Don’t play with your food. Instead do this…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away


In today’s article I share 3 things you can easily change in the way you eat (and drink) that will have massive positive effect on your long-term health, weight, vitality and general well being.

None are rocket science, and you might have heard your grandma telling you one or more of those…

BUT… there’s a huge difference between knowing these 3 things and actually doing them…

Here are the 3 small changes you can easily make into new, healthy habits:

1. When your mouth is full… chew…

When you chew more, you usually eat less as your brain has time to send signals to your stomach, telling it when you’ve had enough.

You also tend to eat less when you chew well, because chewing helps the nutrients in food to be released and absorbed more effectively. A well-nourished body doesn’t crave as much.

You should chew every mouthful of your food between 30 and 40 times until it’s liquid. Counting might help you at the beginning until you get into the habit (which might take a couple of weeks).

2. Don’t drink… during meals…

All your water has to be drunk BETWEEN meals.

If you drink while you are eating, you dilute your saliva just when you need it in a concentrated form to digest your food.

Get into the habit of only drinking water between meals – at least 30 minutes before a meal and at least an hour after a meal, and you’ll notice how much better your digestion is.

By the way, a small glass of red wine (drank in tiny sips) is OK as it can help dissolve fat during digestion.

3. Smell your food… before you eat it…

When you smell your food your brain recognizes what you’re about to eat and signals to your digestive system to fire up the right enzymes and acids required to deal with the incoming food.

Using your sense of smell is also crucial for regulating the quantities you eat and for letting you know whether or not something is going to nourish you.

Those 3 things are easy… Right?

So give them a try. After a week you will already clearly see their benefits.

After 3-4 weeks of daily practice, they will become part of your new healthy habits and will serve you for the rest of your life.

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Life fully, be awesome,
Nisandeh Neta

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