To drink or not to drink?

Whenever you get an advice that starts with ‘Everyone should…’ – you can safely ignore that advice

Nisandeh Neta


Here’s one of the most common health advice you probably heard most your life…

“You should drink AT LEAST 2 liters of water, every day.”

You might follow this advice, or might not… but have you ever stopped to THINK how much this advice, like most health advice we hear, DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE?

In this short video, I challenge you to reconsider this advice, as well as asking you to look at 2 water-drinking habits you might have, which actually hurt your body…

Watch the video and make your own conclusions…



Unfortunately, the Internet and printed media are saturated with health and happiness advice, which is often contradicting, inaccurate or simply wrong.

Any advice that is supposed to be true for everyone (like ‘you must drink at least 2 liters of water a day’) cannot be true. Instead, you should learn to listen to your body and trust the messages it communicates to you.

In the one-time “Be Happy & Healthy” workshop, Dr. Roy Martina and I will show you how to listen to your body and follow its wisdom in order to live a long and healthy life.

The normal price for this workshop is €975 (€1,375 for a VIP ticket), but for a very limited time, we have a special offer for you to join us in the “Be Happy & Healthy” workshop in September for a (very) discounted price.

It’s only for a few people, so you’ll have to apply for the special deal, by filling in a short application form here.


What is your most burning healthy lifestyle question?

Roy and I want to make sure the Be Happy & Healthy workshop answer all the important healthy lifestyle issues, so… please take a moment to let us know your most burning healthy lifestyle question, in the comment box below…


Looking forward to meet you in the Be Happy & Healthy workshop in September.

And until then…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

PS. Here is the link to the SPECIAL OFFER application form again….