It’s time to close this chapter….

“You can’t close a chapter if you keep re-reading it.”



Are you sure? What about these people? What about making a difference? What about working from your heart? You’re such a failure if you quit… 

The voice in my head buzzed in the background for quite some time.

Even after I made the decision to stop with Life Plan Design and find my own way, it took time to become at peace with my decision.

It helps that I know that Nisandeh will return with something amazing and that I will be part of his team to create it. 

It also helps that I’m getting more and more clarity on where my path is, how I want to help to create a better world.

Also completing this chapter helped. 

Like most fellow entrepreneurs, I’m very good at starting something before I even finish my other project. But – we all need completion.

Completion means that you take the time to let go. Whatever it is that you say goodbye to, as long as you don’t find a way to actually close off, it will always nag in the back of your mind.

Completion means taking the time to evaluate– what went well, what could have been improved. Look at the things that could have been improved, dare to look honestly in the mirror how you messed up, and say OK. I messed up. Next time, this is what I will do to do it better. 

Last but not least, is completion a process of gratefulnessYou look at the things you learned, the things you nailed, the people you met and the difference that you made. 

In my very last blog, I want to give you a gift.

Let me share one of the biggest gifts I got from Nisandeh and Vered in the past years. I call it the completion processSome of you might already know it as a Clearing. 

When can you use a completion process? 

That’s the best thing- you can always use this process. I know that Nisandeh and Vered use it every single day, to complete the day together. They used to do a process like this, with the whole team, at the end of every training day. I use it with my oldest son, before he goes to sleep. I use it in projects, at the end of every round. I use it in my journal at the end of each day.

When you use it as a couple or a family, it will force you to share what didn’t work for all of you during that day, instead of building your frustrations up and throw them at your partner or your kid all at once, the moment you can’t take it anymore.

How does it work? 

The process works amazingly with other people. But, as I said- I do it alone, that’s also possible.

Here’s how I do it.

I start writing down all the things that didn’t work for me. Sometimes I add why. I try to keep it to myself, although that’s not the easiest thing.

When I finish the list of what didn’t work for me, I take a minute to close this list off. To feel the relief, the fact that I acknowledged what didn’t go as planned. And then, I let it go. No need to put more energy and effort into the things that didn’t go well.

Now- it’s time to start the list with what DID go well. Things, or people, that made me happy, that I am proud of, that I am grateful for.

Make sure there are more items on the list of what DID work than on the list of what DIDN’T work.

This list can continue forever…. it will get you in a state of gratefulness, and it will allow you to feel complete after that.

If you do this process together, or with a group, there are a few rules. 

First of all – all participants talk, without being interrupted by ANYONE. No matter what – if you are addressed by someone because it didn’t work, appreciate the honesty, and let it be his or her experience. It has nothing to do with you. So shut up. (This is tough, I know, just practice:))

If you’re together with a huge group, you can create some extra rules such as “don’t repeat what is already said” (for the FIRST list) or give a maximum.

My list

Although I have it, I will not share with you my list with everything that could have been improved. I do want to share with you how grateful I am for the past year that I ran this business alone, and for what. Because it includes you too. Just to give you some ideas, and to thank you all.

What worked for me in Life Plan Design

  • Nisandeh trusted me enough to let me run my own business, without interfering.
  • I dared to take over his business, although I felt like a complete incapable kid.
  • A sugar challenge I created was followed by a lot of people and really made a difference in people’s lives
  • So many people, even while they had no clue who I was, were looking forward to my blogs every single week
  • I wrote a blog, every single week. for more than 14 months in a row. 
  • So many people who were willing to engage, answer the questions, and help each other
  • I learned so much- about marketing, making my own choices, what topics resonate, how to help people in the best way possible, etcetera.
  • The emails I got when I said that I was going to stop, where people told me how much of a difference I made without even knowing it, sometimes just because of a blog that I wrote
  • Elske, who managed to comment on EVERY SINGLE BLOGPOST I wrote, who made me feel so supported – thank you so so much
  • The moments where I struggled and when I shared, I felt so supported by you, by our community, often by people I didn’t even know before
  • The Masterclasses, where I could use Nisandeh’s and Vered’s content, translate it to my way, where again lives were touched and changed
  • The fun we had with so many new people,  when we went for a motorbike trip, so people could find out whether it was their passion
  • The beautiful people I worked with, Dimitris, Bas, Eline, Reyald & John… thank you SO much for being in my life….
  • The beautiful Living by Design book that we gave away to over 2500 people (and I will keep on sending them to you, as long as I still have them (you can still order them here till it’s out of stock)
  • I can go on and on. My list is waaaayyyyy longer than this.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For trusting me, following me, supporting me, for letting me being part of your tribe.

I won’t disappear. I will be part of Nisandeh’s team, and help you get to the next level in an awesome, fun way. I believe the game we developed for you will make a difference in your life. I will play it too (I love games:)), and I promise I’ll be there, to give my 100% again, to create a better world, by empowering YOU, to fulfill your greatest potential.

Make sure you subscribe to Nisandeh’s new list if you haven’t already.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and the game is this year’s gift to you. You don’t want to miss it. BE THERE.

Create your own 2 lists. What did not work for you today, or yesterday? And what DID work? You can share both in the comments box below, or keep it with what DID work. Would love to hear… Please share it below in the comments…  


Live fully and be awesome…

And… I’m pretty sure we’ll meet again…. 

Big big hug… 



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