Now that’s unexpected…

When you let life’s purpose flow through you, amazing things happen

Nisandeh Neta


Although it seems that Nisandeh and Vered were missing in action for a while, they’ve been busier than ever. 

Now, they want to invite you to join them.

But I am going too fast…

They invested the last 13 months in developing an ambitious plan, creating the most powerful partnership imaginable, and creating content that would blow people’s mind…

I stayed close all this time, but even I didn’t realize what was coming…

Their mission to impact the lives of one million people has been transformed into making a difference in the lives of one billion people by the year 2025. And they have the tools and partners to enable them to stretch to that goal.

I watched them closely for the last year and a bit – how they evolved, transformed, and shaded their old skin, getting ready for something new, big and very exciting.

I can’t share it all. I don’t even know it all.

But both Nisandeh and Vered are now onto a new phase of making a difference in the world and all I can say at the moment, is that within less than 12 months they’re gonna make the first big splash in Hollywood, Broadway, the media, and the education world.

If you are as intrigued as me, read carefully.

On his birthday, on Tuesday, March 19, Nisandeh will reveal some of their plans, but only to the ones that are interested to know.

Also, he will show you how you can be part of the movement that is going to change the world.

And… as a special bonus… you can be the one invited to stay with Vered and him, in their amazing treehouse, and experience their lifestyle for a week… all expenses paid.

I stayed in that treehouse you see on top of this page. Standing in front of the window and seeing the sun rise made me feel humble, grateful, quiet and connected….

And the experience of living so close to nature, growing our own food and picking it for lunch, working with a huge variety of amazing people, feeling so at home and welcome, was unbelievable.

It was an experience I will never, ever forget.

So… If you’re interested to get Nisandeh’s special announcement next week, and maybe even join him in Tenerife, fill in your details in the form below…

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Some more news

I would like to share something more with you…

I realized that continuing to be Nisandeh’s and Vered’s legacy keeper does not make much sense, once they are back.

I feel that I can create a bigger impact in the world by helping them in different areas, and not through this website.  

So, I took a decision that makes me feel nostalgic, just thinking about it.

I will not continue to communicate as their legacy keeper after the birthday announcement.

From that moment on, Nisandeh is going to be back on his computer and will deliver value in his unique way, but only to those who fill in the form above.

If you want to stay in contact with Nisandeh and experience history in the making, while transforming your personal and professional life in the process, then make sure to fill in the form above.

After March 19, I will go on to support Nisandeh and Vered in any way I can (I’m already doing it, but I’ll let Nisandeh share about it), but I will not be sending any more emails or publish blog posts…


Nisandeh is back… so here’s your chance…. What is the ONE thing that you would love him to teach you- that would transform your life from good to extraordinary? please SHARE in the comments box BELOW… he promised he’ll read them all… 


It’s been an honor serving you, and you will keep on seeing my messages till March 19.


Live fully and be awesome…


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