Business Reboot Challenge Day 9 – Forget Your Hourly Rate

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Day 9 – Forget your hourly rate

Hey challenger!


If you are earning your money by selling your knowledge, experience, advice, content, expertise… then you have an “Expert Business”.

And most experts I know don’t understand the unique business model of an Expert Business and as a result, never fulfill the true potential of their expertise.

We cover this unique business model in “The Expert Masterclass”, as well as many other topics, but with today’s challenge, I want to help you get started with the process…

You probably worked so hard to create your product or service – that you don’t have a clue – how much more potential it has.

Your product or service is only a seed.

You need to plant it, you need to nourish it & water it and when you do that – your product or service will grow to become a money tree.

Your product or service is the seed – you are the … gift.

Here is how you can unlock your expertise full potential.

Link to IndieGoGo

 Nisandeh Neta



  • Extract 6 lessons from your main product/service/book/training/etc…
  • For each lesson come up with 3 actionable steps in teaching this lesson
  • Think of a way to package each of these lessons to become a new product by itself (seminar, DVD, coaching program, etc…). Give it a name.

So, take a few minutes and do this exercise, and share your ideas with us in the comments box below.

Tips to get the most out of Day 9

Pro Tip 1: Think it through well. Try to look at your product/service in different ways.

Pro Tip 2: Define a success path:  Define the practical steps that determine the journey you want your customers to go through. Where do they start? Where do you want them to go? What are the milestones and the intermediate steps in between?

Pro Tip 3: Help others: Respond to their comments with feedback and ideas that can enrich their input.

Go ahead and complete your assignment in the comment box below.



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Today’s special perk is the course “The Expert Masterclass” for €97,- (normal price €497,-)

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Package your knowledge in lucrative new ways
  • Serve many more clients and make a much bigger impact
  • Stop getting paid for your time and start getting paid for your value


  1. Merel Slotboom

    Hi Nisandeh,
    Thanks for this opportunity to look at my business in this way.

    Ik have made 3 products for three different fields I am expert in. I’ll share with you one. I’m a Brain Gym trainer. My target audience are teachers, childrens coaches and parents that want to support children to enjoy school by helping them with nice excercises that unblock their defence systems and help them to read, write, focus, organise and communicate better.

    With this series of 6 videos I want to get them to know BG as a front end to my course (back end). I want them to experience what it does to them, so they get excited and want to continue for themselves and their kids.

    1. Finding your own PACE (rythm of learning) E: drink water, C: massage brain buttons A: cross crawl P: hook ups.
    2. Goal setting with the PACE model P: positive, A: active, C: clear, E: energetic.
    3. Preactivity: feel in your body where there is discomfort concerning your goal. check eyes, ears, walk arround, laugh, focus.
    4. A few Brain Gym excercises
    5. Postactivity: feel your body concerning your goal. Check eyes, ears, walk arround, laugh, focus. Jump up and celebrate your change.
    6. A complete protocol

    Hope to hear feedback. Thank you. Love, Merel

  2. Jacqueline Blankenstein

    Wow, a very good assignment! But hard too. My main product will be a (not yet available but working on) online program in a healthy lifestyle for kids. Form pregnancy, birth and thereafter. So, Lessons could be to separate it and in the lifestyle too, separate all topics.

    Natural healthy pregnancy
    Natural Birth
    Natural healthy diet 4 kids
    Natural activities and upbringing 4 kids
    Natural care and nurturing 4 kids
    Natural emotional health 4 kids

    I would package all of them again in smaller online courses. The online program has all of them in it.
    There is also a VIP day (live) where they will learn all of it to implement in their personal day/lifestyle.

    Ideas or suggestions are welcome!

  3. Anita Pieterman

    Lessons that I can give to my target audience and make into products.

    1 How do I recognize a threatening burnout
    product paper

    2 What can I do by default in a burnout to support my body
    product paper

    3 how do I keep the balance between my private situation and my work.
    product reading

  4. Dennis Keim

    1) Design considerations:
    – preferred use of space and which appliances to use for yourself (inside), or share (outside)
    – on or off-grid
    – climate, proper placement and applying passive building techniques

    2) Different ways and reasons for applying and building with:
    – wood, metal, plastic
    – reclaimed or new
    – where and how to get the proper materials

    3) Waste management:
    – water treatment
    – composting greens, or feeding animals
    – composting toilets

    4) Harvesting:
    – water
    – heat
    – electrical energy

    5) Insulation:
    – building requirements by law
    – different aspects of insulation
    – different combinations of insulation materials and principles

    6) Different philosophies for lean and green living:
    – transition towns and local economies
    – cradle to cradle
    – permaculture

  5. IBOLYA Moor

    i am a little behind wth the challange. But i will answer this assignment.
    I wrote a book. Book for pleasure and education f you want. I makes you thinking about important matters and ancient wisdom.

    I write blogs, post daily info and make vlogs. Make a you tube canal.

    Further i want to learn speaking for an audience.

  6. Yvette van Boven

    My lessons and 3 actionable steps in teaching these lessons are:

    1. Focus on what you want and not on what you do not want

    – How to become a vibrational match to what you want and how to make it happen
    – Learn how to detach yourself from the illusion of what seems to be your reality.
    – Learn how to create from the inside out: You are the creator of your reality

    2. Your thoughts can transform your life

    – How to get what you want by changing your thoughts
    – Learn to unlearn all limited thoughts and how to take the fast track
    – Rewire the information network in your body to activate your immune system by
    changing your thought patterns.

    3. Be grateful

    – Learn to heal what you do not want with the attitude of gratitude.
    – Don’t let your challenges overwhelm you – Stop focusing on what you do not have.
    – Accept “what is” despite appearances – How to recognize your blessings

    4. Connect with your inner source

    – Learn how to reconnect with your inner source of power
    – How to not give your power away and stay unattached, unshaken, unmoved,
    unaffected, and unterrified during difficult times
    – How to align yourself with your inner source of power.

    5. All challenges are gifts to help you

    – Challenges try to scare you – Refuse to be interested
    – Learn that setbacks are only detours in a better direction and that each of life’s
    challenges can be a gift, if you allow it to.
    – Learn to look for the gifts and the lessons.

    6. Decide to go for Victory

    – Stop being a victim by becoming a victor – It is just a decision
    – Aim at just one result: becoming a survivor.
    – How to not let your fears become a “self-fulfilling prophecy.

  7. Saskia de Rooy

    Hello All,
    This takes quite some thinking for me and still it is a hard nut to crack…
    Lesson one;
    How to read art;
    -Is it fun?
    -Will it provide wisdom?
    -How will I profit from watching art?

