Happiness killer #1

Many people die of boredom… long before they stopped breathing

Nisandeh Neta

When you are in a place full of people – a restaurant, a train station, a busy street, try to notice how many people show signs of happiness, and how many don’t.

I’m willing to bet, that unless the place is full of kids, there will always be more unhappy people than those who are happy…

And since most people, when asked, would rank happiness as one of their most important goals… it’s actually quite strange to see how many people are unhappy most of the time.

Why is that?


The 7 top reasons for unhappiness are

#7 – Being around negative people

#6 – Giving up on dreams

#5 – Comparing to other people

#4 – Holding a grudge

#3 – Pessimism

#2 – Worrying

And reason #1… Boredom!

In this short video I share 3 of my favorite strategies to eliminate boredom from your life (and this way… increase your level of happiness and joy).

They’re not difficult to do; they don’t require time, or money or effort.

But they do require intention and attention…

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Of course. Happiness is a lot more than busting boredom, or even all of the above 7 reasons for unhappiness, and I’d love to give you more…

So, here is a small gift from me to you for the summer vacation…

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What are your tips?

If you have any tip we all can use to eliminate boredom from our life, please take a moment to share your tip with us in the comment box below…

Looking forward to have you in the LIVE Online Class from Tenerife.

And until then…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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