Sugar Challenge! Day 3


So… You’ve got 2 options for breakfast now to play and vary a bit, so now let’s go for lunch! Lunch is for me the hardest meal to eat healthy and tasty. I am allergic to wheat, and too much bread isn’t good for you anyway (there’s sugar in most bread, it will give you a sugar rush, and there is very little food value in it, skip it and you’ll see the difference!) 


I LOVE eating salads during lunch time. But this is usually quite some work. So – I’m giving you a recipe for an easy salad, that you can make within 15 minutes, and a recipe for egg wraps. 2 mins work! Seriously. Easiest recipe ever. 


Quinoa Salad


300 g Quinoa

100 g Dried plums

A full handful of fresh mint


100 g peas (deep frozen)

Big handful of pecan nuts

Fresh goat cheese


Half a lime



Cook the quinoa as prescribed on the package (usually 100 ml water for 75 g quinoa, cook dry). During the last 5 minutes, I add the peas. You only need to warm them up, they’re already cooked. 

In the meantime, cut the cucumber and the plums into small pieces and crush the nuts. 

Mix 2 spoons of extra vergine olive oil and the juice of half a lime for the dressing. Add salt and pepper. 

Before you cut the mint, try this: smell it first. Then: hold the mint in your hand, and smash your hands together. Smell it again. Do you smell the difference? Good ey? 🙂 

then, cut the mint and stir it through the salad. The last part is to add the goat cheese. Crumble it. (if you don’t like goat cheese, you can use feta cheese instead) 

Lunch 2: egg wraps

This is again a base recipe, use it and make your own version!

For each person, use 2 eggs. mix them first. Heat up a pan and bake it like a pancake. The thinner, the better! It might require some practice.



And now – you have your base, for whatever topping you like. I like avocado, spinach and salmon on it, but you can top it with cheese (sprinkle it when the egg wrap is still hot) and fresh tomato, or try mango and chicken (if you eat meat and you can find chicken without sugar). As soon as you mastered the art of making perfect egg wraps, try to experiment a bit with the eggs themselves: if you want to top them with salmon, put some dill in the eggs…delicious.


This is also perfect for a take away lunch. If you do, make sure your wrap is cooled down, you really don’t want lunch with a damp, mushy wrap…


Enjoy your lunch!