    Lesson two;
    -How to find and buy art for joy and investment

    Lesson 3
    -How to get your own work of art suited for you; the golden guide for placing an assignment.

    Lesson 4
    -How art can improve your office

  8. Gabi Grupe

    I have a retail business, so this doesn’t really apply to me. However, I also do a little breastfeeding consulting on the side and this might be an intensive to dive deeper into the service industry.
    1) How to have a good start with breastfeeding.
    Birth and days following
    Home with new baby
    Common Breastfeeding Challenges in the early days

    I have been doing this as a free seminar, but would like to start getting paid. So I could make it into a webinar.

    2) Breastfeeding the premature baby
    Supporting parents and babies in the NCU
    How to build your supply when you are separated from your baby
    Kangaroo care

    3) How to prepare for breastfeeding
    Importance of active participation in labor
    Breastfeeding plan

    4) Breastfeeding multiples
    Challenges with more than one baby
    Practical advice
    Building a supply for two or more babies

    5) Tandem Nursing
    How to make sure everyone is happy
    Tips and tricks – Practical advice
    Loving guidance

    6) Night Nursing
    How much sleep does my baby need
    How to get some sleep for tired mom
    safe cosleeping

    7) Weaning
    Child lead weaning
    when is my baby ready for solids
    first foods

    Webinars, Skype sessions, new website… new project for me 🙂

    Wow… I have a new business!!!

  9. Monique van Dam

    My website upgrade and SEO work will be more offered into trainings in 2018.

    * SEO introduction and inspiration training for female entrepreneurs (not hands-on)
    * SEO strong blog writing (practical workshop)
    * SEO spreekuur (SEO support hour)
    * SEO inspirational speech for networks and businesses (communication teams)

    Questions I have for female challengers. If you know the importance (and fun) of SEO, would you want to pick it up yourself or have someone else do it for you? 🙂

    Thanks for your reactions.

  10. Francis Dalebout

    Hmm.. I’m not a coach/teacher, I don’t sell knowledge to people, I treat animals fór them. For which I ask a fixed price, by the way, I don’t have an hourly rate.
    I just can’t think of any way to do this challenge with my line of work.
    The only ‘product’ I plan to ‘sell’ is a short Homeopathic First Aid course where people learn to use a few remedies for simple clinical acute problems on their own.
    I plan to give this course on 4 evenings or two afternoons, in which people learn some basic theory about homoeopathy and the characteristics of those few remedies. People who attended the complete course are then allowed to buy the First Aid kit with the remedies and a small book with the remedies in it.

  11. Eli te Winkel

    I loved today’s challenge. It took me some time in an already busy day, but I like the result. Any feedback is welcome.

    The 6 lessons to get from burn-out to energy

    1. Take rest
    a. Know why you should take rest
    b. Know how to take rest
    c. How to allow yourself to take rest
    Form: Short e-course (maybe e-book)

    2. Build up your daily energy
    a. Physical energy: right kind of physical activity
    b. Mind energy: right kind of mental activity
    c. What not to do
    Form: e-course video’s

    3. Meditate
    a. What is meditation
    b. How to meditate in a way that supports healing burn-out
    c. How to deal with side-effects and difficult moments in meditation
    Form: live course

    4. Get to the root of the problem
    a. Finding the causes of the burn-out
    b. Finding the underlying root couse in yourself
    c. Fix it
    Form: Coaching program

    5. Rebuild yourself
    a. Find your source of energy
    b. Free your source
    c. Tap into your source
    Form: Coaching program

    6. Integration
    a. Integrate your source in daily life
    b. Discover the road ahead
    c. Make the needed changes in life
    Form: Coaching program

    • Marieke de Hoop

      A very well thought program. I am sure I will need to come back half a year later to check on your program and pick up the things I forgot about. And probably a year later I would like to have another check-up. Just to keep on implementing the worthwhile lessons.

  12. Marieke de Hoop

    De dag is bijna voorbij, wat een boeiend stuk werk is deze challenge.
    Ik geef mijn denkwerk nu de ruimte, maar werk er graag aan door en reacties zijn welkom.
    Basic workshop/course
    Lesson 1: papiermakers gereedschap maken.
    A: schepraam maken
    B: pers maken
    C: pulp gereedschap verzamelen/maken

    Lesson 2: pulp maken van reststromen, deel worden van de circulaire economie.
    A: welke afvalstromen zijn te gebruiken voor papierpulp, technische en praktische tips voor het verzamelen en ‘bewaren” van vezels totdat ze voorbereid kunnen worden.
    B: oogsten en voorbereiden vezels, iedere deelnemer een andere vezel, tesamen 10 verschillende pulpen.
    C: malen of hameren van vezels tot pulp.

    Lesson 3: papier maken van reststromen, het verhaal in de circulaire economie.
    A: informatief over gebruik van papier in het dagelijks leven, hoe vaak per uur heb je papier in je handen?
    B: papier scheppen zoals het in China is ontstaan en in de westerse wereld al 1500 jaar wordt gedaan.
    C: Alternatieve technieken papiermaken, geïnspireerd door ambachtsmensen van Azië Afrika en Zuid-Amerika.

    Alledrie deze lessen kunnen tot e-learning lessons worden verwerkt. In eerste instantie zijn ze live.

    Thema workshop
    Lesson 4: Papier met een Verhaal maken. Papier voor een eigen feest, trouw, doop, rouw en hoop. Als grondstof wordt persoonlijk (versleten) kleding (/textiel) gebruikt.
    A: beslissen welk textiel wordt gebruikt en het verhaal eromheen. Bedenken welk product (papier/boek/kunstwerk) ervan wordt gemaakt.
    B: voorbereiden textiel en pulp malen.
    C: papier maken, persen en drogen.
    Deze workshop moet live en in een (eigen) groep worden gedaan. Hierbij spelen therapeutische motieven een rol

    Lesson 5: Lezing papier maken in de circulaire economie, wat kan je thuis doen om deel te zijn van deze economie. Ontdek wat 100% katoen (op het label in je T–shirt) werkelijk betekent.
    A: wat is de circulaire economie?
    B: verhaal circulaire economie toegespitst op papier maken.
    C: powerpoint en voelpapier werkstuk/ reizende expositie maken

    Lesson 6: Maak je eigen Kunst Papier, Papier voor je Kunst. For silk printing, etsen/etching, marmeren/marbling/ebru, origami, bookbinding.
    A: bepalen welk papier je wilt maken en daarvoor de juiste hulpstoffen voorbereiden
    B: pulp maken
    C: papier scheppen.

