The Ambition Code (Recordings)

297.00 incl. VAT

If you are an ambitious professional I invite you to watch the recordings of the Ambition Code seminar and learn the 12 essentials for living your life to the max.

And when I’m talking about living your life to the max, I mean business…

We believe that a Life by Design has 4 pillars… happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.

You may think that living your dreamlife is impossible or difficult, or it’s expensive in time and money…

But really it’s a matter of knowing what to do FIRST and then NEXT, and then NEXT…

If you take the time to watch the recordings of this powerful seminar, you will know how to take the exact first steps to live the life of your dreams, for many, many, many years… starting TODAY!


Here are just a few of the things you will learn from this seminar:

  • Why diets NEVER work, and how to know EXACTLY what you need to eat, and what you should avoid – to live a LONG and HEALTHY life.
  • Why you MUST exercise (and in the RIGHT frequency). It has (almost) nothing to do with weight loss, muscle strength, relaxation, balance or flexibility. It is the one BIG reason to exercise, and (almost) no one is talking about it.
  • How to use pain and fear as your best helpers to live long, passionate and happy life (instead of avoiding them and missing their lessons).
  • The essential social structure you must CREATE or JOIN in order to experience long life of happiness, health and wealth (we knew it in the past, and unfortunately forgot it)
  • The one behavior you practice EVERY DAY since childhood that inevitably leads to premature DEATH and DEMENTIA, and how to transform it, by playing a simple GAME.
  • The 3 words you use dozens of times a day, and every time you do – you KILL your potential, SHORTEN your life, and making yourself MISERABLE. Stop using these words will be the single most difficult, yet most REWARDING action you could do to live a long, happy and fulfilled life.
  • Why your current financial PLAN (or lack of) is leading you on a path of lifetime financial STRUGGLE and INSECURITY. You will also see how you were conditioned to walk this path, and how you can choose a new path leading to wealth, abundance and financial freedom.
  • Why ‘PREVENTION’ (e.g. preventing cancer, preventing dementia…) is a really BAD IDEA, and what you should put instead.