How to super-accelerate synchronicity in your life

When the Universe is calling… Pick up the phone!

Nisandeh Neta

Many, many years ago… I was in a relationship where I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I was playing the role of a teacher and guide to my girlfriend, and somehow it just didn’t feel right.

I was longing for a different type of relationship. A different kind of partner. I wrote on a piece of paper that I want to meet a woman that is 100% power AND knows exactly what she wants. That was is. I didn’t care for anything else… age, profession, family situation, smoker or not, vegetarian or not, physical appearance… couldn’t care less…

A few days later I participated in a communication training for entrepreneurs and something clicked between me and the trainer. She was the personification of 100% power and knew exactly what she wanted. A few days later we moved in together.


Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Today… 24 years later, we’re still together, happier than ever.

About 18 years ago (give and take), I was still at the beginning of my career as a trainer. One day, out of the blue, I felt the urge to start a special ‘Elements of Success’ course for therapists and healers with the intention to help them grow their practice.

I didn’t know anyone in this market, so I bought the “who is who in the spiritual world” guidebook (it was called KlikGids) and I emailed the 300 therapists and healers that were included in the book with my proposition to help them grow their practice with my course.

A few days later I get an email back from a gentleman called Dr. Roy Martina, with only one line in it: “Do you know who I am?”

Obviously, I didn’t! So I called a friend who was more in the known and asked him if he ever heard about Dr. Roy Martina. “I have 2 shelves full of his books in my library” was his answer. I was flabbergasted.

I didn’t know how to answer Roy’s email and at the end I chose to say the truth… “Sorry Roy, I didn’t know who you are. Now I know. Could we meet?” An hour later his answer was in my inbox “Yes” and a date and address of a hotel in Utrecht.

We met, we clicked, the rest is history…

He was the only one of the 300 people I emailed from that “who is who” guide who ever answered my email…


Coincidence? I don’t think so.

During these 18 years of friendships – we had fun together, brainstormed, went on vacations together, worked together, coached each other and supported each others in many different ways… We still do, today.

Those were 2 examples of synchronicity that have transformed my life.

But there were so many more…

A few photocopied pages I found just in the right moment to introduce me to the world of spirituality, an Indian ceremonial bracelet I got as a gift when I was in a crossroad in my life and internally asked for a sign, a book that arrived in the mail from a stranger and in it a free ticket to a training that changed my career, a call from a friend that brought me to Tenerife…

I could come up with a hundred more stories, if I would take a couple of hours to list them.


What is synchronicity?

I’ve been fascinated with synchronicity, long before I knew the word exist.

Carl Jung invented the word when he began to recognize the importance of meaningful coincidences in his life and the lives of his clients. He defined synchronicity as the experience of two events that appear related – but have no clear cause and effect connection.

Such coincidences seem totally unexplainable, making synchronicity a magical and inspiring happening in our lives. Synchronicities act as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds or the way I like to see them as a way for the Universe to communicate with us.


What is synchronicity trying to tell you?

When you experience a profound synchronicity, you should feel a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. You should feel as though you are on the right track, not alone, and being guided by the Universe.

When you’re walking towards your life purpose, the Universe will help you and show you that you’re on the right path.

If you’re heading in the wrong direction you’ll get subtle clues (feeling bad could be one of them…)


How to increase synchronicity in your life?

  1. Find and live your passion
    Begin by taking small steps. It can be as simple as spending one minute extra every day doing what you’re passionate about.
  2. Pay attention
    If you’re unaware of what’s happening, you will never notice any synchronicity.
    Bring yourself into the present moment in any way that works for you (meditation works for me).
  3. Let go of the outcome
    Set your goals and intentions, and then learn to let go of your attachment to your desired outcome.
  4. Trust
    If you want synchronicity to happen, you have to trust your intuition and inner guidance.
    Sometimes you’ll feel the urge to read a book, watch a movie or go somewhere – trust your intuition and act upon it.


Albert Einstein said that the most important question a person can ask themselves is whether or not the universe is a friendly place.

If your answer is yes, then you are setting the right foundation for synchronicity, flow and serendipity to show up in your life.

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Looking forward to see you in the Living By Design masterclass.

And until then,

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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