Ank Westdorp

co-owner, gaafgroenwonen

Auk Oosterhof

Teacher Entertainment and Citizenship, ROC Mondriaan, Leiden

Elske van der Fliert

Expert driving greener, cleaner and smarter , Zero-e

Marianne Haverkamp


José Verreijt

Shiatsu Therapist, Bergman Clinics

Anne van Hilten

Student Hotelmanagement, Amsterdam

Ben van Zundert


Hanke Pijlman

Co-owner, young4you & VWO-student

Rogier van der Ree

Change Challenger,

I follow trainings with Nisandeh Neta since 2007. I got to know him as a very driven person, that always makes up to his promises. Now he is going to share from his own experience, what he knows on reaching true happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. Are you driven, ambitious and curious, join him in his trip!

Liesbet Muijlwijk, 57, colon,hydrotherapist, Driebergen