From victim to Superhero in 3 minutes

My definition of La Dolce Vita – Living in the moment, living in awe, living in gratitude.


Nisandeh Neta

A bold claim… This article can change your life!

Write down the date and time… in 3 minutes you’re going to become a… Superhero.

But before we start, here’s a couple of definitions:

  • A victim – “a person who feels helpless or powerless in the face of misfortune or negative circumstances”
  • A Superhero – “a person with extraordinary powers, who uses these powers for good”


Now that we’ve established a baseline, let’s move into real life…

Most people, at one time or another feel helpless or powerless (or both) while facing negativity in their life (e.g. when being rejected, abandoned, treated badly, struggling financially, etc…)

From my experience, we can divide most experiences that make us feel (and act) like a victim into one of 3 categories:

  1. Not creating the life of our dreams
  2. Negative things that happened in the past
  3. People that don’t behave the way we want them to


Can you recognize one or more of these situations happening at times in your life?

Great. So you know you’re a victim (at least sometimes).

And now, let’s magically transform you into a Superhero by giving you one extraordinary superpower, that most people don’t posses…

Ready…? Here it is…

Your new superpower is: GRATEFULNESS!

OK, OK… Before you dismiss gratefulness as superpower, let me explain and show you how to use it. Because most people DON’T HAVE A CLUE!


1. How to use gratefulness to create the life you want

This one is easy. And you probably heard it before.

I just wonder how much you actually USE it.

The idea is to be grateful for everything you already have.

It’s the old “count your blessings” principle.

It’s old and it’s still around… because it works!

When you are explicitly grateful for everything you already have in your life:

  • You realize how “wealthy” you already are (in material possessions, in health, in friendships…)
  • You become less “needy”
  • You activate the “law of attraction”

For example:

  • I’m grateful for my parents for giving me life
  • I’m grateful for the dozens who shared their life lessons in the last blog article
  • I’m grateful for this nourishing, energizing green smoothie I’m drinking now


2. How to use gratefulness to ‘fix’ your past

This is crucial if you’re still blaming things that happened in the past for your suffering today (like having a bad childhood, not getting the ‘right’ education, mistakes you’ve made, etc…)

When you consciously choose to repeatedly express gratitude for past events, they lose their power over you, and your whole belief system is turned around to support you.

For example:

  • I’m grateful for each fight I ever had with a loved one, as it taught me the purpose of Soul Mate
  • I’m grateful for my bankruptcy, as otherwise I would have never fulfilled my mission as a teacher
  • I’m grateful for my Asthma, as it taught me that I can succeed in spite of anything.


3. How to use gratefulness to change another person (for the better)

This sounds spooky, right?

But I told you… gratefulness is a superpower…

All you have to do, in order to change another person for the better is… every day, for 21 days in a row, write down 10 things (or more) you’re grateful to this person.

For example, Vered, my wife, is away now for a few weeks – taking care of her sick parents.

So I wrote:

  • I’m grateful to Vered for every WhatsApp or SMS she sends me with just a ❤ or a ????
  • I’m grateful to Vered for every time she calls to share her day and hear about mine
  • I’m grateful to Vered for being present when I’m lonely, sad, anxious or needy…

You don’t need to show your daily list to anyone, and yet… by the end of the 21 days the other person is going to be transformed into an angel… like magic.


So… now you have 3 ways to use your new gratefulness superpower.

Use them in moments of helplessness or powerlessness and you will transform from a victim to a Superhero in no time…

Use them every day and you will transform your life to your IDEAL LIFE!


Now it’s your turn.

Please take a moment and share with us in the comments box below everything and everyone you’re grateful for (past and present).


The longer your list, the more superpower you collect.

THANK YOU for reading this and THANK YOU for joining the discussion by commenting.

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta