I have to ask…

I don’t need to know everything. I just need to know WHEN and WHO to ask.

Nisandeh Neta

It’s the end of an era… for me… for my wife… and for many people who we got to know in the last years.

Coming weekend, in my last course ever, Be Wealthy and Wise, I will say “goodbye”.

After 22 magical years, I say “goodbye” to the Netherlands, “goodbye” to teaching and training, “goodbye” to many good friends and to tens of thousands of students…

Saying “goodbye” is sad, but I’m ready… for a new life, a new beginning, a new adventure.

But what I’m not ready for, is not being able to contribute and share what I’ve got.

So, I put online the recordings of my top 15 business courses, including Master Entrepreneur, Write Your Book in 28 Days, Passive Business Income, Master of Influence, Ultimate Business Machine and many more… and offered them to everyone on our list for a tiny fraction of the price you would have paid for them as LIVE trainings.

I thought everyone would jump on the offer.

But they didn’t…

I mean, every independent professional (ZZPer), freelancer or small business owner could benefit from doubling their income and free time, from publishing a book, from generating passive income… wouldn’t they?

Most of those 15 courses were filled up with people paying €2,000-€4,000 PER course.

And I gave you the opportunity, through a 30-day crowdfunding campaign, to take them all, TOGETHER, FOREVER, for less than €1,000.

I thought that anyone who did NOT follow the courses would jump on the offer.

And I was sure that everyone that DID follow some or all of the courses would jump on the opportunity to have access to the material 24/7, forever…

And yet… not a lot of people took me on the offer.

I don’t get it.

So, after a week of thinking, debating, meditating, brainstorming… I still have no clue… what’s going on… so I do the only thing left to do:

Ask you!

For the sake of the relationship we built so far, if it’s online or in “real” life, I need you to help me understand…

Please take a moment and let me know, why didn’t you take me on this one-time-offer to get ALL my business trainings that are worth tens of thousands of euros (and can multiply your business many, many times) for just €997?

I don’t ask for your name, I just ask for total honesty…

I don’t want to say “goodbye” without knowing that I did everything in my power to give everything I’ve got in me for one last time…

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I’m looking forward to understand what went wrong (and maybe even find a way to correct it).

And since we’re talking about “goodbyes”, if you have any last words you’d like to share with me, a “goodbye” message to me and/or to Vered please let us know in the comment box below.

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta