The gift of ambition

Setting big goals is not about achieving them.
It’s about who you become on the way

Nisandeh Neta

I was always ambitious… As far back as I can remember myself.

As a kid, I wanted to become the BEST football player in the world.

I didn’t want to be Pelé or Cruijff… I wanted to become better than them.

And I spent every minute of my free time, playing football, pursuing this dream…

Unfortunately, severe asthma and some growing up killed my football stardom dream.

As a teenager, I wanted to start a company and become the YOUNGEST entrepreneur in Israel.

I started my software company when I was 18, and worked 7 days a week, 10 hours a day (parallel to my university studies) to build the most successful company in our field within 5 years.

Unfortunately, severe bad timing and some immature decisions killed my first company together with everything I owned.

I can go on describing the gift of ambition I enjoyed (and am cursed with) over the course of my life, as it seems that I always would wake up with an idea, and then find myself committed and determined to make it happen, or at least do whatever it takes to make it a reality, and have a lot of fun in the process.

I realized, a long time ago, that I feel immensely happy and fulfilled being totally immersed in the process of working towards achieving my goals (often even more than in the success of completion).

Can you relate to any of these sentences above?

  • Have you ever wanted to be the BEST, the YOUNGEST, the FIRST, the FASTEST, the most FAMOUS, etc…?
    (I’m planning to become the OLDEST man to ever run the New York marathon – some 60-70 years from now…)
  • Have you ever been so immersed in giving everything you’ve got to achieve anything in your life, that you were so happy just doing it – caring less if you will ever achieve that goal or not?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you belong to a rare breed of human beings…

People I call… “The Ambitions Ones.”

For the ambitious person, life is about more than just being satisfied; it’s about being happy AND feeling excited at the same time.

“Playing it safe” didn’t get you to where you are today. So, make sure it doesn’t play any part in your life from now on. “Playing it safe” is the quickest way to a life of boredom and regrets…


As an ambitious one, to stay happy and excited:

  1. Stay a little wild when it comes to following your dreams.
  2. Be ready to learn from your mistakes and failures.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  4. Take regular time to do the things you really love.
  5. Don’t be afraid to pursue an idea that pops into your mind.
  6. Stay a little crazy.
  7. Stay a little foolish.

The best way to keep your ambition fire going

Make sure you have at least one amazingly big goal, that you are totally committed to achieve, even if it seems impossible, or you have no idea how you will ever make it.

For me, I had many of these in my life:

  • Not serving in the army (I was the first conscientious objector to ever be released from the Israeli army)
  • Living in a different country than the one I grew up in (I did it 3 times already)
  • Running a marathon with severe asthma (I ran several of them, and training for the next one)
  • Publishing a bestseller book (already had 3 of those, writing a new one these days)

And my latest and most ambitious so far… I’m PLANNING to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life until the age of 132 (at least)…

And I think this is the most important part of setting amazingly big goals… the PLANNING.

Because a goal without a plan is just a DREAM.

But when you start planning, your life changes, taking one step-at-a-time…

And often, without you even noticing it, you’re getting closer, and closer to make your dream come true.

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And before you go…

Let me know in the comment box below, what amazingly big goals you already set for yourself, so we can all get inspired… and maybe even support you in making your goal come true…

And until we meet…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta