Challenge #6: Sharing your Life Lessons

Life is a story.
Share yours with others, even if it scares you.


Nisandeh Neta



A few weeks ago I gave a mini training and one of the participants was skeptical. She asked me: “this all sounds so amazing, but why is there no such training for people with a challenging family situation?”


I asked her if she was in such a position.


“Yes”, she answered.


“Would you believe me if I gave such a training while not knowing what that’s like to be in a challenging family situation?” I asked her.


She hesitated… “I guess not…”


“Do you think you can translate what you learned to your situation? Would it be possible that there’s a role for you?”


She was touched, and then she started to smile. Because she suddenly saw her story having an impact.


I believe everyone has a story to tell, and there are people waiting for them, for you, to start sharing it. Don’t underestimate the lessons you learned, in your life, they might make a difference in someone else’s life….


This week’s challenge starts small. Start sharing your life experience with your loved ones.


The Why


Don’t let your experience and life lessons dwindle into nothing when you are no longer living. Record it all, to share what you’ve learned with future generations.



The What


As children, we might not listen to our parents. We disregard their experiences and their life lessons, thinking we know better than them … and by the way, how can they understand what we’re going through?

Parents are old!

Obviously, this attitude goes away as we become older.

But once we are in a position to want to know and accept those life lessons from our parents and their generation, these learned and wise folks might not be around anymore.

Don’t make that same mistake with your children and/or younger friends and relatives.

The fact is, you are going to die. It could be tomorrow, three months from now, or 100 years from now. But, it will happen. What did you learn from your life; your achievements, mistakes, your joys and sorrows? What will you leave behind for future generations, and your loved ones? Documenting this information – your life lessons – can become an important roadmap for your children, and their children, as well.



Every day, for the next week, think about, and write up, your major life lessons.

You should be ready to continue beyond this week, and mark down something new you’ve learned each day.

So, for the next seven days, take some time to look over important life lessons learned, and jot them down in a journal.

The goal is to create a treasure trove of wisdom for your descendants, over time. Don’t let that information disappear when this week ends, or even when you die.

For now


I learned today (again) that details matter. It’s not a very… sophisticated life lesson. But it’s an important one. I learned it while creating an origami cat with my sons. When I took care of the details, it was a cat that looked like a cat. When I didn’t, I wanted to throw it away because it looked at best like a rock or a vase, and at worst like a stupid piece of paper that I was ashamed of.


Details are about taking care. It’s not hard to take care of details. It’s a matter of focus, and what’s important. It’s about giving something the attention it deserves. It’s a lesson I’d love to share with my kids. 


What did you learn yesterday or today? Please share it in the comment box below.

If you share one of your lessons, I’d like to give you something- as an acknowledgment and a motivation- an opportunity to turn your life lessons into a book….


Live fully and be awesome…




  1. Herman van de Kuit

    I am a teacher of mathematics in high school. I live in a buddhist way. Yesterday I learned that sharing my ideas and experiences with young people is not only important, it is also possible. Some students asked me if I had a buddha in my house and telling about this we came to talk about buddhstic guidelines for living. they were very interested. Up till now I thought that young people in general are not interested, but they are more interested than I expected.

    • Gerdy Heek

      wow Herman… Must have felt amazing… and I believe they always are interested when you share something personal that means a lot to you, even if it’s not specifically their interest..

  2. W. van der Zweep

    What I learn over and over again about life lessons and experiences of this life, is that it’s all explicitly about experiencing life, this counts for my children as well. I try to hold back and give my children their own experiences and NOT teaching my experience!

    • Gerdy Heek

      Dear W,

      Thanks for sharing! I recognize this. However, I think there are still quite a few very valuable lessons that I’d like to teach my children. For instance how to deal with money, or how I think about contributing in this world… because they will learn one way or another, they learn in school too! And if I don’t teach them, at least give them my opinion too and let them figuring out if it fits or not, they won’t know that this option exists. And that would be a waste… To me, it’s about those lessons…

  3. Leni Minderhoud

    I have learned, also by your blog post, that reflecting like this daily on what I have learned and write it in a notebook, makes me happy! I have learned yesterday that creating with my hands, a drawing, a blogarticle (writing can be mental but is also a creative proces), a nice meal, is giving me such a pleasure. This energy is where I am living for. Not creating for a while in this sense is not helping me.

  4. Gonny de Wit

    I Learned that new tasks are scary. But when you do not give up and you just do it. The reward is – yes I can. This gives a boost of energy. I have now more respect for people who are going through the same.

  5. Anutosh van Varik

    Yesterday, I had a long talk with my daughter (53 years old). I just listened, we had a great talk!

  6. Jennifer Martina

    What I learned. Yesterday is that all I need to do is follow my inner guidance, be the observer and enjoy the process! Observe the fear, the uncertainty that comes with it, without judgment! The truth, the purpose will be revealed soon! Thank you!

