Challenge #4: Taking Care of your Body

Your body is the only home you have to live in. Take care of it.

Nisandeh Neta

Challenge #4: Taking care of your body

The Why

Treat your body well. Not is it the only one you have, but better care of your body will also provide more energy. As everything in life is energy, more energy means you’ll get more from your life.

The What

Remember the last time you awakened from a night of over-indulgence in food, alcohol, or drugs? Perhaps you had a headache, your stomach was full, and you were exhausted. Now, remember how you felt mentally and emotionally after such a night. The likelihood is that you were depleted and unable to accomplish much of anything.

This isn’t a lecture. You are an adult, and my telling you not to drink too much, or smoke, or overeat won’t lead you to suddenly say, “Well, Nisandeh said not to get drunk, or to smoke cigarettes, so I won’t!”

There is, however, something to the saying, of “you are what you eat.” Bad stuff going into your body can lead to bad stuff coming out. And, eating a better diet means you’ll feel better. Giving up cigarettes means you’ll be able to walk farther (and perhaps take up running, if you want). When you walk, run, or exercise more, you are more energetic. And, being more energetic means you can bring enthusiasm and ambition to your life.

You wouldn’t consider putting the wrong gasoline or oil into your car. The right gas and oil make your car run more effectively. And, the more effectively your car runs, the farther it can go. The same principle is true when it comes to your body. A healthy body goes hand in hand with an Ideal Life.


Every day, for the next week, you’ll focus on taking care of your body. Your first step in this endeavor is to write a commitment letter to your body, telling it that you love it, accept it and will take care of it. An example of such a letter follows:


Dear Body,

From this moment forward, I promise to feed you with healthy food and provide you with positive thoughts. I will water you faithfully. I will get you moving. I will make sure you are well-rested.
We are a team that is going for the long run – together.

With Deepest Gratitude, Me

Then, for the next seven days, focus on:

  • Avoiding processed foods, sugar, and excess alcohol
  • Giving your digestive system a break; don’t eat after the sun sets
  • Cooking at home, with healthy ingredients, love, and care, rather than eating out
  • Moving your body; even getting up from your chair once an hour and walking around, can make a difference
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Side-stepping energy drainers, such as negative people, negative media and boredom

There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, check with your healthcare provider before launching any diet or exercise program.

Second, giving up unhealthy habits won’t happen overnight. When you wean yourself from excess sugar, you could be cranky and tired for the first few days. But then, as your body rids itself of the toxins, you’ll feel better. More energetic. More joyful and eager to make the most of each day.

And third, remember to write down how you feel each day. Even if you are dying for a candy bar or milkshake in the early going, write it down. As you start to crave less sugar and alcohol, write that down, too.

Be kind to your body. It’s been through a lot. Once you start treating your body as a partner, rather than a stranger, you begin to work together to attain the best outcome for you both.

My addition

When I started to work with Nisandeh, the only reason I accepted the pieces of training he offered me, was because I thought it would be impolite to refuse them.

I thought I was living pretty healthy, I exercised 5 times per week on average, eating mostly healthy. I thought. I also thought a healthy lifestyle was boring. 

After the first training, I quit sugar for 3 weeks (you need 3 weeks to get rid of the addiction).

I can tell you… I suffered. I was NOT eating healthy before. Now I do, and quitting sugar made a major difference in my life.

Now… this is a big challenge, and Nisandeh asks you to change a lot at once.

If you want it to work, pick one topic. Make sure it’s challenging, or it won’t become a habit- if you hardly ever drink, you won’t see the difference if you commit to not drinking for a week, will you?

Let me know your commitment in the comments box below and let’s do this together… I will commit to not eating after dinner, which will be a challenge because I love snacking in the evenings…

And… as a thank you for your commitment in the comments, and some extra motivation, I’ll send you a short video I recorded a while ago sharing my experience with 3 weeks without sugar… (check the benefits!)

Live fully and be awesome…


P.S. Did you order the book? there’s a long video as a bonus to this challenge, follow the link and watch it for some in-depth knowledge. (If you haven’t ordered it yet, you can, just follow this link)


  1. Gerdy Heek

    Thank you all so much for your valuable additions! It’s totally true.. it’s not hard to live healthy once you experience the benefits, and understand the why. Living healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. A healthy lifestyle is only a matter of different habits. And habits, we can learn….

