Happy Hour

Real Happy Hour = FREE happiness, 0% Alcohol

Nisandeh Neta

If the most important thing is to enjoy life, to simply be happy… How come most people don’t take the time and set the intention to enjoy life and be happy… every day… even for an hour…?

There are books written about this “how come”, but I thought it would be quicker (and more valuable) to watch a short video, and get the 7 steps you can take every single day, to enjoy life and be happy… Simply happy!


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Of course, living happily is a more than creating a “Happy Hour, and I’d love to give you more…

Join me for a LIVE FREE Online Class where I share the science and art of creating joy and happiness ON DEMAND. More specifically… I will share with you 5 of my favorite tips, strategies and life hacks when it comes to happiness and joy on demand.

Each ‘strategy’ takes very little time and effort to DO, while delivering a huge benefit… today, tomorrow and for years to come…


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What would you do in your Happy Hour?

I’m curious to learn from you, please take a moment share your tip with us in the comment box below…


Looking forward to have you in the LIVE Online Class from Tenerife.

And until then…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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