The 100-day WTF challenge

The key to success is not to do everything you can do, but to focus on the few things that will create maximum impact


Nisandeh Neta

Tomorrow, September 22, is exactly 100 days to the end of 2017.

I love this date…

Every year, on the 22nd of September – I challenge myself with the WTF challenge – that gets me inspired, motivated and excited to finish the year as strong as I can.

WTF, of course, stands for Winning Through Focus.

(But you knew that, right?)

The idea is to take ONE thing, ONE action, ONE habit and do it consistently (preferably, every day) until the end of the year.

The ONE thing, action or habit should be the ONE that will deliver the biggest result for the investment of time and effort… 

A few WTF actions I took (100 days in a row) in the past are:

  • Filming and posting on Facebook one short video every day (to become better at video presentations)
  • Giving away 5 books every day (in total 500 business and personal-development books)
  • Getting up one hour earlier every morning

For me the WTF challenge is about focus on what’s most important (business-wise, health-wise, relationship-wise, etc…) and do it for 100 days in a row to get the biggest impact.

However, last weekend, in the Be Happy & Healthy weekend workshop with Dr. Roy Martina – I realized how powerful the 100 days are in building a new habit.

For years, I was under the impression (like many others), that in order to instill a new habit you need between 3 to 6 weeks, but Roy showed that this is a common mistake that is a result of misinterpretation of a single scientific experiment.

He also shared why it takes usually 90-100 days to change a habit or instill a new one.

So… the 100-day WTF challenge is a fantastic opportunity to establish a new success habit.

My WTF challenge for this year is…

Every day, for 100 days, to do something new I never have done before. 

It can be trying a new food, listening to music genre I have never listened to before, learn a totally new subject, meet a new person and get to know them, travel somewhere new, play a game I’ve never played before, etc

Doing new things on a regular basis is one of the most powerful Neurobics exercises you can do to train your brain to become faster, more resilient, more intelligent and more immune to memory loss and dementia.

During the Be Happy & Healthy weekend workshop I gave a 2-hour session focused totally on the most effective, easiest and most fun Neurobics exercises (although we did get to spend quite some time talking about sex – as a training exercise for your brain, of course…)

(If you want to get the recording of this session, as my gift, make sure to leave a comment – and you might be one of the lucky winners)

By the way… the whole weekend was AMAZING… not because I say so, and not because I was delivering half of it, but because the participants kept on telling us, how powerful and transformative it was for THEM…

AND, although I gave half of it, I learned so much from the other half, that I would have  gladly paid just to sit in the crowd and participate… in the other half.

The health of both Vered’s parents and my father is deteriorating… fast, so we both are flying to Israel to try and help our parents using the new tools we learned from Roy… so, yes the weekend was gold for us too…

If you missed it, here is your second chance…

No. We’re not going to teach this material again. Ever!

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OK… now it’s your chance…

Let us know, in the comment box below, what is your 100-day WTF challenge commitment.

In a few days, we will choose one or more commentators to receive a really cool gift – the recording of the Neurobics session from the Be Happy & Healthy workshop…

Hope to see you in the Be Wealthy & Wise weekend workshop in December (see PS for details).

And until then…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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