Crowdfunding Mastery

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In this course, Nisandeh will explain his take on how crowdfunding works. Nisandeh has been studying crowdfunding for a long time, and has analyzed thousands of successful crowdfunding campaigns to find out what works … and what doesn’t. In this 13-part course, he will walk you through all the essentials of a crowdfunding campaign, from choosing the right platform to how to make your promotional video to how to market your campaign to your community. Next to this, you will be getting a bunch of useful strategies that you can apply to every crowdfunding campaign you will use — FOREVER, because your access to this course will never be revoked. Get the answers to questions like ‘is crowdfunding right for my business?’, or ‘I’d love to do a crowdfunding campaign but where do I start?’, and much more practical questions like ‘How do I shoot a video without experience making videos?’ or ‘what should my campaign goal be?’.