‘Happiness and Joy on Demand’

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In Happiness and Joy on Demand Online Class, you will learn that you don’t need to meditate for hours, days, months or years to achieve lasting happiness – you can actually get consistent access to it in minutes of practice.

Online Class: Happiness and Joy on Demand

  • Do you think that you need to meditate for hours, months, days or years to achieve lasting happiness? 
  • What if you could get consistent access to happiness in minutes of practice?

In this Online Class, Nisandeh Neta shows how to develop joy within our fast-paced lives and explains why joy and lasting happiness are crucial to creativity, confidence, health, relationships and, ultimately, success in every area of your life.

Nisandeh also shares the three pillars of joy, why joy is the secret to success, and demonstrates some practical tools you can immediately use to bring into your life joy on demand.

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