Sugar Challenge! Day 6

Simple breakfast- or also working as a snack: the MUG CAKE. 

The simplest version has only 3 ingredients, and tastes a bit like the pancakes. But – you can make it in the microwave! 


Mug cake – ingredients

1 banana, 1 egg and 3 spoons of oats is enough – mix them by hand, or in the blender for more smoothness, and pour it in a mug. 


Put it in the microwave for 2,5 min on 800W…. and you’re done! Top it with fresh fruit salad and cinnamon. 


Now… this is the easiest version. For a slightly more advanced version: add a spoon of cocoa powder to the oats, banana and egg. After you mix these ingredients, add a spoon of cocoa nibs to the blend. Put a hand ful of (frozen) raspberries in the mug first, and then add the blend to it. It will make a fantastic alternative to a muffin. I mean.. who DOESN’T want to have breakfast like this:) 

Snack: the winner is: Banana bread!  

I got this recipe from my VA Eline, and it’s perfect. Easy and quick. And tasty….:) 


200 g Oats

3 Bananas (the riper the better) 

75 g Dried apricots

150 ml non-dairy milk (almond/ rice/ coconut or soj)

Cinnamon (spoon)

1 Teaspoon baking powder

1 Teaspoon baking soda (or 1 egg)



Mix all the dry ingredients in the blender. Throw it in the cake tin. Then put the bananas, apricots and milk in the blender and mix that. It’s ok if the apricots don’t get too small…. Throw the dry mix in and mix it all together. 

As soon as everything is mixed, add an apple in pieces, some blueberries and a hand ful of nuts. 

use a bit of coconut oil to grease the cake tin before you put the dough in. Put the bread in the oven for 40 minutes, but keep an eye on it. After 40 minutes check if it’s ready, if it’s still wet, leave it a bit longer. As soon as it’s cooled off, cut the bread in pieces. You can easily freeze it and it will give you a snack for at least a week!


Do you want to know what my secret is to keep on track? I’ll share with you my 10 best habits to stay sugarfree, Tuesday at 8.30 PM Amsterdam Time.