Challenge #20: Dancing your Body and Brain

Dancing is a conversation between your body and your brain. The more they communicate, the better off you are.

Nisandeh Neta




How many of you recognize this situation? It’s New year’s Eve, and you strongly commit: from now on, you go to the gym, three times a week, for at least an hour.

The first week, you go, three times. You are very proud of yourself.

The second week, you can’t make it, due to responsibilities at work and/ or your family. You think it won’t happen again…

Maybe it won’t.

Maybe you manage to go for 2 months, at least once a week to the gym.

Most people won’t make it.

It’s not because they don’t want to.

It’s because it’s not fun, it takes too long to see results, and it takes a lot of time. And all the other regular excuses that you’re too busy or you’re injured or whatever story you come up with. You probably have them in your head as you read it, since we’re in the third month of the year.

It’s ok… we human beings are not made for exercising in a gym.

Exercising should be fun, should have a goal, and preferably should be possible to do at home.

Last year I learned a powerful and fun alternative for gyms.

Nisandeh calls it “BodyBrainDance”.

It’s a way of moving your body, that requires full awareness, you can’t move like you do in the disco on the side- left foot left, right foot left, right foot right, left foot right. And so on, and so on.

You have to THINK about it – be fully present and aware.

Besides the fact that it’s fun, it also forces your body and mind to work… and the results are amazing…

My partner fell a few weeks before that Health Weekend, and seriously injured his arm. He wasn’t able to drive his car or write. After an hour of BodyBrainDance, he could raise his arm again, and he was the one that drove home…

And imagine what this way of moving, that requires brain activity too, can do against dementia…

You can exercise at home by dancing, which is fun, and you’re working on your mental as well as your physical well-being!

Nisandeh spent quite some time on developing an app for BodyBrainDance. It will be launched in a few weeks. I’d like to give you the opportunity to register for the pre-launch. Fill in your details below and you’ll be the first to know about it.

Help us to create a worldwide movement!



The Why


Our bodies need to move to stay healthy and vital. And, our brains need our bodies to move, so we can remain healthy and sharp. One way to exercise both body and brain is through BodyBrainDance.


The What


We don’t move enough.

Movement is one of our basic needs, and yet, most of us move too little. And, even if and when we DO move, the movements are small – and mostly repetitive. We sit the same way and work on our computers with the same motions. If we do participate in some kind of sport or athletic event, the movements are once again repetitive.
It stands to reason that, if our movements are non-existent or repetitive, our brains can get stuck in a repetitive rut.

This is why sometimes, when I’m facing a particularly difficult problem, I’ll get up from my chair, or wherever else I happen to be sitting, and move to another part of the room, house, or even outdoors. And sometimes, I’ll rely on a tool known as Stopping Movement, which I call BodyBrainDance.

BodyBrainDance is useful for helping you free up your motion, while focusing your attention in your body. The process gives both body and mind strength, flexibility and vitality, while allowing you to move in a fun and joyful way.





Every day, for the next week, take 15 – 30 minutes to practice BodyBrainDance by using the demonstration video. Put on your favorite dance music, and start to move, keeping the following in mind:
¥ Each movement should have a beginning and end.

¥ Finish each movement on the beat of the music, and freeze for a split second, before starting the next one.

¥ Each movement needs to be different than the ones preceding it.

¥ As you move, continue to pay attention to your body – and to breathe.

I challenge you to give it a try. It will only cost you a few minutes, and it will boost your energy level immediately.
After your session is over, take a few moments to share your experience.



Write down below, in the comments, how you feel, both physically and mentally, after you did the exercise…  


Live fully and be awesome…



PS – If you want to pre-register, just go here


  1. Mikle Hager-Adam

    Happy birthday Nisandeh!
    I love to teach “stopping movement” in Vienna and we have a lot of fun in our class and the results are amazing. To train this way of movement I can highly recommend.
    All the best wishes

  2. joss

    Happy Bday
    Well, now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make.
    Your Never too old to Reinvent yourself becausee you have wisdom
    put down your list what your going to do.
    Sleep is NO1

  3. Iris Meijer

    Happy Birthday Nisandeh. Live Life in Movement. Brain Dance to fitness. Great inspiration.

  4. Silvia Dragoni

    Happy birthday!
    So funny today to read this post… It is about 15 years that I’m teaching stopping movement to people and to learn and teach at the same time!
    It is a wonderful training! And today I read about this project!
    Stopping movement BodyBrainDance Give me passion and health and happiness each time! Wakes up curiosity. I find it wonderful to teach and learn in a group too. You can learn many concepts that are not allowed in doing alone!
    To start is the point! alone or with others!
    Have a wonderful time

  5. Marianne Zuijdam

    Happy birthday, life start at 50! Make it your special day.
    I walked the path of my youth, from home to school, to first work, it was amazing what happened that day to me.
    I wish you an amazing birthday today

  6. Peter Plaizier

    Life just started at 50. Happy Birthday Yehonathan.
    And everybody break your routines and move your body.

  7. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    Just recently Tim Ferriss had Aubrey Marcus on the podcast. He talked about how he danced in de dark mimicking birth (listen to it at and I started singing and moving again in my car (whilst being mindful of the other cars of course). Anyway all this shows again and again how good movement is for you. I always get energized when I move.

  8. Sattva Chandra

    Happy Birthday Nisandeh 😉

    Its kinda funny that I came across a lecture about the connection of bodymovement and the corelation with the this is resonating with it..
    I do feel and know that bodymovement is essential to ground your spirit fully in your body and it helps a lot! Enjoy exercising everyone!

    Take care and good luck!

  9. Auk Koosterhof

    Happy birthday Nisandeh,
    Thank you and you Gerdy for the great, fun and health improving present.
    I am in!


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