Challenge #5: Delivering More Value

Get yourself in front of those who can say “yes” to you, deliver value,
then ask for what you want.

Nisandeh Neta



Since this is the first blog on Wealth, let me first explain why you want Wealth to be part of your Ideal Life.

If you go for the challenges, and you integrate them into your life, it means that you will live way longer than you ever expected. And… longer than the government will ever pay for.


In short: we’re giving you ideas on how to live in abundance and let your financial lifestyle be part of your ideal life. For the rest of your Long, Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life. 


The Why

Learning and understanding the Wealth Formula to help boost your financial intake.


The What


No one I know wants to be poor. Yet, there are those out there who are unable to increase their wealth. They struggle from paycheck to paycheck, earning just enough to get by. They aren’t building wealth, as much as they are trying to survive.

The key to becoming wealthy is to follow the Wealth Formula.

Wealth = V x N

In which V represents the value you deliver to the marketplace, and N represents the number of people to whom you deliver that value.

Simplifying this further, the more value you deliver, the higher you will be compensated. There is a reason a neurosurgeon, on average, earns more than a general practitioner.

By the same token, the more people to whom you deliver your value, the more you will be rewarded. Selling more of a product or service pays more.

Sharing your ideas and skills with one client will bring you a certain amount of money. Putting those ideas into an e-book and selling it online to multiple individuals will increase that money. Presenting a seminar to many participants will bring you more wealth than presenting the same seminar to fewer people.


This is not a “building your wealth” book. The Wealth Formula, however, is a method to help you think about the best way to either deliver more value to the marketplace, deliver your value to more people/markets, or to do both.



Every day, for the next week, set aside 10 minutes to brainstorm methods in which you can boost your value and/or increase your audience. You can brainstorm either alone, or with friends and colleagues.


The important issue here is that any idea popping up is worth exploring. Don’t reject it out of hand. Even if the idea you come up with isn’t new, treat it as if you are hearing it for the first time. Be sure to write down how you can increase your value to the market and/or how you can increase the number of people in your market who will receive your value.


The WHAT of this challenge is not necessarily to come up with a killer idea for implementation, though doing so would be a bonus. Rather, this challenge – and week – is meant to focus on how you can deliver bigger and better value. When an opportunity for you to deliver such value presents itself, you won’t miss or dismiss it.

My addition


I ordered my second cup of tea, and the waitress saw that I hadn’t eaten my cookie. She asked me if I wanted something else, and I told her I didn’t eat sugar and was allergic to wheat, so she shouldn’t bother.

When she came back, she brought my tea and an apple. But not just an apple…. it was nicely sliced and arranged, with a bit of cinnamon on top of it.

I was super surprised. This was what we call over-delivery… she added value.

She got a 100% tip.


Increasing your income by delivering more value is possible for everyone.


Entrepreneurs who add more value will see it immediately in their results. For employees, it might look more complicated, but in the end, when you add more value than your colleagues, you will stand out. And it will pay back. 


The best part is, that making other people happy is making you happy as well. So this exercise DOUBLES your steps towards your ideal life!


I’m VERY curious about how you can deliver more value to your customers, share it in the comment box below.I promise I’ll share my ideas too (and if you have any ideas how I can deliver more value to you, please share that too!)


Live fully and be awesome…



P.S. Did you order the book? there’s a long video as a bonus to this challenge, follow the link and watch it for some in-depth knowledge. (If you haven’t ordered it yet, follow this link)


  1. Emmy Stelling

    Great inspiration for me to look at Value that I can bring. I like to make an e-book and pdf sheets with content that I can put on my website and send to people. A notebook for my coaching clients and I also love the idea of fruit and healthy snacks during training or coaching. I did this in the past and will do this again.

  2. Silvia Dragoni

    So difficult!????
    I started with this blog to send to the participants of my classes a remind exercises..the could train between the meetings. I William find new things but this appears not so easy. I give classes about movement and Qi Gong and Yoga.I give individual sessions with touch and attention: Grinberg Method to learn to deal with stress and pain
    thanks a lot

  3. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    In just two months I will be doing a podcast series together with a large lease company. We will both share our opinions on CO2 and cost reduction. This collaboration will add more value to the market, because we are both bringing in our own expertise. Cannot wait to share more on this.

  4. Leni Minderhoud

    Nice to have the book already and seeing you are already adding value Gerdy by adding own ideas.
    I give my coaching clients at the end of a series of sessions a little booklet where they can add three insights my coaching brought them. This booklet is a ‘key hanger’ so they can always find it.
    I receive big smiles!
    Or in trainings I bring fruit and healthy juices. So not only coffee, tea, cookies of the location.

  5. Trudy van Oostrum

    Hello Gerdy,

    I sell, the Best breakfast box with the highest impact on the immune system, in the world.Certfied at the highest level.

    I need more hand and loof for a way to produce 500 boxes a week, for this is not my dream life.

    I have conversations with different organisations who can do this for me.

    2. I got an offer of 10.000 euro a month to promote my product to make the biggest impact on Health in society. I’am studying the rules I have to stick to when I accept this. It is a very well known dutch organisation. No shit!

    3. When 1 and 2 are organised I can go on with my dream.

    My No Medicine Medicine Pharmacy. The Best Medicine is to live the life you love, and I’am committed to cause this for as many people as I can. Ha Ha.

  6. Lenette Koolwijk

    I create a membersite where my students will find a ‘knowledgebank’
    ( so they could find answers to common questions), video’s, downloads… after they finished the course.

  7. Maria Simons

    What can I do more? To over deliver! That’s a challenging question for me. So the tip to think about it 10 minutes every day, this week is a good one.
    In those ten minutes I wil make a brainstorm list.
    Do facetime conversations
    Make a picture from the face before and after the training. to see the impact.
    Give a ‘brave patent award’
    And more can come up.

  8. Hugo Bakker

    I’m doing webinars and challenges with great content for free.

    Since the start of this year I created a partnership with Jan Everts so together we can add twice as much value to our audience.

  9. Laurent d'Haeseleer

    I sell fountain pens, so tell me how I can deliver more value ??

    • Gerdy Heek

      Hey Laurent,

      The whole idea is that you think about it, not me:)

      But to help you start: when I buy a fountain pen, the hassle is always the fillers… for me it would already add value to have a web address where I can order them, and adding an extra filler would be great added value. Or, what I would love, is some beautiful paper as a gift when I receive the pen… people that buy fountain pens are usually conscious writers, they don’t want to use a piece of printer paper.

      Now you come up with an idea:)

      • laurent d'Haeseleer

        i have the best fillers on the market. German Smiddt
        talking with a book binder to make handcrafted, diary books with real leather outside. My site

    • Leni Minderhoud

      I love to brainstorm on ideas for that. You could give for free a little booklet to write dreams of idea’s, a few awesome postcards to send to friends, or clients. Even send your best clients a handwritten postcard to remind and you are still there. And that they can order the fillings with one extra. etc..


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