Challenge #9: Practicing incremental savings

The best time to save money is when you have some…

Nisandeh Neta


The Why


By putting aside small amounts of money in increments, you will get into the habit of saving and building up your funds.


The What


In my workshops, whenever I ask the participants “who saves extra money?” I see very few hands raised. “I never have enough to put away, after paying my bills,” is the most common reason for the tiny amounts in their savings accounts.


However, by saving small, incremental amounts of money on a daily basis, you will actually end up saving a great deal. The trick here is to be consistent and automatic about it. Try the following action plan, and see how much money you can put aside.




Every day, for the next month, you’ll start to incrementally save. This section should actually be called the “One-Month Action Plan,” because it requires a full month to be effective.

All you have to do, for the next 30 days, is save $1 more per day, then you did the day before. So today, you’ll put $1 aside in a jar or envelope. Tomorrow, you’ll put $2 in the jar or envelope. On day 15, it will be $15 set aside, and by the 30th day, you’ll put $30 aside.

By the end of the 30 days, you’ll have $465 In that envelope. Transfer that money into your savings account, and start again, from the first day of the month. If you adhere faithfully to this schedule, you’ll save more than $5,500 by the end of the year.

You can add to this total by daily finding loose change in your pockets, in the sofa cushions or at the bottom of your purse, and adding that to your jar. This incremental way of saving is ridiculously simple, yet effective.

Every evening, write down, on the next page, your plans for the money you have saved.


For now – Gerdy’s addition


This one is already challenging for a week, so for a whole month, that’s a stretch! But imagine the feeling to have some backup savings…. that if your car breaks down, you know you can afford to repair it.

Especially since this is not going to give you instant gratification, this challenge will be a tough one to practice. Take a moment and acknowledge what comes up as an excuse not to do this challenge…

And then, think about one big goal, that you would love to save for…


What do you dream of, that seems impossible… but maybe, if you stretch your saving muscles long enough, could be within reach?  


Live fully and be awesome…




  1. Naomi Dongelmans

    I have a saving system, but this one is really fun 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  2. Nicky Star

    I dream of a lot of things, but nothing seems impossible anymore, not since I’ve done all of the trainings at Open Circles:-)

    I’m certainly not there yet, but I’m on my way!

    The goal is to be financially free 5 years from now

  3. Emmy Stelling

    This is a good idea. I used to save all coins in a jar in the past and then put it on my bankaccount. The past years I saved money from stuff I sold at Marktplaats and used it for bigger spendings. Like a new bike for my son or chairs at the dining table.
    But saving money every day is a different challenge. I will start with it today 🙂 The money will be for a holiday with my son, new study, another car since the one I have is old and not very environment friendly.
    I love to be financially free in the future.

  4. Norbert van den Bos

    Nice! Thanks for this free advice and intelligent strategy. I’m gonna give it a try for a month and evaluate.
    I want to save for a redecoration of my website.

  5. Carine van Hee

    Like this advice and I will start today!

    Big dream is saving for a painting workshop in Asia getting familiar with the big ink brushes and incorporate learnings into my own art. Yes!

  6. Ingrid Verbeek

    Cool! I always think of ways to save up more… while enjoying life to the fullest.

    Besides saving 10% of everything that comes in, I empty out my wallet every day. All the coins that are in there I put in a jar. Every once in a while I will either put it in the bank, or spend it on something meaningful.

    I didn’t do this daily saving for a long time… and all the excuses are coming up why I can’t do this… because of the lack of cash.
    But what I will do is, put a small consistent amount in my saving account at the end of every day for the next month.

  7. Michael Nuijten

    I dream of enough! That’s my spirit. To continue to grow organically.

    Money, we need to love it enough. And to earn it. Money is a means of exchange. The big fuck-up is when people start making money by means of money (let the money work for them). That’s the bad side of money in reality.

  8. Leni Minderhoud

    Good one! I have saved quite good in the past, I call it the income from the past. In such a way that I will be financially free february 2019! That is very close! It is amazing what happens with that situation in front of me. Priorities are already changing, I focus better, enjoying plans for the free time I will have more off than. I will be traveling more, working from places abroad, Looking for these ideal places etc. One big adventure!

    • Joyce Vanes

      Wow, That’s really inspiring, Leni! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Bas Smeets

    I always put the small pocket money I have left in my wallet in a jar. I take it to the bank twice a year or so and it’s always at least an extra 200 euros that goes into an investment account

  10. Henk-Jan

    Travelling the world.. experiencing many new countries, and the beauty of nature and culture of the world..

    Also: a cruise around the world

    And : Take the rest of my life off 🙂
    Being free to relax, and next to that: do only the things I like

    • Leni Minderhoud

      Very good idea Henk-Jan!

  11. Joss

    I would take all children from fostercare to a loving home and I will find a family for them.

  12. Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

    I do have a saving system. Personally I did however refinance the mortgage recently, so now I am buffing up the emergency fund of 5 months of expenses at the moment.
    In my business I am saving up for a training seminar in the US.


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