Welcome to the AmbitionCode.Com

My name is Nisandeh Neta, and if you don’t know me yet, you should probably head first to the About Nisandeh page, where I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, why am I doing what I’m doing and why you should (maybe) listen to me…

If you already know who I am, either…

  • Because you’re one of the 150,000 students I worked with in the last 21 years, or…
  • Because you’ve watched any of my videos online, read any of my books or articles, or was totally impressed with the About Nisandeh page, or…
  • Because someone who loves you dearly, told you everything about me… and urged you to check me out…

Then… Let’s find out…

What are you here for?

In the last many years (more than I care to remember), I’ve dedicated my life to making this world a better place, by empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential.

And after 21 years of sharing my business and life lessons with 150,000 entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs) in live training sessions and mentoring programs, I’ve embarked on a new journey…

I’m ready to share, mostly for the first time ever, the lessons I learned and practice every day in order to help YOU become more Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Now… I know what you’re thinking… “Nisandeh, come on, Google shows more than 2,380,000 results for ‘happy healthy wealthy wise’… Why should I listen to YOU?”

Oh… that wasn’t what you were thinking…? Well it should have!

Because it seems like everyone and their dog know exactly:

  • How to be blissfully happy (more than 1,500,000 results – among them: be quiet, say “thank you”, take a walk, plan better, and my personal favorite – observe and validate your true feelings…) Really? Give me a break!
  • How to live healthy forever (more than 80 million results – among them: floss, take multivitamin, take a flu shot… – all 3 are really, but really… BAD advice!)
  • How to become wealthy fast (more than 4,700,000 results – among them: invest in real estate, invest in the stock market, create a new social media platform, rent out properties, make a viral video) I mean, seriously? This bullshit is all over the Internet!
  • How to be wise (more than 23 million results. Really! Among them: speed up your unlearning curve, walk the wise – then record the footprints, use your past to see your future… – what do they even mean… (Or maybe I’m not wise enough to get it…)

Now… I’m not claiming that my knowledge and experience is better than someone else’s.

And I’m pretty sure that among the scammers, the charlatans, the pseudo-experts, and the nut cases, there are some genuinely brilliant people out there who are brave enough to share their knowledge and experience with the world, even when most people on this planet, really don’t want to listen.

But… I do offer you something that no one else is offering right now…

Here is my irresistible offer to YOU

Check me out!
Give me 7 hours of your time, and let me prove to you…

Not only that I know what I’m talking about, but that the methods, habits and practices I used to create an extraordinary life – life full of:

  • REAL happiness.
Not the fake Facebook “look how happy I am. Please LIKE me!” type of happiness.
But life full of purpose, of deep connections, of overcoming challenges and manifesting mighty goals, of beauty, meaning and growth.
  • REAL health – transforming myself from a sickly ‘couch potato’ to a top athlete – running marathons and climbing the highest mountains on the planet, eliminating along the way severe asthma and acute laziness…
  • REAL wealth – wealth that is so much more than money… Yes, I’m getting paid in a day, what both my parents didn’t earn in their 40-year careers, but more important is experiencing total financial freedom that allows me to never have to work again (I tried to retire to the Caribbean, and ran back screaming to the real world after 2 weeks… What to do… “My name is Nisandeh Neta and I’m a workaholic!”
  • REAL wisdom – well… My daughter doesn’t think I’m that wise, and I suspect my wife has her doubts too… But… I do feel connected to something bigger than me, and I do listen to the voice of the GPS in my heart that regularly whisper “turn right”, “turn left”, “make a U turn”…

And I truly believe that the same methods and strategies can transform your life too.

You risk nothing!

(it’s not true… you’re risking your most precious resources… your time…)

But anyway…

Normally, your investment to join this one-day seminar, “The Ambition Code: 12-Step Plan to Become Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”, is €475.

BUT… If you’re willing to invest 10 minutes of your time, filling up my Ambition Test – I will be happy to give you a VIP ticket to “The Ambition Code” seminar for just €99.

Not only that… By completing the Ambition Test, I will send you an 8-page report explaining your Ambition Test results, including lessons you should learn and recommendations how to become more successful.

And… As I mentioned before… You have nothing to risk…

After you participated, as a VIP, in “The Ambition Code” seminar – if you’re not totally ecstatic about what you learned during that day, just say the word… And I will refund 100% of your investment

This is how certain I am – that “The Ambition Code” seminar will be the first step on your transformation path to become happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

OK… So you might be thinking now,

“Hey Nisandeh… What’s the catch?”

OK… there is a catch!

“The Ambition Code” and my new, one-year Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise program, are NOT for everyone…

What I’m going to share in this one-day seminar, and the advanced one-year program is ONLY for ambitious professionals… Only those professionals that pass the Ambition Test!

Everyone heard this idea said, “But Nisandeh, this is crazy! Only 10%-15% of the population will ever pass this test. You’re limiting your audience AND you’re going to deprive your material from the majority of the people who need it.”

That is true!

But… Another important truth is… that what I’m dying to share with you are methods, practices, habits and beliefs that require determination, commitment, daring, willingness to do whatever it takes, willingness to fail and get up again, and here and there willingness to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain…

And only a few people in a crowd will be willing to be THAT committed, THAT ambitious, THAT courageous.

And, in full transparency, I’m in a phase in my life, that I’m not willing to compromise my truth, nor lower my standards, for any reason, for any person!

I will only work with those extraordinary people that when they start working with me, they DO NOT STOP until they become extremely happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

So… I put a simple filter in place…

And if taking the Ambition Test is not your cup of tea, or €99 for a full day with me sounds too much, or you don’t appreciate my approach, or you don’t like my style, or you a problem with my long and complicated name*

Then, no harm done. Simply click the small red X on your browser and make it a great day.

But… If you are ready to find out, how ambitious you are, and you believe that you are extraordinary enough to join me in “The Ambition Code” seminar… Then I salute you…

For your courage, for your commitment, for your dedication to fulfill your greatest potential…

And without wasting any more time, click here to take the Ambition Test! and I’m looking forward to have you in “The Ambition Code” seminar.

To your success, Nisandeh Neta

* Nisandeh is my spiritual name. It means “Beyond Doubt” in Sanskrit.

PS. If you know any ambitious professional that could benefit from the Ambition Test or “The Ambition Code” seminar – please share with them this page: www.AmbitionCode.com