  13. Gordana Kierans

    Dear Challengers
    Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    I either haven’t understood the assignment or I stick out of the group. Either way, the reality is that, in addition to my writing, I can only think about the Circular Economy and reconnecting with Mother Earth. These two topics are actually linked because I teach my students to see the world around them. At the core of the Circular Economy we mimic Mother Earth where the concept of waste does not exist. Everything is food for something else. We can make this systemic shift possible when we understand Mother Earth.

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      Dear Gordana,
      You actually have written down all the topics that you could easily pack into a program, eBook or lecture!

      When you explain each topic it will contribute to our wisdom and understanding. It would clarify our challenge to become aware and make our planet a sustainable, cleaner, healthier, natural, enjoyable place.
      You can also put small assignments in between that will influence our daily thoughts, routines and habits.


  14. Marcel Heijnes

    Till now is this the most challenging day. That’s why I’m not complete ready for this step.

    My idea is:
    Shoulder issues? 5 strategy’s to get in touch with the sources.

    A training with persons who have already a personal Shoulder-issues Reset Traject for there shoulder problems.

    Lessons which are to get in that training:
    • How to discover your pain-event-connection
    • Which insight gives this discovering
    • Which emotions and thoughts are a motor for stress
    • The knowledge of absorbing the pain-event-connection
    • Where to start with the insight, priorities.
    • Homework, tips to watch films, read books.

    Love your comments.
    Warm regards, Marcel

  15. Margreet van Bork

    Lessen die ik kan geven voor mijn doelgroep die om te zetten zijn in producten :
    Lessons that I can give for my target audience and make into products.

    1 Sta met beide voeten op de grond.
    Stand with both your feet on the ground
    A voordelen van met je beide voeten op de grond staan
    advantages of standing with both feet on the ground
    B hoe weet je of je op de grond staat?
    how do you know that you are standing on the ground?
    C energetische oefeningen en oefeningen in het denken
    energetic exercises and exercises for the mind

    2 Communicatie
    A het effect van communiceren
    the effect of communication
    B hoe je communiceert zonder ergernis op te wekken
    how you communicate without arousing annoyance
    C oefeningen voor communicatie die de ander doet luisteren
    exercises for communication that makes the other person listen

    3 Keuzes maken
    Making choices
    A redenen waarom je geen keuzes maakt
    reasons why you don’t make choices
    B wat je helpt om wel keuzes te maken
    things that are helpful for you to make choices
    C oefeningen die het vergemakkelijken om keuzes te maken
    exercises that make it easier to make choices

    4 Weten wat je wilt
    Knowing what you want
    A redenen waarom je niet weet wat je wilt
    reasons why you don’t know what you want
    B ontdekken wat jij wilt
    discover what you want
    C oefeningen om te ontdekken wat jij wilt
    exercises to discover what you want

    5 Altijd klaar staan voor anderen
    Always ready for others
    A waarom je klaarstaat voor anderen
    why you are always ready for others
    B je bewust worden van jouw proces
    to become conscious of your process
    C oefeningen in ‘nee’ zeggen
    exercises in saying ‘no’

    6 Kiezen voor jezelf
    Choose for yourself
    A de voordelen van kiezen voor jezelf
    the advantages of choosing for oneself
    B hoe egoïstisch ben jij als je voor jezelf kiest?
    how egoistic are you when you choose for yourself
    C oefeningen om tijd te maken voor jezelf
    exercises for making time for yourself

    Het is een set van 6 video lessen, webinars of workshops voor beginners in mijn doelgroep. De lessen zijn los te volgen of als een geheel pakket.
    It is a set of 6 video lessons, webinars ore workshops for starters in my target audience. The lessons can be followed separately ore as a package.

    Alle lessen zijn op gebouwd uit een stuk algemenere info gevolgd door een persoonlijker gericht stuk en afgesloten door praktische, korte, eenvoudige oefeningen.
    Al the lessons start with information on the topic. That is followed by a more personal piece and the lessons and with practical, short, easy exercises.

  16. Lenie Verhulst

    Hmm, difficult this one. But I also see the value of this assignment, but I need some more time to think about this…

  17. Mirjam van Galen

    Alright. This one scratched my mind. But here we go!

    The six lessons I have to offer, all presented in three steps:

    1. How to relax in a stressful situation
    A. The power of breathing
    B. Separate emotions from the situation
    C. You have a secret weapon!

    2. Get to know your inner powers
    A. A personal mindmap
    B. Collecting skills
    C. Never lie to yourself

    3. Deal with physical tension
    A. Learn to recognize your personal physical symptoms of stress
    B. How to look at them open minded?
    C. The power of words

    4. Achieve your goals
    A. Get to know your goals
    B. Get to know your values
    C. Then what…?

    5. Discover what you really want
    A. Get it clear: your yes-feeling
    B. Get it clear: your no-feeling
    C. How to use what you discovered

    6. Get into a powerful mind
    A. Catch your thoughts
    B. The rules of the microscope
    C. Be your own trainer

    The package for each lesson:
    • Video 1
    • Exercise 1
    • Video 2
    • Exercise 2
    • Video 3
    • Exercise 3
    • 1 Individual session

    I’m very curious: which package / lesson would you buy immediately?

  18. Patricia Leenaarts

    A nice assignment, I still have a lot of work to do, this is the first result of my reflections:

    A combination of theory and exercises to become a relaxed mother

    1 relax weekend:
    – relax and breathing
    – moving your body and relaxing
    – visualization for your thoughts

    2 power weekend:
    – drawing and music
    – painting with yourself

    3 and 4: I don’t know yet

    All this to become a conscious mother for the happiness of your child and yourself.

  19. Karin Visser

    Wow, isn’t it amazing how this one works? All what we have done before is giving me keys to this assignment. And now I see that we are all experts! Product: A talk or presentation ‘How your Health Views make you Unhappy, get the Keys to a Happy Life’

    Lesson 2: The key to changing your life is Balance (realizing that the choice is yours every single moment, to create the life and health you wish for)

    Actionable steps:
    a. Understanding the definition and the principles of Balance
    b. Getting to assess/diagnose the imbalances in your own life
    c. Imagining and making the first step in creating a balanced life and health.

    >Product lesson 1 & 2: webinar ‘Learn to Create a new Relationship with your Health’.

    Lesson 3: The cause of your health condition is not only physical (creating the awareness that your condition is based in physical, emotional, mental and energetic disbalances)

    Actionable steps:
    a. Learning about the whole of the human system: body, mind, emotions and energy.
    b. Understanding that there is a condition is often created in more than one.
    c. Realizing that their own condition is caused in not only physical issues.

