Let’s play a game….

“I’ve never lost a game. I just ran out of time.”

Michael Jordan


Ping. New message in my mailbox. 

It’s my third assignment of a game I’m playing. A game, that in the end will bring me a published book… 

What will you write about? Is the question. 

My heartbeat goes up, and my hand immediately reaches towards my phone to contact my buddy. I want to check if he got it, and when we can plan to sit together and do the assignment. 

I’m dying to continue. Finally… 

In the past 3 years I already started 2 books. One is finished for 2/3, the other is half way. Now, I want a FINISHED book. One that will actually be published. 

This time, I’ve got this funny feeling, that it’s finally gonna happen. It’s super frustrating to work together with people who publish book after book, while I’m not… 

I continue reading. I already know what I want to write about. 

Write down 10 different topics you could write a book on, including titles and taglines. 

Hm. OK… Apparently, I am not allowed to decide what to write about yet? 

The next day, early in the morning, me and my buddy set up a Skype call and work on both our 10 topics. We read them to each other, and help each other to make them sharp and clear and exciting. It’s harder than I thought, but being forced to come up with 10 different topics, brings up interesting new ideas and insights. 

We both log in to the game and check the box of this assignment. DONE. 

A huge round of applause and whistling rolls out of my computer and I start laughing when my oldest son runs into the room to check what is going on. I obviously forgot to turn off my sound again after my call. I explain to him that I did something REALLY awesome, that mommy is finally writing a book now. It feels so good to tell him, because this time- I believe I will make it happen.

I WISH this kind of game would exist… something that would mentor me step by step on writing my book, getting acknowledged for what I achieved also during the process and not just in the end when the book is published….

It would be so much more fun… 

Imagine that this kind of game also would exist for becoming financially free, start or grow your business, improve your health, improve your relationships and other major life goals… my goodness…. what a bliss would that be. 

Well… no need to wish or imagine, because it already exists, and the game will be available for you in a few days.

Nisandeh and his team have been working hard to make this life-changing, exciting and fun game available for you. 

I can’t tell you all the details, because I also don’t know them yet. But Nisandeh is going to launch his Transformation Game on his 51st birthday, March 19. 

The Transformation Game will help you to achieve up to 10 life goals, being guided the whole way, taking one tiny step after another, at your own pace.

You can collect points and rewards along the way to celebrate achieving partial goals… The Transformation Game will keep you motivated, and will help you continue when your enthusiasm fades away and you need a boost or a kick in the ass.

This way… you WILL achieve your goal.  Whether it’s becoming financially free, publish a bestselling book, growing your business, improving your health or your relationship, or more. 

Make sure you’re subscribed to Nisandeh’s new list.

He’s going to announce the Transformation Game on March 19 on his birthday, and you don’t want to miss it. BE THERE.

(If you know of anyone who is committed to write a bestselling book and/or become financially free in 2019, please get them to subscribe too, because I will want and need a buddy☺)

What would be YOUR goal for 2019, that right now looks too big and audacious to handle on your own, but that you would LOVE to make it happen? Please share it below in the comments, since not all 10 topics are set in stone yet…  

Live fully and be awesome…


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