Sugar Challenge! Day 1

Woohoo! We’re here! I’m excited to start. I hope you too. You may be a bit scared, because yes, this might be a life changer… but any moment you feel that, remember…. if you get rid of your addiction of sugar, you will have a CHOICE. You can still choose to eat sugar again after that, but at least it’s a conscious choice and not led by craving….

Watch my video first if you want to know what’s on the menu and for some explanation of the shopping list (it’s downloadable below so if you think (like I do) that this video is a bit too long, skip the last 8 minutes or so:))

The shopping list can be downloaded HERE.


Now here’s your first recipe:

You only got a breakfast recipe now. It’s kind of hard to quit sugar on just this. But If I give you 3 recipes at once, it might be too overwhelming… 

So for lunch: try to find something like a salad, make something for yourself. Make sure you add carbs, you need your energy. so add brown rice, or quinoa, pasta might work too, just take the brown variant… if you buy a salad somewhere, leave the dressing out and just take some olive oil and vinegar. 

For dinner: brown rice with veggies work fine, you can add fish if you like, just make sure it’s plain. A lot of meat has sugar added so leave it for a day. 

And snacks: take a piece of cucumber or sweet pepper (paprika) if you’re craving… handful of raw nuts also works fine. 


Enjoy your day! 

Live fully and be awesome….