    >Product 1: Talk/Presentation ‘How your Health Condition is exists in more than just the Physical Body’
    >Product 2: Course ‘Find the Cause of your Condition yourself and become Whole again’.

    Lesson 4: You have chósen this condition (‘though cookie’ to swallow, confronting and creating a struggle to get to motivation in creating their own health situation)

    Actionable steps:
    a. Realising that you are not a victim, taking responsibility and wanting to change by
    yourself. It is in your hands, not the hands of someone else.
    b. Getting the understand the law of attraction.
    c. Learn about freedom of choice, unconscious and conscious choice and the effects of choice.

    >Product lesson 1,2,3: Talk/Presentation ‘Law of Attraction and creating a Healthy Happhy Life’

    Lesson 5. Your body is always working on healing yóu (making your body your friend and not your enemy)

    Actionable steps:
    a. Learning about the magnificent body and its energy systems
    b. Creating a new relationship with your body and feeling the awe and appreciation to des-infect the old beliefs about the body and self.
    c. Making the choice to heal and wanting to get to know the body better, working on balancing your health and life.

    >Product lesson 5: Talk/Presentation ‘Creating a Unique Relationship with your Amazing Healing Body’

    >Total product lesson 1-5:
    Online coaching program for the whole
    Or a real-life course/training

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      These are topics you will help a lot of people with Karin. I love the ‘You have chosen…” but that fits me most, and won’t be speaking to everybody.
      You’ll be awaited by a huge public and lots of company’s and insurances!

  20. Elisabeth Neutel

    A difficult one, since I’m developing a product. What do you guys think?

    Workshop “Op eigen kracht” / On their own
    This workshop is meant for single moms who experience difficulties in their divorce and maybe in their ex-relationship as well. They feel low on energy and are exhausted by everything they need to do (on their own).

    These 6 lessons will they learn including 3 actionable steps:
    1. setting goals → coaching program/workshop “Setting goals for a bright future”
    – define the goals
    – organize the goals
    – first steps short term
    2. managing family life and me-time → coaching program/book “Managing family life and me-time”
    – define 3 difficulties in single mom life
    – define what you would need to tackle these difficulties
    – decide on what you wanna work and create me-time
    3. dealing with your ex on emotional level and communicative (basics) → coaching “More happiness and success by really letting go”
    – roleplay
    – mindfulness/meditation to reach awareness of the problem behind the feeling
    – write down your insights
    4. setting boundaries and learn to say no → seminar/e-course “Healthy boundaries”
    – discover which type of boundary guard you are
    – mindfulness in the now
    – importance of social network: tips and tricks to find your positive surroundings
    5. learn to trust yourself (again) → e-course/workshop “The inner lioness revealed”
    – trust exercise with the group
    – trust exercise with the group
    – define what you need to trust yourself
    6. remember the why and never forget → workshop “Empowerment after divorce”
    – write down why you are divorced in 3 words on given paper
    – make a keychain out of this paper (lamineren)
    – mantra with your why to empower your believe

    • Patricia Leenaarts

      Hi Elisabeth, mooie training, ik had alleen een vraagteken bij de sleutelhanger met drie woorden waarom je gescheiden bent, wat zijn dat meestal voor woorden? of heb je de cursus nog niet gegeven? groetjes Patricia

      • elisabeth Neutel

        Hi Patricia,
        thanks 🙂 Always good to hear someone else opinion, much appreciated. The keychain can be anything, for example, fights, namecalling, hurt, abuse, betrayal, distrust, etc. Women who were in an abusive relationship tend to miss the relationship and forget how bad it was, due to the circle of abuse. They have a way of downplaying a situation. Feelings of shame and guilt are passing by. Strong words that describe the why are to never forget what was there, so you cannot downplay the ex-relationship.
        Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hello Elisabeth,

      I like your topis. Especially 3 because if you realize non-violent communication and love to your ex-partner it will benefits to yourself, your ex-partner and very important the kids.

      Regards, Marcel

      • Elisabeth Neutel

        Hi Marcel,
        thanks for the kind words. It’s important to hear someone else opinion. Much appreciated.
        Greetings, Elisabeth

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      I’m really impressed Elisabeth, I think this is something that is needed and welcome a lot!!! All the lessons speak to me, they are making it a whole package.
      Isn’t this Workshop ‘Op eigen kracht’ more like a program? A high-end product which takes several months? I would prefer to take time for this all and the lessons look more like workshops/trainings.

      • Elisabeth Neutel

        Hi Yvonne,
        thanks for the kind words, that’s really motivating me to reach my goals.

        I was thinking the same thing for the name of the workshop “Op eigen kracht”, but they’re so many workshops already called this why that it’s making it weak and not strong (that was my idea at least). Maybe “The strength of single motherhood/divorced women” or “Single moms after divorce” or “Single moms become lionesses” or “Inner strength as a divorced woman”. Do you have any suggestions?

        And yes, a long-term high-end product would fit the course and really strengthen the women that are divorced (or getting divorced).

        Greetings, Elisabeth

        • Yvonne van Gennip

          Get the best out of your single motherhood? Would that speak to you? I would take a name implicates a result. Or optimal single mom, Or How to be me a single mom, happier than ever?, something like that? I don’t know, it’s not it, but if I know something else I will let you know!

          • Elisabeth

            Thanks Yvonne,
            I really like your way of thinking and gonna brainstorm on it, aware of your valuable advice.
            Many thanks, Elisabeth

    • Marieke de Hoop

      Hoi Elisabeth,
      je hebt het duidelijk voor ogen. Een ervaren programma maker. Mooie variatie tussen coaching en e-course, De laatste les 6. is mij nog vaag. Het zou de kroon op het werk van de deelnemers moeten zijn, dus een feestelijke eind met het samen vieren van het behaalde doel lijkt me een mooi vooruitzicht.

      • Elisabeth Neutel

        Hi Marieke,
        thanks for taking the time to provide me with feedback, much appreciated. The 6th lesson indeed should be the crown on the work. I’m gonna sit on that. Maybe I’ll put in a return day to celebrate all the accomplishments. If you have more input in what direction I could think, that would be helpful.
        Greetings, Elisabeth

  21. Mariëtte Verlaan

    Dear challengers,

    To increase impact I developed this eCourse and I have these questions for you:
    1. What do you suggest needs a “tweak’ on this page?
    2. To receive more “in-depth” answers I am happy to send you my eCourse if you are willing to provide me with input on how to improve it. Preferably you are a garden owner with a curious approach and interest in spicing up your outdoor space.
    3. Would you recommend your friends to visit and buy the Book or eCourse? Why yes or why not?