  2. Henk van der Wijk

    I was lucky to be born into a very healthy body. But since that was “normal” I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it in my younger years. Although I wasn’t a heavy smoker, I have been smoking for many years. Frequently drinking too much alcohol. Eating and enjoying everything that is nice and so common in our society. Not enough exercise. It all changed when my dearest friend got cancer. That was the start of a never-ending journey to learn about nutrition, how our bodies work, the immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems, the importance of sleep, exercise, supplements. I became extremely conscious about the quality and quantity of the things I put in my mouth. A lot of things, especially processed foods, pasta, potatoes, sugar disappeared from the menu and others made their entry. A daily exercise program. Lost some 10% of my former body weight. I am so glad I made the change, I never felt better.
    It’s not hard and I am sure everybody can do it once you get the “why”.

  3. Rebecca Siccama

    My diet is already very strict. No prepared food from the stores, no gluten, no sugar, no big carbs, and all that for my health. And I do it with love, although I don’t need to lose any weight. But even with this diet, you can keep your weight at the same level. I make my own cakes with fermented sunflower( from sunflower seeds), nuts, fruits and eggs. And I love it! I do a lot of food fermentation now, to eat a lot of probiotics for my health. My challenge is to get rid of my medication. And I will, although the doctor says I have to take it life-long. I say I am healthy! My other big thing is getting enough sleep. So I take now the step to stop working in the evenings (except for training) and take my rest during the evening so that I sleep well at night.

    • Gerdy Heek

      Hey Rebecca,

      fermented? I got some at the Neta’s and it was… let’s say… a taste to get used to:)

      Awesome your goal with your medication… to give you an indication: I got diagnosed with Ulcerosis Colitis, had to use nasty stuff… when I started to eat differently and especially quit wheat from my diet, I never suffered of consequences of eating something that I couldn’t take (which was pretty much every day) so happy with it! So I know it is possible. Keep on going!

      • Rebecca Siccama

        Thx Gerdy. Yes, I agree. I’m attacked at the moment with the same disease. And I will stop the medication asp. I already eat glutenfree , but with the GAPs Diet even no maize and rice etc. And about the fermented food: I never tasted such good sauerkraut as my own . Some stuff you have to get used to, other stuff is really nice. The fermented sunflower seeds taste really good, also in a cake.

  4. Eva Driessen

    I LOVE this:
    Dear Body,

    From this moment forward, I promise to feed you with healthy food and provide you with positive thoughts. I will water you faithfully. I will get you moving. I will make sure you are well-rested.
    We are a team that is going for the long run – together.

    With Deepest Gratitude, Me
    It is in the background of my mobile right now!
    Thank you Gerdy!

  5. Paul-Jan Heijnenster

    Eating healthy is a survival tour because in every food the industry puts sugar & E…. in it. How to avoid this?

    • Gerdy Heek

      That’s a great question Paul-Jan, since I discovered this too! What really helps is sticking to wholefood, as a base of your diet. So fruit and vegetables, grains, raw nuts, eggs… and then have a look what you can eat. Peanut butter is amazing I discovered, no sugar. also there is plenty of fat stuff, that might not be very good for you maybe but at least there’s no sugar… cheese (but check, in some cheese there IS sugar), french fries (yay:))

      I found out that usually there is a non sugar variant. for instance sandwich meat has a lot of sugar, but there are also some (roastbeef for instance) that doesn’t have any added sugar.

      Also… you really need to pay attention… if you really want to get rid of your addiction, then also don’t eat honey or agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar, or stevia etc… it’s sometimes hard to find it…

      And… I make my own chocolate now, because living without sugar is ok, as long as I can eat chocolate:)

  6. inez kretzschmar

    Sitting down with a bowl of muesli in stead of the easy stroopwafel… but I am going to focus on a good night’s sleep and the cooking at home. I reckon the sugar which is a huge addiction will be way easier when cooking and sleeping are providing the framework.

    • Gerdy Heek

      Hey Inez,

      check your muesli… I found out there is a lot of sugar added to most muesli…. varying from 10-even 35%! Aldi has a Granola without any sugar added…if you’re looking for a substitute.

      • inez kretzschmar

        Thanks, I go for organic usually and the non-granola one normally doesn’t have added sugar. Nice to feel the support.

  7. Dunja Kuenen

    Hi Gerdy,

    I feel that I am already doing very well regarding this subject. So, I will continue to do so. Just look more carefully regarding my protein intake. Thanks.

  8. Marina de Haan

    Hi Gerdy

    It is not a book to read… it’s a book to act upon!! And take time to integrate. I love it, knowing I have heard all these lessons before, some have been integrated, some have been lost..
    So a new opportunity to learn and grow.

    Thnks for the health tips, I think I am doing very weel, lost 11,5 kg. in 2 years and feel SOOOO FIT!

    Thanks for all your love and care,
    Be Awesome..
    Marina xx

  9. Karin Uittenbogaart

    I’m gonna do it! 3 weeks without sugar. I wanted this already for a long time and now your article convinced me. Exciting… very curious to hear your experience, and maybe of others (that tried and stuck to it)


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