Life is what happens between New Year’s eve and Christmas, not between Christmas and New Year’s eve



Oh, I do wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

But I wish you a lot more than that.


I wish you happiness.

I wish you the peace to accept that sometimes life gives you what you need, instead of what you want.

I wish you the courage to listen to your heart and follow your passion. Make the decisions that YOU want to make. Spend your time with the people you want to spend it with.

I wish you to see the beauty that surrounds you, whether it has flaws or not.

I wish you the courage to make brave decisions. Because being comfortable is lethal, excitement is life. And you will only find out what makes your heart tick, if you dare to try and fail.


I wish you a lot of errors and mistakes in 2019. And a smile from gratefulness, because again, you learned.

I wish you precious moments of joy, with your loved ones, all the way through the year.


I wish you health.

I wish you a healthy, fit, strong body and a healthy, fit, strong mind. I wish you  strength to make your decisions in favor of your body.

I wish you the discipline to finally give up that unhealthy habit and start a healthy one instead.

I wish you sharpness and focus on your body, so you can hear what it tells you what it needs.


I wish you wealth.

I wish you a mindset of a millionaire, where you will always be aware of the value of money, only spending it thoughtful and on purpose.

I wish you a mindset of abundance, where you believe that the money you deserve will come to you.

I wish you abundance in your life, where you have everything you need.

I wish you a royal heart, where you can share you what you have, with a cause or a person, important to you.

I wish you creativity on building your financial freedom.

And I wish you peace with what you’ve got.


I wish you wisdom.

Wisdom to be quiet, and listen to your inner voice. Often silenced by all the other voices surrounding you, telling you what to do and what others expect.

I wish you wisdom to listen with your heart to your loved ones, your children, or a stranger.

I wish you the courage to share the wisdom you gathered in your life, with your children, your loved ones, or strangers.

I wish you the wisdom to stop, stop working so hard, stop achieving all the time, stop and just be at peace. Life IS.

I wish you the courage to dare to be who you really are.


And 2019 will be your best year ever.


Big big hug.

Live fully, and be awesome.