    I look forward to your comments. Thank you!

    • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

      Hi Mariette, I like your product very much. I like gardening, nature, and Feng Shui, so this is a beautiful combination… I looked at the page and the course, and it seems to be a lot of value for this money. I think even 4 times the price would not be too much. But however, about the ‘tweak’, I find it hard to find, because the whole page is kind of ‘messy’ viewing on my laptop. The background picture repeats itself all the time, and the right-sidebar is very very long… Perhaps a more horizontal way of working would be more feng shui?

      • Mariëtte Verlaan

        Yes, I think you have a point. I will look if I can remove the sidebar from all shop pages. It’s too distracting. And I will also look at the background. I am not sure if the picture can be used as one big one. I chose the cover of my book for it contains all the lively elements (energies) of Feng Shui.

        You are absolutely right about the value for money. I will double/triple the price as of December 1st.
        Thank you so much for your comment! I am glad you love the topic and cheer me on!

    • Gordana Kierans

      Dear Mariëtte,
      Love your page because I cannot get enough of that topic.
      Since your main goal is to creat stunning, lush and Feng Shui designed gardens, I would put more pictures of this end goal: one huge image of an incredible garden. To create the connection to Fengsuhi, why not a picture with a pavillon or an arwana pond or some auspicious Chinese symbols like birds or peaches.
      What do you think?

      • Mariëtte Verlaan

        Dear Gordana,
        Your comments are so lovely to read and I also thank you for your e-mail. Let me know how I can help you.

        I will look for more pictures to tell my message. I want people to create natural Western havens and not just add Chinese symbols. My book has many examples of what a personal garden may look like. Plantings, ponds, birds, colorful flowers, beautiful shrubs and trees. I will dive into them and add them to my web pages and to the eCourse as well.

        I used to have a cherry blossom tree in previous websites. Very appealing as a Feng Shui tree and suitable to grow and bloom in European gardens.

  22. Connie van Rossum

    Good day everyone!

    It is a good eye-opener for me not to give my hourly rate, but to focus on what value I can deliver. I saw this assignment as describing what you exactly get when you hire me as a freelancer, what valuable product/result. For me, it is not ‘lessons’ but ‘value packages’ that can be specified with a certain price it costs you. I’ve written them in Dutch as my site is also in Dutch.

    1. Promotieplan waarmee je je merk in de schijnwerpers zet
    • Verdieping in doel, merk en doelgroep
    • Uitzoeken van optimale middelenmix binnen beschikbaar budget
    • Opstellen van plan: wanneer welk middel inzetten

    2. Merkpositionering vertaald naar huisstijl
    • Positioneringssessie om kernverhaal van het merk te achterhalen
    • Briefing voor vormgever voor ontwerpen huisstijl
    • Advies over te ontwikkelen corporate uitingen en tijdlijn

    3. Kwalitatieve communicatie-uitingen
    • Inventarisatie inzet van middelen, online en offline
    • Offertes, planning en afstemming met leveranciers
    • Coördinatie van totstandkoming van uitingen

    4. Organisatie van event
    • Offertes en afstemming leveranciers: locatie, catering, sprekers, acts, AV-middelen, communicatie e.d.
    • Draaiboek opstellen
    • Coördinatie van event

    5. Doelgroepgerichte, aansprekende teksten
    • Verdieping in onderwerp, doelgroep, middel en doel van de tekst
    • Tekstschrijven
    • Tekstcorrecties doorvoeren

    6. Een gesproken voice-over
    • Inventarisatie lengte, middel, doel en doelgroep van de tekst
    • Inspreken van de tekst in geluidsstudio
    • Montage door geluidsstudio

    If I work ad-interim somewhere for half a year, for example, I think I have to stick to an hourly rate. What do you think?

    • Patricia Leenaarts

      Hi Connie, misschien kun je van een aantal onderdelen een online programma maken.

    • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

      Hi Connie. Why hourly rate? You could also call it a ‘project-rate’, no? a specific goal, well defined, and you estimate your time/effort for it, that helps you set the price / period / hours
      and you could monitor your work well with this, no?

      • Connie van Rossum

        Tnx for your reply Maaike. I can try to make projects rate indeed!

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      Hi Connie, yes, I think that is usual (the ad-interim).
      I notice you have a lot of different qualities! What area speaks to you most?

      Sometimes it’s not really clear to me what you offer, like number 3.
      Number 4 would interest me the most for what I’m looking for.

      • Connie van Rossum

        Thx for your reply Yvonne! I like to do a mix of all actually 🙂 But the branding part I like best.

        I understand that 3 might sound cryptical. It’s my service to help produce websites, brochures, advertisements, etc. Communication means. This is not something that can be offered as a lesson, but as a value package of my service.

  23. Yvonne van Gennip

    I’m really with this assignment, I got more clarity about the possibility for different Lead magnets and products!
    1. Grip op jezelf in uitdagende situaties/Control your emotions in challenging situations
    – Pauze & Breathe,
    – Think about the negative consequences when you lose control,
    – Connect again with your child
    Product types: Coaching via Mastermind, 3 Video lessons, Audi lessons
    2. 3 Stappen die je moet weten als je kind huilt/3 Must-know steps when your child is crying
    – Remember there is a real cause of any crying (stress)
    – Embrace your child and keep quiet, or encourage the crying
    – Wait until your child finishes crying
    Product types: video lessons, audio lessons
    3. Causes of stress in a child’s life
    – Write down the possible causes of stress you think there are (per category)
    – Interact with someone about your writings and compare with the sheet (I give them)
    – Talk about ways to reduce these several ways of stress causes and implement it in your personal situation
    Product type: Seminar
    4. Why not get angry when your child is angry
    – The downside of getting angry to your child
    – Alternatives when you tend to get angry to your child
    – Do’s and don’ts when your child is angry
    Product types: Seminar, video lessons, audio lessons
    5. Must knows before you start having children
    – 7 misunderstandings about raising kids
    – Where are you now
    – Alternatives
    Product types: Seminar, video lessons, audio lessons,
    6. Lower the voice of the ego on behalf of your own voice
    – The downside of the ego

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      I wasn’t finished yet, so I’ll finish my last lesson:
      6. Lower the voice of the ego on behalf of your own voice
      – The downside of the ego
      – How the voice of the ego gets so loud
      – Ways to lower the voice of the ego

      Would be great to hear your comments :-)!

