BizKaizen – all the business trainings in ONE

1,997.00 incl. VAT


  • Implementation Ninja (997,-)
  • Master of Influence (997,-)
  • Passive Business Income (997,-)
  • Write your Book in 28 days (1997,-)
  • The Ultimate Business Machine (997,-)
  • Master Entrepreneur (1497,-)
  • Video Marketing Masterclass (197,-)
  • Business Blogging Masterclass (197,-)
  • Business Bootcamp Extended (197,-)
  • Enlightened Millionaire (197,-)
  • Experts Masterclass (197,-)
  • Crowdfunding Mastery (197,-)
  • Business Networking Masterclass (197,-)
  • Remarkable Product (197,-)
  • Make up Your Mind (197,-)
  • Social Media Masterclass (197,-)
  • Joint Venture Secrets (197,-)




Double your income, double your free time

One big step…

Now is the time. So – you have spent at least one year trying to succeed as an entrepreneur.
You have worked hard, put effort into winning clients and keeping them happy, even started to make some profit. But life might be a little out of balance and you feel you have a long way to go to before you are where you want to be – making more money, enjoying more free time with friends and family and making more of a contribution to society.

That is why you are still asking yourself:

“What is the real secret behind truly successful entrepreneurs?”

To find out, join the BizKaizen network and let us answer that vital question.

Here’s only a FEW of the 16!! trainings that are available in BizKaizen.

Every entrepreneur should follow this course, to become a Master Entrepreneur. (it’s called, very surprisingly, “Master Entrepreneur”.)  This course will teach you the basics of the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. It will teach you what to do to build your expert position and show you how and where to focus to get the biggest results in the shortest time. Double your income, double your free time….

Ever thought of writing a book and thought that it’d be too much of a hassle? It isn’t anymore, with this training….

  • How to write your book in 28 days


Trouble selling? This training will help you out….

  • Master of Influence 

Want to learn more about blogging, being an expert, creating passive income, marketing strategies, how to become an enlightened millionaire, business IQ and so much more?? 

All these trainings… for a ridiculously low investment.

These trainings will teach you how to get 10x more stuff done without burning out along the way.