"I'm planning to live for 132 years"

Join my journey in living the good life.
A life full of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.
Will you still settle for the average life?
I know I won’t…

Will you help me?Read my story

When you want to live long healthy, there is a world to discover. Here you’ll find the highlights you need to know.

Rogier van der Ree

Change Challenger, Fijnaart

Change your life and your habits. Start here!

Marianne Haverkamp

Hypnotherapist, Voorburg

How amazing would life be if you could…

Experience and control true happiness, whenever YOU want to?

Combine your busy and adventurous life, with a healthy lifestyle?

Earn money by letting it work for you, instead of working for it?

Be that wise person, others look up to?

Well, pretty damn amazing, I know. And it’s not that hard. Find out how I do it.

This is absolutely perfect for you, when…

You live an ambitious and busy life, both professionally and personally

You love to live life to the fullest, but haven’t figured it all out (yet!)

Know that you need to, but aren’t taking enough care of yourself.


I’m in a very exciting process at the moment. I’m writing a new book.
No, not the one you’re seeing here. That’s the book I wrote last year.

I need your help though. When you give 3 minutes of your time to answer 3 thought-provoking questions, I can make sure this book as complete and as valuable for YOU as I can.

AND… as a ‘thank you’ for helping me, I’ll be happy to send you a signed copy of the hardcover book.

Welcome to Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

“Ambition is the fuel that keeps us going.
Without it, we just take a walk in life without direction.
The way I see it, a life without purpose is a life wasted.”

My name is Nisandeh Neta.

Over many years (more than I care to remember), I’ve dedicated my life to making this world a better place, by empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential.

After 21 years of sharing my business and life lessons with 150,000 entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs) in live training sessions and mentoring programs… I have a proven track record of helping people reach their biggest goals.

Don’t know me? Read the short version of my story here.

Now, I’ve embarked on a new journey…

As I share, for the first time ever, the lessons I learned and practice every day, to empower YOU to become more Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

The same methods, concepts, strategies and practices that have gotten me to where I am today. With a super successful business and a loving family.

I am now totally focused on helping you follow the same path I traveled, to live a fulfilling, abundant life.

Why I am here for you?

Now… I’m not claiming that my knowledge and experience is better than someone else’s.

And I’m pretty sure that among the people that claim to be experts… there are genuinely brilliant people out there who are brave enough to share their knowledge and experience with the world…

Even when most people in this world really won’t listen.

But… I do offer you something that no one else is offering right now.

Rare insights from a self-made-millionaire (and one-time bankrupt), who is still grounded in the ideas and concepts that are most important for living a fulfilled and abundant life.

The same concepts that took me from struggling, with no direction in life, to battling and winning many serious setbacks and disappointments…

To being one of the most respected trainers and coaches in Europe who helps hundreds of thousands of people live better lives.

The real reason most people never live life fully

You know what people say about achieving their goals. 

“I’ll start tomorrow”… yet tomorrow never comes.

Others get all excited and start chasing their dreams, only to let their excitement and momentum fade away soon afterward.

The real factor that drives people to not only dream big, but follow through on their dreams to live their best life…

Is Having the Ambition To Do It

In this case, we’re talking about having the ambition to do whatever it takes, to live with happiness, health, financial freedom and wisdom.

If you like the thought of enjoying more and more of life,
instead of less and less…

Join me for this revealing look at growing younger and living longer. I will share some great strategies for living at your best at any age. Including how you can:

See What Your “Biological Age” Is, vs. Your Real Age (and what this really means).
Improve Your Habits, and Improve Your Life (no matter how old you are).
Get started  growing younger while living longer (and enjoying every day).



Enjoying a healthy life because you Adopt a Supporting Mindset About Your Body, Health And Aging.

… Looking more radiant and relaxed every day, because you Eliminate Fatigue And Stress That Accelerates The Aging Process.

… Feeling fitter and healthier every day because you Nurture your body with healthy food, while eliminating harmful toxins.

… You easily Move every day, so you keep your body young and your mind vital.

All while freeing your mind and body, to release the emotional toxins that take a toll on your happiness, health, fitness and mental outlook.




And I’ll happily show you during the “Total Health” – A One-Time-Only Training For Living Better and Longer seminar. April 11th, in Bunnik (Holland).


A fun, rewarding life with more Happiness, Passion, Well-being and Health.

Join the Total Health Seminar on April 11th in Bunnik.