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Yvonne,
      I really like your ideas. Just by reading your answer I could tell you put a lot of effort into it and it was eyeopening. Good topics and 3 actionable steps.
      Greetings Elisabeth

    • Karin Visser

      Great work Yvonne! 🙂
      Love to follow some of your subjects. You are definitely an expert on communicating with your kids.

      Talk soon!

      • Yvonne van Gennip

        Thank you Karin, I’m happy to read this!
        Yes, we’ll talk soon!

        I’m curious to know more about your topics as I saw your video ‘push the buttons’ 🙂

        Take care!

    • Patricia Leenaarts

      Hi Nice program, it would be nice if this is offered by the obstetrician for young parents.

  24. Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

    Hello to you all
    – How to undermine obstacles on your path
    Get in / Get deeper / Come back

    – Best proven strategy to let your subconsciousness talk to you
    The trick / How to use it / Practise

    – The kind way to stay focused
    What happens deep inside? / The message / How to let it support you

    – Multidimensional alignment
    The techniques / practise / experiences

    – Stay connected to your highest Purpose
    Find it / picture it / align your life to it

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hoi Maaike,

      Nice topics.
      In which way are you offer them to your target audience. Workshops? Video?
      warm regards, Marcel

      • Maaike Bressers-Wiersma

        Hi Marcel, thank you for your comment…

        I am still trying to figure that out, to be honest. But I’ll try to put as much as possible online, so meditations, video combined with pdf worksheets etc… Although it will not be easy. Like ‘the trick’ (spiertesten) has got a lot to do with confidence, and that I need to think over very well. Maybe film a group learning it, so the viewer sees that everybody struggles in the beginning and that it works in the end…

  25. Silvia Segreteria

    1. How to relax in stressful situation in 3 steps
    – to breathe
    – to relax the body
    – to silent your mind
    Workshop 3 hours of training to learn and train the basic concept of dealing with stress

    2. Three ways to become free from your past and fulfill your potential
    – you are holding your past in your body and mind
    – you will learn how you are holding it and how to let go
    – You will achieve the ability to be new
    Physical training and coaching training to fulfill your potential. How?
    a. 16 individual meetings one a week
    b. training between each meeting at least 2 hours a week

    3. three steps to be young again
    What doesn’t allow us to be young is the way we perceive ourself, how we move and our history
    We could become young again by refreshing our mind and our body
    a. To break the routine of movements: training in a group (1 hour a week: 40 meetings, physical training)
    b. 8 private lessons using touch, instructions, movement
    c. daily training 5’ a day

    4. how to have a silent mind in daily life
    Our mind is full of ideas, repetitive thoughts, dreams, concerns… we need to silent our mind in daily life to have energy, pleasure in each moment of our life. We need to be silent to achieve what we want to.
    We have to learn
    – to relax body and mind through breathing and exercises
    – to plan the time or thinking
    – to break the routine of having a full mind
    4 hours workshop and 2 skype meeting

    5. Using breathing and movement as a bridge of relaxation
    You can choose between:
    a) Qi Gong and Yoga weekly classes
    b) workshop 2 hours

    • Yvonne van Gennip

      I love your topics Sylvia, maybe you can find an alternative for Skype meetings as that will cost you a lot of time for each person.

        • Yvonne van GEnnip

          Online masterminds/group sessions, Facebook, Q&A-Webinar. I understand the advantages of 1-to-1 but it costs so much time and in the group sessions other people can learn as well from your answers to a specific question.

  26. Mirjam de Nijs

    In my business, it’s a bit different. Parents don’t pay for themselves, but the government does (gemeente). I have to ask the government to approve my application for healthcare for the child (it’s already a package small/ big/ long term).

    But I’m brainstorming about an online training for parents after all the sessions. I’m thinking about an online training, so all the tools will be used after I’m done with the sessions. It’s a valuable training which parents can buy after they’ve seen what value I gave them in the sessions with them and their child.

    When parents don’t live nearby they can buy an online training with the same value, but whith a different approach (they start at the beginning).

    I have to overthink the ideas, but there is a beginning 😉

    • Marcel Heijnes

      Hello Mirjam,

      What I suggest is the online training sell with the reason that they can use it when there are implementing your advice’s. And look back what did Mirjam means with that advice and parents can look back in your program.
      The format I think, I’m totally not a expert, short video’s with one topic. FAQ but then in video.
      Success, warm regards, Marcel

  27. Clemie v.d. Boorn

    Hello all,

    It’s really good to think of this for me.

    My lessons as a coach for employees between 35 and 55 years:

    -1- Start with one topic ‘How to stay focussed under pressure’. Give a clear description at my website, Facebook and LinkedIn about the benefits for my target audience to get coached by me. (After this 30 days I can look how to improve my website with my new insights).

    -2- Get started with writing blogs

    -3- Write an e-book.

    -4- Advertise in Magazines.

    -5- Write a book.

    -6- Give presentations for free at firms.

    -7- Start with a workshop at a firm.

    -8- Then have coach sessions face to face.

    Then I will choose the next topic and take the same steps….

    I’m curious about your comments…..

  28. dana

    Hi, everyone!

    The topics I have chosen are:

    1) How do you choose a parity that works?
    2) Be successful in connecting and communicating and not just dating
    3) Create a double vision
    4) The balance between parenting and relationships
    5) The balance between personal development and relationships
    6) How do you deal with marital routine?
    7) Betrayal in marriage – is it the end of the story?
    8) Coping with a partner’s depression
    9) Coping with anxiety in parenthood and marital relationships

    The contents can be packaged using an audio disc, a video or a YouTube channel with a promotion.
    A magical and inspiring week!

    • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

      Hi Dana,

      I would be more focussed. Because AND dating AND dealing with marital routine are two totally separate things I would guess, that would both require a series of lessons.

      Kind regards,

    • Clemie v.d. Boorn

      Hello Dana,

      Looks oké to me. I have one question, what do you mean by ‘create a double vision?’