  7. Milton Gerverdinck

    I learned today that I have so much to learn, even in the places/ things where, when I have to explain to others, know the perfect answers. I learned that knowing is not the same as applying it. i learned today that I should let go of the constant need to be in control and the need to know that what I will be doing is something that I know perfectly so that I can’t fail. I learned that it is ok to not know and be a bit unsure about where things are going…… I feel my whole life is going out of control if I don’t control/ know…… apparently a lot of lessons learned 🙂

  8. Henk van der Wijk

    This is not about a lesson I learned today. It’s about collecting, storing and sharing lessons and wisdom. I do this for years already, in the form of quotes (mostly from others and a few based on my own experiences) in the “Details about you” section of my Facebook profile. It is quite a rich source meanwhile I believe and I often pick one when it adds value or illustration to a letter or an article I have to write. It’s public, you can check it out here:

  9. Janina Bakker de Visse

    My lesson of the day is, start doing what i planned to do during early morning hours, otherwise i tend to questions and requests of people around me (please disease) and procrastinate my own tasks; so it’s important to YES to my plan; and it is oké to say NO, or maybe later, to their requests.

  10. M Klamer

    I learned today that I am not perfect, and that is o.k, I embrace my imperfection. Letting go the high standards and inner critic is one of the hardest steps I made. Letting two classes down by being ill was very difficult for me. And recognizing my eagerness to fill their minds with theory and insights not listening to my intuition, just speaking more from my heart instead of my head is step 2. Being vulnerable is step 3, o how I want to make that one. Anyone wants to jump with me?

  11. Silvia Dragoni

    Today I learned that instead of I am scared it is a great idea to move and act in order to find new options and easy to do a step forward 🙂

  12. Emine Pala

    I have learned that my worst nightmare for six years of narcissistic abuse is actually my greatest gift. Gift to change myself and transform my life. Now serving others. My life is so amazing right now, I am blessed, I am happy. No I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have people around me I can depend on, I don’t have a car. I live all by myself (conscious decision), my kids are still in a foster home. But I have discovered my inner strength, I can enjoy life, I work hard to improve myself and every soul I come across. I am grateful, blessed and I have a dream. I love myself, I believe in myself and I believe in the power that is inside all of us. I am a coach! I have a purpose! I am strong! And crazy enough to believe that I can make an impact in the live of others. Strong mindset mixed with using your most powerful tool, your voice, will transform how you feel, how you experience life and how to give back to others. Spreading the word of hope! The voice of “you can do anything you want if you are willing to work hard on yourself first”. Good meets good. I was for so long busy to try to change what was impossible. In the end I expanded myself. Every day for the past 4 years I happen to life by doing good, life doesn’t happen to me. Sadness, disappointment doesn’t have to become suffering. I choose to live. It is possible people, I am a living example. Suffered too long from PTSD and panic attacks. Now it doesn’t own me, I have total control over my life. Because I never quit. I came out better instead of bitter. What do you want? Feeling better or bitter. The choice is yours. You got this. YOU GOT THIS. Now get your mind going into the right direction. With love to all of you, Emine

    • Kate

      Emine, how, tell me how you did it, how did u get rid of anxiety attacks, fear?
      I am an abandoned, forgotten widow when i was 34, parent.
      Now i am old, my kids dont know i exist.
      Help me to know how to know how to live again

      • Emine Pala

        Dear, I am 35 years old.
        The secret is to work on yourself with some coaching you will discover your own value.
        It won’t be easy but I am glad to help you. If you are committed. You can email me:
        I don’t know if it’s allowed here to share this.
        But I am determined to help people.

        Kind Regards,

        Emine Pala

  13. Mariette Frits

    I learned how crucial it is to dare to follow my intuition.

    I was giving a workshop about breast-health, feeling excited to pass on the information; was sooo much to share.
    Yet during the morning I realized that perhaps it was too much and feeling into the group my gut feeling told me a soft, gentle and slow breathing and feeling excercise would be beneficial for all the women there…
    Feeling unsure about how to change the excercise so last minute, I stuck to my plan and yes, it was ok but I know deep down that had I had the courage to change my plan and go with my intuition it would have been much more beneficial to the group.
    So my note to self, my lesson is; even if it is scary and even if it is not logical; follow your intuition….. life unfolds as we move through the day; it is impossible to plan everything ahead; learn to trust that if you are really totally present, if you are in the moment you will know what to do, what to say and how to make the most of the opportunity that arises

    • Mariëtte Verlaan

      Love your words, both Gerdy and Mariette, and the acknowledgement of intuition and grace.
      What I still learn every day is to join in the flow of life and act accordingly. Balance and harmony are dynamic inner creations. Thank you xxx

    • Emine


    • Gerdy Heek

      Thanks Mariette for your courage to share such a personal story…


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