Roy Martina’s Happy & Healthy Hand-outs

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1. Evolution of Self

2. Evolution of Consciousness

3. Five Elements Emotional IQ Programming

Roy Martina’s Happy & Healthy Guides

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1. Power Intention & Chi

2. Tips to Reduce Your Odds of Dementia

3. Cancerproof

4. About the Power Smoothie 

5. Power Smoothie ingredients

6. Biological Rejuvenation MP3 file

To get the maximum out of the use of this last audiofile, start with listening to the 21 mins Brain Training in the morning. (set your alarm clock 20 mins earlier and wake up with it). You can also use it as a power break during the day to boost your body, and in the night before you go to sleep. Roy advises to listen at least 100 days… this is anti-aging brain training…