  29. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    Lesson 1: How to develop the companies why for cleaner, leaner and cleaner transport
    – Step 1 > Organise workshop
    – Step 2 > Do workshop following this structure: a) discuss why people are here, b) brainstorm about why, by having people ask each other 5 times and record this, c) select the top 3-5 most relevant reasons, d) discuss what is next
    – Step 3> Communicate about the why in the company and to customers

    Lesson 2: How to develop the employees why for cleaner, leaner and cleaner transport
    – Step 1 > Organise workshops
    – Step 2 > Do workshop following this structure: a) discuss why people are here, b) brainstorm about why, by having people ask each other 5 times and record this, c) select the personal top 3-5 most relevant reasons, d) discuss what is next
    – Step 3> Communicate about the personal why with colleagues

    Lesson 3: How to develop goals on cleaner, leaner and cleaner transport
    – Step 1 > Organise workshop with ambassadors
    – Step 2 > Do workshop following this structure: a) discuss why people are here, b) brainstorm about goals, c) select main goal, d) divide into sub-goals, e) discuss what is next
    – Step 3> Communicate about goals internally and externally

    Lesson 4 and 5: Select tactics for cleaner, leaner and cleaner transport
    – Step 4-1 > Research tactics with ambassadors
    – Step 4-2 > Do workshop with ambassadors selecting a short list of 25 tactics
    – Step 4-3 > Make a business plan for each tactic
    – Step 5-1 > Research how colleagues think about tactics
    – Step 5-2 > Research how clients think about tactics
    – Step 5-3 > Do workshop with ambassadors selecting 3 tactics for this year, 3 tactics for coming year and 3 tactics for the long term

    Lesson 6: Make a plan
    – Step 1 > Make a plan with the tactics that are selected
    – Step 2 > Secure the means to execute the plan
    – Step 3 > Celebrate success with ambassadors of having a good plan and discuss what is next.

    “CO2 afslankprogramma – implementatie masterclass”
    The CO2 slimming program – implementation master-class
    A master-class/mastermind style program for people that need to implement cleaner, greener and leaner transport.

    • Clemie v.d. Boorn

      Hello Dana,

      Looks oké to me. I have one question, what do you mean with ‘create a double vision?’


    • Marieke de Hoop

      Hoi Elske,
      You have stolen my heart with the goals you have set in your ZERO-E. Reading your lessons I see mostly workshops in which you and your participants have to talk a lot. As it is a mindset-shift you work on. I think it is a solid program. But seeing numbers and and facts (like Hans Rosling) and maybe even driving a week in an electric car, is that possible too?

      • Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

        Hi Marieke,

        Very happy to hear that!
        Yes, driving a week in an electric car is very much a possibility. But a different product. I just finished the Low Car Diet – I did it myself and I supported a client of me with the implementation:
        In – Step 4-1 > Research tactics with ambassadors the numbers and facts are also researched, as that a good decision can be made.


  30. Blanca Vergara

    This turns out to be my 2018 plan that will be the content of my membership site. Excited! Thank you, Nisandeh!
    I concentrate in high performance for international professionals.
    The whole exercise is a lot of content. So, here I just share my happiness and gratitude!

  31. Boukje Canaan

    I teach photographers to become specialized in capturing farewell moments. People don’t know us very well yet. So how to attract clients should be a very interesting online course I can offer. Just got all excited about implementing this assignment.
    I commit myself to get this off the ground in 2018!
    The list can be copied to other businesses, but of course, I give value on how to do this in the examples in the online course.

    Wow I loved this assignment!
    Thank you. I wrote this in half an hour in Dutch and will not translate into English (sorry) The course will be in Dutch first anyhow.
    I would love comments on it.

    6 lessen Hoe je jouw bedrijf als afscheidsfotograaf tot klantenmagneet maakt.

    1 Zorg dat je kunt laten zien wat je product inhoud
    Laat je allerbeste foto’s zien, zodat ze kunnen zien wat ze mogen verwachten
    Geef ze inzicht in een album – film een album
    Maak een diashow van een gehele reportage
    Omschrijf goed met voorbeelden wat mensen kunnen ontvangen
    Ik verbind hieraan de manier (script) hoe toestemming te vragen van je klant om foto’s te gebruiken die zo intiem zijn.

    2 Zorg dat je kunt laten zien dat je dienst waardevol is
    Vraag om recensies en zet deze op je site
    Film een interview met een van je beste klanten
    Laat anderen recensies plaatsen over je werk op verschillende media kanalen (FB, LinkedIn, Google, enz.) lijst delen met manieren om online zichtbaarheid te vergroten
    Ik verbind hieraan de manier om recensies te vragen op je werk; template, email, enz.

    3 Zorg dat je feedback krijgt op je werk
    Wanneer je blogt kun je om reacties vragen.
    Vraag naar de ervaringen van klanten en evalueer deze
    Vraag om reacties van de mensen waarmee je werkt, buiten je klant om
    Ik verbind hieraan de manier om recensies te mogen ontvangen per email – template

    4 Zorg dat je jouw ervaringen deelt
    Plaats met toestemming je meest bijzondere verhalen om aan te tonen wat jij doet
    Laat jezelf fotograferen/filmen als je aan het werk bent (en plaats dit online)
    Ik verbind hieraan een online workshop – hoe start je dit, waarmee vul je dit, wat vertel je hierin, enz.

    Jouw ervaringen laten iets van jezelf zien waardoor je aantoont:
    5 Zorg dat je laat zien dat je uniek bent
    Alleen jij doet het op jouw manier, want jijzelf bent uniek
    Op welke manier kun jij laten zien dat je anders bent dan anderen?
    Welke producten of diensten zet jij in?
    Ik verbind hieraan de lijst met manieren om waarde toe te voegen

    6 Zorg dat je ze extra’s kunt bieden na gedane zaken
    Denk na over jouw overdeliver – gift
    Houd contact met je klant
    Wat kun je nog betekenen na een opdracht?
    Ik verbind hieraan een lijst met mogelijkheden om te gebruiken wat ik gebruik… templates, print voorbeelden, plekken om spullen aan te schaffen voor een goede prijs.

    Dit is een pakket dat ik online kan aanbieden. Ik houd een webinar/video met uitleg waarin ik uitleg geef over elk onderdeel en wat je kunt doen als ondernemer. Dan kan men kopen wat elk van de onderdelen aan uitwerking heeft inclusief de uitleg en templates die ze in kunnen gaan zetten voor hun eigen bedrijf. Niet nadenken, maar overnemen en doen. Voorwerk heb ik gedaan, ik weet wat werkt en wat niet. Koop dit pakket en maak van je bedrijf een klanten-magneet.

    Wat do you think? Attractive enough?

    • Shirley Jane

      Hi Boukje,

      is ‘afscheidsfotograaf’ a known word in your photographer’s world? I wouldn’t have understood the meaning, but I’m no photographer. Sure, your topics are well-known in business coaching land, however, you determined a very specific group, which probably makes you the big fish in the pond. I suggest to do some research first: are photographers – who want to learn to become specializes in capturing farewell moments – unaware of these topics? Do they need this content, is it valuable to them? It seems valuable enough to me, but I’m not your target audience.

