Eat, Love, WhatsApp (12 ways to protect your brain)

It’s not WHAT you do, but HOW you do what you do that either makes you stupid or wise. Choose wisely!

Nisandeh Neta

One day, I was 17, I think, I was visiting my grandparents, when suddenly my grandfather started talking to me as if I was a 5-year old, calling me by my father’s name… I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew that something went terribly wrong.

Within months he didn’t recognize anymore his grandchildren and 2 sons, then he forgot who he was, and then he lost control of his body.

I don’t remember what was worse – my fear or my pain, but what I do remember – is that it was all too much and I stopped visiting him all together.

A couple of years later he died… after spending his last years as a walking body, without brain, communication or personality.

Today, I experience it all over again, watching my powerful (and quite young) mother-in-law losing the battle to Alzheimer’s – while her brain is melting away like a candle.

For years now, I am training myself, mentally and emotionally, to deal with getting older – losing my eyesight, my hearing, my ability to speak, my legs and arms…

I often visualize – how I deal with illness and disability… it is a challenging and often fun exercise… finding solutions, feeling that if the moment comes and I go blind or get cancer… I will survive and even thrive.

But each time I’m thinking of getting dementia – I feel like being transported directly to Panic Land…

There are 47 million people today suffering from dementia. And science predicts that within 30 years dementia will become a global epidemic claiming over 135 million victims.

Scary numbers.

But there is good news…

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (as most other age-related illnesses) can be prevented (or at least postponed in decades) by living a healthy lifestyle, starting early enough…

Dementia doesn’t start when we notice the first signs of forgetfulness. By that time the disease has been eating our brain for 10 to 20 years…

I don’t know about you… but I refuse to give in to the fear that one day I’ll forget who my daughter is or to go to the toilet when I need to…

So, I spent the last years researching dementia… until I identified the 3 most promising strategies to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s:


  1. Get your brain exercised… the right way. Every day.
  2. Reduce your calorie intake… the right way. Twice a week.
  3. Move your body AND brain… the right way. Every day.


I recently wrote an article introducing the first strategy… getting the brain exercised… the right way… it’s called Neurobics.

The cool thing about Neurobics, is that you don’t need to dedicate special time, find a special place or use a special equipment. Actually, the best Neurobics exercises use our everyday, regular activities (with a little twist) to exercise our brain and make it dementia-proof.

If you’re over 40 years old… the best time to start dementia-proof your brain is TODAY.

Not when you’re 70 or 60 years old, not next year, not tomorrow.

The sooner you get into the habit of exercising your brain using Neurobics, the better.

And the cool thing…

Neurobics does a lot more than dementia-prevention.

It improves memory at any age, it makes you smarter, it builds your problem-solving “muscles”, it enhances creativity and emotional IQ, and maybe best of all… it takes no time, space or special equipment and… it’s FUN!

During the Be Happy and Healthy workshop I lead with Dr. Roy Martina, I shared (for the first time ever) my all-time favorite Neurobics Exercises – 12 in total.

I shared how to exercise your brain in daily life, and we practiced some of them during the workshop itself. It was so much fun.

We even got to talk about Neurobics sex… which is both fun and good for your brain 😉


Unfortunately, only 200 people had a chance to participate in this LIVE Neurobics session, while EVERYONE (especially if you’re over 40) should have been there…

So… we decided to take this session from the recording of the weekend workshop and make it available to you, for 72 hours only – as an online video course… in a special “thank you deal” for being part of our online community.

If your brain is important to you, I suggest you pick one of the 12 Neurobics exercises each week and play with them.

All the 12 Neurobics exercises are fun to do, and most of them simply add a twist to your normal daily activities – transforming routine into fun and excitement – and at the same time, exercising your brain.

I’m actually working on developing new customized Neurobics exercises to transform mind-numbing routines we do every day, into dementia-preventing exercises, and I would love to get your input for these exercises…


So… let me know, in the comment box below, what are some of the ‘special’ routines you do regularly… (I’m looking for routines that are beyond the common ones like… how you brush your teeth or how you drive to work).

Teach me (us) your special, unique, quirky routines and I will send you all the information and the extra-special, limited-time (72 hours) offer for the 12 Best Neurobics Exercises online video course.

Looking forward to hear from you, and helping you beat the dementia and Alzheimer’s statistics.

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta


PS. In the 12 Best Neurobics Exercises online video course, you will find out how to eat, make love and WhatsApp (among others) to make your brain dementia-proof.

So post a comment and get access to the course… today!