine too.
    Right now I am in the middle of launching my online program. And planning on making more different online programs.

    • Shirley Jane

      Hi Nienke,

      I made a simple video training about Active Campaign, however, I have problems downloading Moodle on my computer. So, I’m not able yet to offer it as an online training. Maybe you can help me with this? Then you can see the video’s for free, use all the knowledge and give me some feedback on the content?

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        Apparently I wasn’t totally clear about what I want, sorry for that. I do have knowledge of AC (ok not enough), I have a course from Thijs van Halewijn. But for me it’s handy if someone knows the same systems I use and speak the same language. So AC is not the most important thing I look in a buddy, but helping eachother developing salesfunnels and automations more.

    • Josja Biessen

      Hi Nienke, To help you, check the FB page active campaign Nederland. Those people have the knowledge of Active.

      Succes, Josja

      • Nienke Dekkinga

        Thanks for your reply. I am in that group and in the group of Thijs van Halewijn, really handy.
        It’s more that I want for a buddy the use of the same systems, because you speak more the same language.
        And of course I can use some more knowledge in AC, although I do have a course for it.

  53. Mireille Vandevorst

    Belgium entrepreneur.
    Yes, it sounds be Nice to have a sparring partner die the technical decisions.
    Wich CRM, accountant, website, file funnel, …

  54. Anita Wols

    I would like to have a buddy to help me with focus
    It would be nice if my buddy has the skill to say things just the way they are
    My main location is Zwolle
    The best way to get in touch with me is by mail

  55. Yolanda van Zuijlen

    Would be great to find a buddy! I am a Feng Shui and Astrology life coach and trying to build up my market more and more. An entrepreneur since 10 years but just made a shift in what I offer. Looking for a buddy who is pro-active, skills in marketing, already an entrepreneur for a couple of years and just a fun person. What I can offer: lots of ideas and creativity, action-minded, problem solver, can help you look at things differently.
    You can contact me on Looking forward to your reply! Yolanda

    • Rudolph Huizinga

      Hi Yolanda,

      Today I posted a comment as well and looking at what you can offer you might be a good match for me. But that’s only half of the game. It is also about you and the way you can use support. Shall we find out if and how we can help each other?

      • Yolanda van Zuijlen

        Hi Rudolph,
        Sorry for my late response. Just catching up on my emails.
        You might have already found a buddy?

  56. Ciska Menting

    I am Veterinary homeopath in Didam, I’m not really looking for a coach. But if I have to choose a buddy to consult, it is someone who supports me in social media and someone who gives me the last push in completing work. Please comment below or via

  57. Willy Valk

    Good morning! I love having a business coach, we have an online meeting today 🙂 But I would love an accountability buddy for making a video. It’s not my favourite marketing tool and it’s getting more and more important.

    Also today my new webcam for HD streaming video’s will be delivered so no excuses. I have a great mic so the equipment is there.

    Now the subjects and planning.

    Anyone who thinks can help me with really be accountable for recording the video’s is invited to respond 😉

    Also if you need help with really implement your online marketing, I’m happy to help!

    Ps online working (skype) is fine with me

    • Ishwari

      Hi Willy,
      I also have to record videos for online marketing in the short term. I don’t have all the equipment yet, but I can arrange it.

      I also have a video business coaching program with many how-to tools.

      I can use some help to implement online marketing very well.

      • Willy

        Hi, thanks. Can I contact you by e-mail?

    • Jellie van der Veen-Banga

      Hi Willy,
      I am looking for a buddy too. Can we give it a try and see if there is a click?
      Regards, Jellie

      • Willy Valk

        Thanks for your reply, I’d like to contact you by e-mail so we can find out if there is a match 🙂

  58. Yvette Backer


    I do miss an accountability buddy. I do have a business partner, but that feels different to me.
    I would prefer someone working also B2B, maybe also IT, organisational advice. Someone also working as an entrepreneur or self-employed for some years.
    My main location is east of the Netherlands, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zwolle, Arnhem.
    To start getting in touch I prefer mail,


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