      • Boukje Canaan

        Hi Shirley,

        Yes, I did research in this for over 4 years now. They have absolutely no clue how to do this. So I’m absolutely positive I give them the right information. And it will be applied towards my specific target audience.

        Thank you for asking this question to reassure me!

        • Shirley Jane

          That’s great news! Good luck with this program, you’re going to make a lot of photographers happy!

    • Patricia Leenaarts

      Hoi Boukje, ziet er super uit, dit kun je zo maken en on-line zetten. Gedurende je weg om het verder uit te werken valt er vast nog meer op z’n plaats. Succes met deze mooie training.

  32. Timon Vinke

    Very interesting perspective.

    I took some time and haven’t finished yet, but here’s what I got so far.

    1. Increase your competitiveness
    a. Increase the production
    b. Decrease the downtime
    c. Manage costs

    2. The optimization process
    a. Understand the production process
    b. Analyze the project data
    c. Apply the DICE cycle

    3. The workings of a CSD

    4. The DICE optimization cycle
    a. Determine
    b. Implement
    c. Calculate
    d. Enforce

    5. Master the pump process
    a. Understand the pump
    b. Predict the pump
    b. Control the pump

    • Shirley Jane

      While reading your list, I assume that you have something valuable to offer. Makes me wonder what’s your mission? What do you offer to whom?

      • Timon Vinke

        My mission is to have all dredging (baggeren) companies in the world operate at peak performance by optimizing the output of their dredgers.

        My target audience are medium to large dredging companies. I offer consultancy for dredger production increase and training for personnel so that they can use the dredger more fully.

        • Shirley Jane

          Oh, haha, that makes it clear. I thought it was about business developmental coaching 🙂

  33. Shirley Jane

    For my training van Leven vol Energie: ‘Neem regie over je energie’ (Take control of your energy) I came up with 5 lessons:

    (T.a.: people who often raise the bar too high, get tired too often, are very sensitive to the emotions/opinions of others and have problems with our over stimulated (overprikkeld?) society)

    1. Let it go

    a. Body self-test: “Do I have obstructing energies?”
    b. Mind: Get rid of the sh*t!
    c. Spirit: Get rid of the negative emotions of others

    2. Re-load

    a. Body: How to re-load your body
    b. Mind: How to re-load you mind
    c. Spirit: re-load your spiritual body

    3. Stop getting over the limit
    a. Body self-test: How far do you go over the line?
    b. Mind: How to say ‘no’ and take care of yourself (instead of others)?
    c. Spirit: How to put yourself back in the center

    4. Grounding: simple exercises for massive changes in your energy

    Why put your fingers in salt?
    Why sticking your ‘tail’ in the ground doesn’t always work
    Why pulling out a cigarette with your foot is beneficial

    5. Reset (unbalance in) your body, mind and spirit in less than 5 minutes

    a. the 3 beneficial rings
    b. the golden tree
    c. take an energetic shower without using water
    d use a waterfall of light

    I wasn’t sure about the meaning of the’3 actionable steps.’ I guess:

    1. Accept the help that I was offered
    2. Making the video’s and putting them on an educational platform like Moodle
    3. Getting more clients to read my free E-book and think of 5 giveaways before I sell this training

    • Timon Vinke

      Hi Shirley,

      Good work, seem like very good products to me.

      Only 4.3 made me wonder what you mean with the cigarette?

      And as for the actionable steps. I interpreted them as being the steps for each product. So the three steps you put down are the bonus actions for yourself. 🙂

      • Shirley Jane

        Tnx for your feedback Timon. When I was writing this, I was thinking ‘How on earth would anyone think this is valuable?’ Little “mindsetback”.

        And 4.3 is, of course, a teaser: it’s actually an exercise to (pretend) you step on a cigarette and stop it from burning: you know, pulling your toes in the ground circling your ankles 🙂

        • Timon Vinke

          It appears that you do suffer from a slight “mind setback”, but with the help of these kinds of comments, I’m sure we can cure you of that. 😉

          And 4.3 is now clearly understood.

          • Shirley Jane


    • Jolanda Mulder

      Looks really good: clear, accessible, practical, holistic. Good luck with it!

      • Shirley Jane

        Thanks! Self-esteem is rising… 😉

    • Boukje Canaan

      Hi Shirley,
      I had never heard of Moodle. Why not make your training to sell on your own website? Or could you tell me the advantages of using Moodle?

      The set up looks good!

      • Shirley Jane

        Hi Boukje,

        Moodle is like Kayabi, Learndash, Wishlist: a platform where clients can follow your online training. (Unfortunately, Moodle and I have communicational problems, after a week I still don’t have it on my computer) So, the selling is on my own page, the training is not.

      • Jacqueline Blankenstein

        Hi Boukje,
        Sorry to comment on you again here. But I need help in putting my online course online too. How would you recommend it to sell on my own website? Can it be a plugin pretty easy or do I have to buy something or let it be done by someone? (:-( Budget difficulty)
        And I’m not really great with all the technical stuff but I could fill in a template.:-)
        Love to hear how exactly you meant about to sell on your own website!
        Greets Jacqueline

    • Mirjam van Galen

      Hi Shirley,

      I really like your distinction in body/mind/spirit. That seems to underline the way you work. Nice!

      Have a nice day,

      • Shirley Jane

        I made this distinction because many people seem to either working on the body (sport, yoga) mind (mindfulness, psych. therapy, mindset) or spirit (and get all fluffy about it). I think that if you want to grow or balance yourself you need to work on all three.
        Kindest regards!

        • Mirjam van Galen

          Haha, the fluffyness 🙂

          I totally agree with you! Good job, keep on doing it.

          Have a nice evening,

    • Elisabeth Neutel

      Hi Shirley Jane,
      Good topics. 1-3 are based on body, mind and spirit and feel a bit separated and don’t come together. Also on 4 and 5, it feels like there’s nothing after the three actionable steps. Maybe you can describe: Where do they start? Where do you want them to go? What are the milestones and the intermediate steps in between?
      Greetings Elisabeth

      • Shirley-Jane Jasper

        Hi Elisabeth,

        thanks for your reply. The exercises for each part (body, mind and spirit) make them come together. You cannot to the one, without affecting the other. But I see your point. Also in 4 and 5. In my e-book, I do make ‘bridges’ to each chapter.

        And yes, I understand why you think nothing is after the 3 steps. That’s indeed a weak point of mine: I don’t see the end, all I do is think of some steps, make them, monitor them, make up some more steps. and continue. I hate planning! (In my personal challenge this month I’m dealing with this).

        • Elisabeth Neutel

          First steps are important too 😉 Remember to stay in line 🙂


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