First of all: take a second to acknowledge yourself for registering for the challenge. This is the first step!

Now take a minute to set an intention, that you WILL take the challenge, and go for it for 100%. It really helps if you send one of your loved ones a message that you’re gonna do it, because we will support each other in the challenge, but you want somebody close to keep you accountable… and it will strengthen your intention.

Of course it’s even better if you can find someone to take on the challenge together with you.. if you want to invite them, just send them to this page where they can register.

LINK TO THE CHALLENGE (or: https://www.lifeplandesign.com/no-sugar-challenge)

Until then, please check your mailbox, I’ll send you a message within 15 minutes… you want to make sure that my emails don’t end up in your spam box, that would give you another excuse not to take up the challenge, wouldn’t it:)

See you in the challenge!

Live fully, be awesome…